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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Nigmos-Pitts-Household: Week 5

(Klick here for Week 4, if you have not read it yet or can't remember.)

This week at the Nigmos-Pitts house is the continuation of my cowplant experiment. There is hardly anything else for me to do here, since all three inhabitants are on Permanent Platinum, and as is my habit, I leave them to their own devices except for greeting all New Maximilianians who walk by, pay the bills and make sure the fridge is well stocked.

Ophelia has now spun up the wish to get married - not to any particular Sim, but since Police Officer Dorian Kauker is her 3-bolt-man, I think I'll skip my own rule of not playing NPCs in this neighbourhood and let the two become Mr. and Mrs. Nigmos :-)

Ashley Pitts can stand in front of a smelly toilet and NOT see the dirt, he is too fascinated with his toy!

Stella Pitts, née Terrano, is the most sensible of the three housemates. She takes care of breakfast on this Monday morning.

Here's the photo Ophelia and Dorian had taken on that memorable date at the Crypt-O-Night club.

The cowplant, looking as innocuous as ever.

Today, Mary Gavigan is greeted by Ashley.

Inside, Ophelia has just rang up the Exterminator. All this rubbish in the kitchen! How did it happen? I think Ashley was about to empty the trash when his car pool arrived, and he dropped it all on the floor instead of taking it out to the trash can, where he was headed anyway to get into the car to work! Of course, leaving rubbish rotting on the floor attracts bugs, and that is why Ophelia has to call the Exterminator.

Mary Gavigan makes the cowplant's acquaintance... but nothing happens.

Ophelia turns into an Elder. That outfit will have to go, of course.

In the end, it is Padma Patel who clears up the rubbish; she happened to walk by and was invited in by Ashley. I find that awfully nice of her, what a well-bred girl!

On Tuesday morning, Ophelia invites Dorian over - with a clear mission in mind :-) He brings along his friend Cassandra Roseland (née Goth).

But then... the unthinkable happens: After ALL those Sims who were left unharmed by the cowplant, Dorian gets swallowed the moment he approaches!!! I really can't believe it - and just when I was about to have him get engaged to Ophelia :-(

Poor Ophelia! There goes the dream of her old age.

I wonder why she and Stella sit as far apart as possible on Wednesday morning. They aren't upset with each other or anything like that.

Cassandra walks by again, and Ophelia is quick to greet her.

She and Puck Summerdream keep "trying" the cowplant - but it does not eat anyone today.

Stella does some gardening. I told you, she is the most sensible of the three!

Victor Aspir is hiding behind the door in Stella and Ashley's bedroom :-D

Thursday goes by totally uneventful. There are several neighbours on the lot, each of them trying to grab the cowplant's "cake", but nobody gets eaten. On Friday morning, I find Stella cleaning the kitchen. If it wasn't for her, this place would be a dump!

Sally Riley is greeted by Ashley - who discovers he has 3 bolts for the attractive lady! He does not stop talking to her until their relationship is at 100, in spite of him being desperate for the toilet and something to eat.

On Saturday moning before daybreak, Ophelia makes her Bronze Gardening Badge.
Stella cleans up more rubbish that kept attracting bugs.

I am suspicious of this cowplant; does it maybe only eat townies who do not live in New Max? Dorian was a townie, and now I make a test by having Ophelia greet the first townie who happens to walk by. It is Aaron Mazza... or should I say, WAS Aaron Mazza, because indeed the cowplant swallows him in one go!! This confirms my suspicion of the cowplant only wanting to eat townies. Can anyone else tell me if that is normal?

On Sunday, Isiaiah Gavigan is next to test the cowplant - and is unharmed, in spite of trying at least 20 times!

Poor Ophelia... I do feel sorry for her, you know.

It is such a beautiful day that she can't mooch around the house forever, but decides to fly one of the kites instead.

And Ashley? Well, it wouldn't be a complete week if Ashley wasn't preparing his beloved holiday roast!

This was a week completely played on fast forward, which is why I realized too late what happened with Dorian. I wonder whether a Sim can intervene?


  1. What a tragic turn of events!

    I don't know anything about the cowplant, but I would assume that Sims killed by cowplant can be resurrected using the Grim Reaper phone or the genie lamp.

    1. Tragic it was, and totally unexpected, since the cowplant had rejected all other Sims up to that point!
      No, I won't have Ophelia resurrect Dorian. Maybe she'll find someone else. I am disappointed, though, in that the cowplant apparently does not touch my playables. It would have been an interesting method of adding a bit of drama to the neighbourhood and exercising some form of population control ;-)

  2. Oh poor Ophelia. I think you are right when you say the game doesn't like to eat playables, (only if you direct them to it perhaps). Sims can't intervene, I've tried it. lol.
    Good that Stella is keeping the place tidy!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about Sims not being able to intervene. I can't direct the visiting Sims; the "influence to..." action does not extend to the cowplant. Besides, they DO go to the cowplant - it's just that it rejects them! Too bad.

  3. Do I remember correctly that the cowplant produces some kind of milk from the sims it eats and that other sims can drink it? I don't know what happens to the "drinker" though

    1. Yes, that's right. It adds a few days to their lifespan.


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