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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Ottomas Family: Week 3

Welcome to the Ottomas family! Sorry - the first part of their family chronicles was lost when we were unable to upload our stories to the exchange, but their story in New Maximiliania was as follows: There was very little money in the family, barely enough to buy the essential furniture for everyone, until Dora, Peter's widowed mother, fell in love with Consort Capp, got married to him and spent a few precious happy years until they both died peacefully of old age, Dora in the knowledge that she had been able to financially help her son and his ever growing family. Now, the Ottomas' are not extremely wealthy, but comfortable enough, and as happy as ever. They have recently aquired a dog (this was not something that I did - it happened while I was playing another Sim visiting one of the pet shops), Alegra.

You can read about Dora Ottomas marrying Consort Capp here.

Sharla is now a young lady with a penchant for pink.
Her youngest brother Oliver likes all things Alien.
Tommy has recently been abducted (they themselves would say "invited") by the Aliens and is not happy about it.
Olivia, Oliver's twin sister, is always eager to help her mom Samantha in the kitchen.
And Peter? You can see him in the background; he is currently working as an Executive Chef. His four children all attend New Maximiliania's Private School, and he is very glad that he is able to provide them with a good education.
Samantha is on her own all morning and is happy to have Alegra for company.
And of course, there is the Ottomas' oldest son, David. He has recently graduated from college and is now back home, bringing all the money he has saved from his grants during the last four years with him.
His girlfriend Lilith Pleasant moves in only a few hours later - Samantha and Peter don't mind; they say, where there is room for seven, there is also room for eight.
With the money both David and Lilith added to the family account, it was no problem to add another bedroom with en-suite bathroom on the top floor of the house; you can see it to the left.
Lilith wants to become Rock Goddess and finds a position as Coffee Shop Sound Engineer.
Peter is promoted to Restauranteur.
When the kids come home from school, they love to have water balloon fights in the backyard.
Tommy likes reading stories to his little brother - quite unusual for a teenager, isn't it!
David enjoys being able to spend time with his mom and helps her in the kitchen whenever he can.
"Mom, Dad, I am so happy we had the extension built for Lilith and myself, thank you so much for having us both!"
On Tuesday, Samantha receives her membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
David goes shopping for clothes - Lilith could do with something new, and with her job just started, she does not have much time to go herself.
He also gets himself some jewellery because he knows it turns Lilith on.
And he brought a bottle of cologne for Lilith - that is HIS turn-on! It still means they have only two bolts for each other and not three as I had hoped.
There is only room for 6 chairs around the table, which in a household of 8 Sims means that someone always has to sit on the settee for their meal.
Lilith and David like their bedroom with the purple colour scheme, reflected also in Lilith's new outfits.
On Wednesday, Oliver brings a friend home from school, Melrose Moonbeam. (Of course, this was played & written long before Melrose turned into a teenager.)
At 6.00 pm, first he and then his twin sister Olivia turn into teenagers.
Oliver ends up with the Pleasure aspiration (decided by lot) and Olivia with Romance, but they share the same lifetime want: That of becoming Professional Party Guests. Up until now, there was only ONE Sim in all of New Maximiliania with this lifetime want, Mickey Dosser.
Although still far from being a beauty, Olivia does not look quite as ugly anymore as when she was a toddler and a child.
The same is true for Oliver.
Tommy has put on some weight recently and has decided to do something about it. He spends hours working out at the punching bag, and prefers salad for dinner.
Lilith is promoted to Summer Camp Music Teacher.
Thursday sees Peter as the latest member of "Games of Glory".
Today, it is Samantha who does some shopping for clothes; her teenage daughters are too fashion-conscious to be staying with the outfits they received upon age transition.
Lilith is promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge.
Olivia goes green :-) This hairdo does a lot for her, don't you agree?
Sharla sticks to pink.
When he returns from work late that night, Peter turns into an Elder.
His birthday present is a membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories.
I don't think this has ever happened to me before - somehow, with four teenagers in the house, I forgot to have Oliver do his homework, and by Friday afternoon, he has accumulated quite a backlog. But he knuckles down on it and finishes all his homework in one go.
Tommy prefers to sit on the grass to do his homework. That way, he can watch the world go by - or the neighbours, in this case, Silvia Singles.
Lilith is promoted to Roadie...
...and Peter to Celebrity Chef - he has now reached his lifetime want, at the age of 55.
Aliens seem to be a recurrent topic of conversation at the Ottomas household.
On Saturday, Tommy invites his girlfriend over: Jacqueline Jacquet.
Oh dear... his younger brother Oliver discovers that he, too, has feelings for Jacqueline!
Late on Saturday evening, Sharla gets into a taxi taking her to college, where we will meet her soon again. Her big brother David waves her good-bye, feeling a little nostalgic... "Not so many years ago it was me who left for college, and now look at my little sister, almost grown-up..." he sighs.
Oliver is so intent on talking to Jacqueline that he does not even have time to accept his membership card for "Games of Glory".
On Sunday, Olivia invites the Beaker boys over. Barry (front) has been a friend of hers since childhood, while Björn (back) was never quite her case.
Cedric Cooke is also asked over, and soon, there is a water ballon fight going on in the back yard - just like when they were kids :-)
Lilith is promoted to Studio Musician.
I was too slow with this picture - a moment before I took it, there were red hearts flying between Barry and Olivia - they fell in love without me doing anything! They have two bolts for each other. Cedric Cook is just a friend; Barry does not need to worry :-)
And yet, he WOULD worry if he saw Cedric not leaving the bathroom while Olivia is having a bubble bath!!! The week at this never boring household ends here. 

Now that Peter is on Permanent Platinum, will he help his wife Samantha reaching her lifetime want of having 50 dream dates? (She has only 4 so far; he was simply too busy all the time) 
How long until Lilith will become Rock Goddess, and will she then in turn help David with his 50 dream dates? 
Are Oliver's feelings for his brother Tommy's girlfriend Jacqueline going to create problems? 
Is Olivia going to tell Cedric off for staying in the bathroom with her? And will Barry find out? 
How does Sharla fare at college? I think we will find out eventually :-)


  1. Nice round. I like the Ottomas family, they are unusual looking but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?
    It's nice that David & Lilith are in the house as well, there are some good LTW's to work on.

    1. I just can't imagine the Ottomas house ever being less than lively!

  2. Fun to see the Ottomas family young again - the kids are all adults in my hood with children/teenagers of their own. You're right, they're always a lively household.

    1. I must go and find the Ottomas' on your blog; it'll be interesting to see what Samantha and Peter had after Tommy :-)

  3. Wow, there will be a lot of dating in this house in the future it seems!

  4. Oh the Ottoman's. A family I have yet to play, although I will eventually in Megalahood, but a family I know well from other blogs. It is a busy household, and I see lots of dating in their futures.

    1. One of the busiest in my 'hood, I think! I enjoyed playing them, although it was a challenge getting everyone ready for school/work in time.


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