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Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Patel Family: Week 4

[Note: the pictures of the 2nd week have been lost, irretraceably. I still had the text from the 2nd week, but it was mainly just about Ramir's promotions, a look at the house (which you can see in the entries for the 3rd and 4th week anyway), Parvati growing up from toddler to child and the twins being born. Since it wouldn't make much sense posting the text without the pictures, I have now deleted the file and hope you'll still follow the Patel family story, even though I only have these two entries for them for now.]

It's the fourth week with the Patels. Let's go inside and see what everyone is up to on this Monday morning.
Ana has just changed into a new dress for autumn...
...Param is just getting up, as are...
...his twin-sister Padma...
...and older sister Parvati.
When all three of them are on the school bus, the gypsy lady sneaks up to the house and leaves one of her famous magic lamps on the front porch. For now, I have no need for it and simply leave it there.
Ana is alone until 1.00 pm, when Parvati comes home from school, Ramir being at work all morning. After she has done a bit of housework, she is glad for a little distraction in the shape of Angela Pleasant...
...and Desdemona Capp.
At 3.00 pm, the twins come home from school as well, today accompanied by Graham Grunt (Buck Grunt's half-Alien son)...
...and Charlie Cho (son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp).
Angela has discovered the model railway on the back porch, recently installed by Ramir. She stands there for HOURS, watching it go round and round.
Tuesday is one of the rare occasions when the family can all have breakfast together.
Parvati brings home class mate Hailey Hart. By the end of the week, Hailey is her best friend.
Param and Padma both bring home their first A+ reports.
Much to their parents' delight!
Ramir still works hard at rising the ranks in the music career, but that does not mean he does not spend as much time as possible with his children. Param loves hearing the story of the little yellow car!
On Wednesday morning, he comes back from his Studio Musician job as a Concert Pianist.
Do you remember how Parvati could never have a lie-in on weekends when her little sister was still a toddler? She now congratulates Padma on not being a baby anymore ;-)
Today, Prezioso Picaso has come home after school with the twins... well as Graham Grunt again.
Ariel Capp walks by and is politely greeted by Ramir.
The four younger ones make use of the sunny autumn afternoon by having a water balloon fight in the yard.
Meanwhile, Parvati is bringing in her last tomato harvest for this year.
It is Thursday, and Ramir looks at his birthday cake - he can't believe he is really "that old" already!
His closest friends are there to celebrate with him: Benjamin Baldwin and Timothy Riley. Ariel Capp, Jodie Larson and Britanny Upsnott have come over, too.
There is hardly a day without the children bringing home at least one of their class mates. Today, it is Wilma Williamson (William Williamson's half-Alien daughter).
Ana and Ramir are as much in love with each other as ever.
And then, it is time for Ramir to blow out the candles. Mary Gavigan and Carla Reamon have joined the party crowd as well.
Ramir is now an elder!
On Friday, we see a bunch of Sims flocking to the Patels' house again. Another party?
Yes - this time, it is Ana's birthday! Malcolm Landgraab, Samantha Green (nee Cordial), Titania Summerdream, Timothy Riley and Marcus Baldwin are some of her guests.
Ramir could not be there for Ana's birthday, unfortunately; he had to work. But it was worth it: he was promoted to Symphony Conductor.
I like Ana's outfit; she's one of the rare cases where I do not want to immediately change the outfit a Sim has age-transitioned into!
Saturday means the children don't have to go to school. Ramir observes Parvati playing with her little brother and is glad for his kids being such good friends with each other.
Ana greets Jenny Smith and Bailey, her son's cat she has been taking for a walk.
Padma loves playing The Sims on the family computer; it is great to have so much time and not having to do any homework!
Hailey Hart comes visiting her best friend Parvati on her own accord.
It is the Christmas weekend, and Ana has made Santa cookies for the kids and decorated the house.
A welcome visitor at night: Santa!
And an unwelcome one: a burglar!!
Padma and Parvati watch the police officer fight the burglar. Parvati wonders why her Dad didn't do anything about the burglar - he woke up like everybody else when the alarm went off, but he was in desperate need of the toilet.
Just before Param goes back to bed after the excitement with the burglar, he discovers it has started to snow.
Sunday sees Deirdre Dreamer, Dirk Dreamer's half-Alien daughter, being greeted by Padma.
And it's the twins' birthday! Padma turns into a teenager first. Her aspiration is decided on by lot (as always): she is now a Romance Sim with the LTW of woohooing with 20 different Sims *sigh* - not my favourite LTW, but it's what the game has decided.
Her brother Param follows suit only moments later. His LTW turns out to own five top-level businesses... another huge challenge none of my Sims has yet mastered. His aspiration is Popularity.
And Parvati? Well, it is time for her to say good-bye to her parents and siblings and move to college.
Padma twists her pigtails into two buns and feels a lot more grown-up, especially after she has put on some make-up.
Now that Parvati has left for college, the former girls' room is transformed into a room fitting for teenagers. Padma and Param don't mind sharing.
Param has nipped over to H&M for a winter outfit, and while he was at it, changed his hairstyle as well. He looks so much like his mother and older sister!
Ramir returns from work with colleague Florence Delarosa... and his last promotion: he is now a Rock God (although he doesn't look it!) and on Permanent Platinum at the age of 58. Well done, Ramir!
The daughter of a Rock God must, of course, be able to play the electric guitar, too. Now that Padma is not a child anymore, she can finally make use of her Dad's career reward.

Is Ana going to live long enough to see six grandchildren being born? Will Parvati stay at college for the whole of four "years"? When are Padma and Param going to start working on their respective LTWs?


  1. It's so nice to see so many familiar sims! Ana looks nice in her outfits. She suits colourful clothing.
    Ramin's party looks like fun. It's one of my favourite parts of the game. :)
    The kids are growing up well, the twins are teens and Parvati's off to college!

    1. Yes, the purple really goes well with Ana's white hair.
      Parties are great - it's always fun to watch what everybody gets up to, especially if the guests do not know each other well from the start.

  2. Oh, wow, those kids bought home a lot of friends! :) I liked the bit with the train set, one of my households has one and they get really obsessed with it. Great to see everyone growing up and moving on in their lives.

    1. If I am not very much mistaken, the Patels are the 2nd household after the Aspirs to own a train set, nobody else has one in the entire neighbourhood. There are some objects I just never think of adding, but when I do, I quite like how my Sims seem to like them :-)

  3. Very nice week for all! Be careful with the trainset - it can catch on fire!

    1. Yes, I've seen it happening at the Aspir's lot.


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