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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Capp III Family Album

Some snapshots from Bianca and Kent's album:

Bianca Monty when she first moved to New Maximiliania.

Still on her own, with not much money left after having bought the house, hence the sparsely furnished living room.

Bianca and her brother, Antonio Monty.

Befriending Kent Capp ;-)

Kent has moved in with Bianca.

Their first Christmas together!

Their wedding in spring: Dustin Broke, Isabella Monty (? not sure) and Antonio Monty arriving... well as Ajay Loner, Elizabeth Aspir (I think) and Stephen Tinker.

Bianca and Kent about to tie the knot.

It is the happiest day of her life for Bianca!

Kent doesn't complain, either ;-) 

Downstairs, the wedding party is still in full swing; Regan Capp was still alive back then. 

The Capp Family III: Weeks 3 and 4

This house looks almost exactly like the one we have visited recently, doesn't it? And the household even has the same surname, Capp! And yet, I have not made a mistake and taken you back to where we've just come from. This is the home of...
...Bianca and Kent Capp. Bianca's maiden name is Monty, as maybe you remember. She is a Family Sim who dreams of celebrating her Golden Anniversary, and she was lucky to meet the "man for the job" early on after her moving to New Maximiliania. Kent's aspiration is Knowledge, and his lifetime want was to be Mad Scientist - it came true when he was still 11 days from Elderhood, during their previous week.
The house has a warm feel with sunny yellows and fresh greens.]
A more subdued colour scheme for the sitting room area. (You can tell Bianca started out with little money. By now, the couple could well afford some more expensive furniture, but they have grown to like what they have.] 
On Monday, Bianca decides they both need some more fashionable outfits for summer, and heads to Belle's Boutique.
Here, she meets her niece Beatrice. (According to their original family tree, Bianca and Antonio Monty are siblings; Beatrice is Antonio's daughter.)
Kent is fed up with looking old before his time and has a hair transplant :-D
More sunny yellow and fresh green in the couple's bedroom.
Kent has been doing a lot of stargazing, but so far, nothing happened.
Bianca often sits down in front of the fireplace to write her diary while listening to music.
They are happy and feel complete, children or no children. My New Maximiliania policy is that only those Sims who need children in order to fulfill their lifetime want are given the possibility to try for a baby. Others, like these two, of course still have a small chance of conceiving - either after a visit to the Aliens or in the comfort of their own bed, but so far, no unplanned pregnancies have happened in the entire neighbourhood.
On Tuesday, one of Kent's relatives passes by, and Bianca dutifully invites Cornwall Capp in.
She better not have done, as Cornwall...
...shows very rude and arrogant behaviour and upsets the other guest for the day, Monica Bratford, so much that she beats him up!
On Wednesday, Kent becomes a member at the Aspirational Laboratories.
During the day, while he is at work, Bianca welcomes Georgia Newson and David Ottomas.
Early Thursday morning, Kent had been kidnapped by the Aliens, but by the time he goes to work, he is all smiles again. Sadly, he is too old now, only a few days from Elderhood, and therefore did not come back with the usual Alien "souvenir" in his belly.
Bianca is used to spending the days on her own, doing household chores and talking to friends and family on the phone.
Saturday early morning, a burglar comes sneaking up to the modest house.
"Aaargh!! why does almost everybody in this town own a burglar alarm!!!"
Just so that the likes of you get what they deserve, buddy!!
Later that day, Jessie Pilferson walks by, Kent greets her and apparently finds her quite attractive (even though I must admit I find her not attractive at all).
A wolf with glowing eyes becomes almost friends with Kent.
Sunday morning, Bianca invites her brother Antonio and his children, her niece Beatrice and nephew Benedick, over for a delicious omelette.
Upstairs, Kent is making medicine to cure the flu that has befallen him.
Sunday evening, we see Kent in the kitchen, preparing pork chops. Why the special dinner?
"Aren't we lucky, love, that we found each other?"
"Indeed we are! Here's to us - and especially to you, darling!" Bianca toasts.
Yes, especially to you, Kent! He is now an elder, and not looking bad, is he! When we return to this household, it will be Bianca's birthday, and then her lifetime want can come true, too. Let's hope nothing happens in the meantime to endanger her plans for the Golden Anniversary celebration :-)
- - - Update 29.9.2012 - - - Back with Kent and Bianca for their next week here in New Max, we find Kent outside the house on Monday morning, greeting Charlie, his canine friend with the luminous eyes.
It is autumn now, and Bianca takes care of the leaves most days while her husband is resting in order to be fit for his nightly shift at the science lab.
Look at the expression on his face, as his gaze follows Bianca while she is talking to one of her friends or relatives on the phone!
On Tuesday, Bianca invites over her brother Antonio (hugging her in the picture), friend Elizabeth Aspir, cousin Mercutio Monty, niece Beatrice Monty (Antonio's daughter) and friend Dustin Broke. This looks like a party, but what is the occasion?
It is Bianca's birthday! She is now an elder - and nobody but Mercutio saw her transition.
On Wednesday, Bianca throws yet another party. Of course, her brother Antonio and best friend Elizabeth Aspir are there again, and this time, Ajay Loner and Stephen Tinker had time to come over, too.
Everybody is having a great time smuste-dancing away in the living room.
"Darling, where did you get these beautiful flowers from at this time of the year?" Bianca asks Kent while they are all enjoying the delicious berry cake Kent made for the party.
There aren't enough chairs for all the guests, so Stephen, Beatrice and Elizabeth sit in the living room.
"That was a wonderful meal you prepared for our party," Bianca enthuses when the party is over and the guests have left. But what was the occasion this time? Not another birthday, no.
It was Bianca's dream come true: celebrating her Golden Anniversary with Kent! She is now, at 55 years old, on Permanent Platinum just like her husband.
Meanwhile, with Kent still working and thus providing the household with a regular income, the Capps have had some renovation work done to their modest house: the cheap doors and windows have been replaced by nicer, sturdier ones, and inside, a new fridge, kitchen stove, dish washer and trash compactor have been installed.
By Saturday, winter has started, and with the beginning of the Christmas season, Bianca and Kent have decorated the house accordingly.
The tulips are gone and will only return next spring.
Elizabeth Aspir comes visiting on her own accord, and the two ladies talk about fashion - endlessly, as is Kent's impression :-)
Santa appears during the night and leaves an RC car for the Capps.
On Sunday, Kent is 61 and Bianca 59. Since they are both on Permanent Platinum now, I leave them to their own devices and only watch. Bianca nearly starves a few times and then rather has a bag of cookies instead of preparing a proper meal, although she has good cooking skills. She does some cleaning, and Kent has been doing a bit of yard work, but generally speaking, the house is a mess: Santa clogged up their toilet, and nobody seems to feel like unclogging it, or at least give it a good scrub.
Outside, the leaves have been left where they fell off the tree, the shrubs have not been trimmed, and weeds have sprung up.
Just at the border of their lot, old newspapers are piling up next to a hole in the ground that one of the stray dogs has been digging. Are Kent or Bianca going to be so fed up with the sorry state of their home that they will eventually start doing something about it?