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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Castor Nova and Tiffany Sampson: Week 3

Castor Novas and Tiffany Sampsons third week in New Max (since their graduation) starts off with Castor at the telescope. Are the two of them going to reach their LTWs this week?
Things look good for Tiffany when on Monday she gets her former job as Top Secret Researcher back (she lost it last week due to the wrong decision with a chance card). There are still a few hours left to the work day, and so she goes back...
...only to return with her 2nd promotion of the day: she is now a Theorist.
Castor has been promoted, too: he now is a Medical Researcher.
Three promotions in one day for the two of them combined - that calls for a celebration ;-)
On Tuesday, Tiffany orders groceries...
...and repairs the computer while Castor is making sure to get the last skill point needed for his next promotion.
His hard work pays off when he comes home from work on Permanent Platinum: He has just become Chief of Staff and reached his LTW 13 days from Elderhood. (That's Marla Biggs just coming home from work, too; she lives upstairs with her sweetheart Martin Rubin and his brother Joshua.)
On Wednesday, Tiffany is ill. Good job that the couple have their own lab in the apartment! The home-made medicine may not exactly taste nice, but it helps, and Tiffany does not have to call work for sick leave.
Instead, she manages to reach her LTW of becoming Mad Scientist the same day! She, too, is 13 days from Elderhood.
Now that they are both on PP, I don't tell them what to do anymore. Luckily, Tiffany is a rather tidy Sim and keeps things clean and in order most of the time.
I've been talking about it so long when commenting on other Simmers' blogs, and now I'm finally doing it: sending Sims on vacation! After working so hard, I think these two have deserved a holiday.
They arrive at Takemizu Village and check into the most expensive hotel (there's more than enough money between them).

Tiffany checks them in...
...while Castor talks to the tour guide about what's cool around here.
Tiffany finds raking the Zen garden most relaxing.
Later on, she visits a community lot where she meets a Ninja. She does not reply correctly to his question and therefore does not learn to teleport.
What better way to deal with this minor frustration than with a spot of shopping?
Aha! Back at their hotel suite and in the bathroom with Castor, Tiffany suddenly thinks thoughts of engagement. But since she does not spin up the wish, it remains a thought.
Another community lot is visited...
...where Tiffany tries a local specialty.
And yet another community lot waits to be explored by our holiday-makers.
Again, Tiffany is not considered worthy of learning how to teleport.
Meanwhile, Castor enjoys a massage.
Later, he tosses a coin at the Lucky Shrine...
...and is blessed with 1.000 Simoleons (not that he needed that!).
At their room, Tiffany and Castor do a lot of romantic interactions without me telling them.
But it was my idea to have them order room service on their last day, and toast each other with champagne.
There's still time for another community lot before travelling back to New Max.
This time, it is Castor who speaks to the Ninja.
And he gets the answer to the riddle right!
Using his newly-learnt teleporting technique, he gives Tiffany quite a surprise when suddenly appearing in front of her!
The short vacation is over.
Arriving in front of the apartment building at the same time as Tiffany's car pool for work, a graphics bug makes it look as if the airport shuttle is attached to the limo. One would have thought they'd test such stuff before releasing a game.
On Thursday, Tiffany is close to starvation, but what does she do? Stay outside and play on the swings with neighbour Bottom Summerdream! And that in spite of the fridge being full to the brim, and she having 9 cooking points.
With her 9 cooking points, all she manages to make eventually is a TV dinner.
Similarly, Castor gets so smelly he is disgusted by himself before he finally goes in to use the shower.
Oh, and I have decided to try once more with the cowplant. It is Friday, an uneventful day with both Castor and Tiffany at work most of the day. (Castor quit his job at the hospital and took one in the Natural Science Career, which made this career reward instantly available for him.)
On Saturday, the same thing happens as with the cowplant in Ophelia Nigmos' orchard: everyone who approaches it and tries to grab the cake is sniffed by the plant but shoves it back. Kevin O'Feefe (formerly Beare)...
...Bottom Summerdream...
...Joshua Ruben; everyone survives their encounter with the cowplant unharmed.
It is still Saturday when I catch Castor thinking of marriage. Again, the wish does not spin up, and therefore there won't be a wedding party just yet.
On Sunday, the cowplant game continues.
Delilah O'Feefe tries at least 10 times, and shoves the cowplant back every time.
Same with Marla Biggs.
And Aldric Davis.
By now, yesterday's pizza (ordered by the landlady) has gone off, which does not stop Castor from eating the last piece. Mmm... green stinky pizza!
Well, this time it is not his fault. He actually intended to make chili con carne but couldn't get to the fridge because of the neighbours playing kicky bag in the kitchen.
Look: this is what happens EVERY time! The Sim shoves the plant off. There must be something wrong with it in my game - I can't imagine it is supposed to be that way. Anyway, the week ends with both Tiffany and Castor on Permanent Platinum, showing the typically illogical behaviour I am so used to from my Sims. I wonder whether one of them will want to get married when I come back to this household and spring will be here at the end of their fourth week.


  1. That's so unlucky with the cowplant! I've never seen it refuse so many sims. Have you used move-objects to place it both times? Not that it should matter.
    Great that Castor & Tiffancy got their LTW's. I enjoyed their vacation. Isn't it annoying how some sims just 'aren't worthy' for the ninja? I like my lazy sims to get chosen, because I have the active ones 'run here and there' whereas the lazy ones can teleport.
    Looking forward to the next round.

    1. No, I didn't use move-objects to place the cowplant. I was thinking about using it to place it outside the apartment building in the playground, for all passers-by to "enjoy" ;-), but it wouldn't let me, so I placed it (without cheat) inside the apartment.
      Luckily with the Ninja, I knew one of the questions already from Tiffany, and so when the same one came up for Castor, he simply gave the other reply and was deemed "worthy" :-)

    2. I think that the question is actually random...sometimes Answer A is correct, and sometimes Answer B. My own Sims have experienced this, but I have not tracked it in great detail to know from experience whether one is more likely to be correct.

    3. Maybe I'll have some other Sim try again. Now that Castor knows how to teleport, wouldn't it be cool if he could pass the secret on to other Sims? But I don't think it is possible.

  2. Nice vacation, but strange with the cowplant!

    1. Ah, so they did go on vacation after all :-)

  3. A lovely vacation! You don't tend to send them, but it is good they had one. Nice job with the Ninja, I am pretty sure the answers are somewhat randomized, much like the chance cards...typically one is more often right, but it isn't always. A fun round for a nice couple.

    1. I think I should send a Sim (or couple, or family) on vacation again, it's been AGES since I last played that, and it can be a lot of fun - also a chance to meet more possible new residents with the same surnames.


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