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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jessica Peterson: Week 3

- - - Update 28.11.2011 - - - Jessica's third week begins as usual: she gets up and wants to get ready for work.
But she has caught the flu and is rather unwell, going to work nonetheless.
Her tenacity is rewarded with her last and final promotion: She is now Hall of Famer and has reached her lifetime want, 8 days before turning into an Elder.
Roxie Sharp passes by and is invited in.
Later, Trisha Traveller and Carlos Contender join them for a meal of grilled cheese.
On Tuesday, a magic lamp is left on her doorstep - she does not need it, since she already has reached permanent platinum, has enough money and is not in need of wishing for eternal beauty, but she keeps the lamp; one never knows!
Going to work as Hall of Famer for the very first time!
And, incidentally, also for the last - she takes the wrong decision with a chance card and is not just demoted, but fired. Money is not an issue; she has more than 71.000 Simoleons to her name.
Wanda Tinker, who we saw approaching in the back on the previous picture, passes by and is invited in.
On Wednesday, Jessica goes shopping. She has enough money to splash out on anything pink she can find.
She also buys some jewellery - so far, she still has not met that "special someone", and since one of her turn-ons is jewellery, she plans on making a gift to the man who, hopefully, will one day manage to conquer her heart.
She grabs a bite to eat at the diner.
On Friday, Jessica decides she wants to make Hamburgers for lunch, but instead burns not only her food but also almost the house down! I did think that curtain was a bit close to the stove...
On Saturday, the landlord has ordered pizza for all the tenants, and Jessica joins Max Flexor for a slice and a few jokes.
Sunday is spent mostly quietly at home, writing her diary. Next time we'll return to Jessica's place, she will turn into an Elder.
Will she become a graceful elderly lady, or is life going to have some adventures in store for her?


  1. Well Jessica has certainly got herself a comfortable lifestyle with her hard earned simoleons.
    I never really thought about the curtains setting off the kitchen fire, I wonder if certain things like that trigger a fire?

    1. I've not taken much notice of how often a kitchen fire is started when there are curtains above the stove, but I know that when you place a rug in front of a fireplace, it will almost always catch fire.

    2. Yes, I've found that out myself on many occasions, lol. :)

  2. Jessica really have very few wishes for a life outside singledom it seems :)

    1. I can't remember what she was like, but I seem to remember it was rather event-less :-)


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