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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Caliente Household: Weeks 3 & 4

The Caliente sisters' house, which originally stood in Pleasantview, is probably almost as well-known to Sims2 players as the Goths' house. Now it is part of New Maximiliania, and some things have changed, while some others have not.
Something that HAS changed is the number of residents here: Nina is living on her own ever since her sister Dina moved in with the Curious brothers after falling in love with Lazlo Curious. What has not changed is Nina's appetite for men; she wants to have 20 lovers. So far, her list shows eight names, one of which of course was to be expected: Don Lothario. Hopefully, one day the two of them will settle down and spend their last years together; after all, they are a 3-bolt-couple but both know their relationship wouldn't withstand the venturing outside that both of them are prone to. This is Nina's 3rd week in New Max. The description of the first 2 weeks is lost, I'm afraid, because I deleted all pictures when for a long time in spring 2009 uploading to the story exchange did not work. She is now 14 days away from Elderhood and does not need to work; the household account shows a comfortable 10.000-something Simoleons, all accumulated while Dina still lived here and worked at her medical career.

The house has had a complete makeover and looks rather different inside from the way Maxis originally had given it to the sisters. Here is the kitchen / dining area. Spacious, modern, clean.
The living room is equally minimalist. Nina does not need much distraction; her days (and nights) are filled with her quest for men.
Monday, Ty Bubbler walks past and is promptly invited in to share lunch with our Nina.
A bit later on the same day, Dustin Broke makes Nina's acquaintance.
Zoe Zimmerman and Roxie Sharpe join the impromptu party.
Marcus Baldwin (front, right) is way too young for Nina, but he is male - and you never know how their relationship may develop when he grows up ;-) Now you can see why Nina needs a large dinner table and lots of space!
Tuesday, the palm tree in front of the house is hit by lightning. Nina runs out and hops about hysterically, but when the rain quickly puts out the fire, she soon calms down and goes back inside to have a badly needed shower.
After the thunderstorm, the day turns out to be really nice, and Nina meets two new candidates for her lifetime want: Darren Dreamer...
...and Stephen Tinker, who is just walking their dog Shelly. If you've read the first two weeks of Nina's, maybe you remember that she has a thing for elderly gentlemen; her second 3-bolt-man is Daniel Pleasant.
On Wednesday, Nina decides to push forward with Ty Bubbler and invites him over. I am amazed he has time - you remember how busy he is with his shop, "Bubbler's Bubbly" ?
While they are flirting, Castor Nova stops to say hello and is invited in, too.
Young Garret Newson pops in for lunch as well. Nina smiles - surrounded by men, that's how she likes life!
Yet another ex student whose bored look is soon to be replaced by a more excited facial expression: Almeric Davis.
Thursday morning, Nina wakes up determined to add another name to her list of lovers. That list so far reads: 
Leod McGreggor (now married to Brandi Broke) 
Luis Aspir 
Pollination Technician No. 9 Smith 
Consort Capp 
Daniel Pleasant 
Carlos Contender 
Gabriel Green 
Jason Greenman
The first male neighbour to pass by her house today is Guy Wrightley, yet another ex student who Nina has not met before.
But Ty Bubbler is the man who becomes Nina's No. 9.
Later the same day, Aldric Davis, Almeric's twin brother, is relieved of his boredom when Nina greets him.
And the fourth man Nina speaks to today is Jonah Powers. Looks like all those ex students have heard about Nina and can't wait to meet her in person!
On Friday, Darren Dreamer accepts not only this red rose from Nina, but also his place as No. 10 on her list. That's half her lifetime want achieved, and she is going to be an Elder in 9 days. Oh... wait, although she has had 10 lovers, there are only 9 in her relationship panel. Why's that? Well, Pollination Tech Smith, New Maximiliania's most famous Alien inhabitant, died a while ago of old age.
With the skunk, Nina's charm doesn't work. Can't give a skunk roses and flirt with it, as she finds out when, upon trying to pet it, she gets sprayed.
Saturday, Stephen Tinker becomes Darren's successor as No. 11 (or, without Polli Smith, No. 10) on her list of lovers.
Unfortunately, just as they are about to kiss good-bye, Leod Broke happens to walk past. He has really no reason to be jealous - after all, he is happily married to Brandi - but he was Nina's first lover and somehow that special place in his heart is still hers.
He takes it badly and returns during the night to kick over the bin. Thankfully, the red heart is still in their relationship panel, so he still counts towards her lifetime want.
Funnily enough, Chastity Gere keeps ringing Nina for a chat. The two women are very much alike in their lifetime wants, and who knows - maybe they are exchanging tips as who to approach and how :-)
Before the night is over, Leod appears again.
One of the first things Nina does on Sunday morning is to clear up the mess Leod has caused.
Then she invites Guy Wrightley over to intensify their friendship.
Leod is still furious with Nina.
And again!
Finally, on Sunday night, Nina stops Leod to talk to him. "Look, Leod, I still love you like I love all my men, but you knew from the start our relationship was not meant to be an exclusive one. Why don't you go home and cuddle up with your lovely wife? Brandi deserves it, you know!" Is Leod going to come back for more bin-kicking? Who will be next on Nina's list? Wait and see!

- - - Update 3.9.2012 - - -

Nina Caliente's fourth week has just begun: It is Monday morning, and she meets & greets Justin Cleveland.
He as well as Silvia Singles are her guests for the day.
Later that afternoon, she makes Guy Wrightley her 12th lover.
On Tuesday, Shaun Singles walks past the house... just a coincidence, really!
He is invited in for a game of kicky bag.
Nina ends up throwing one of her famous impromptu parties with Ramon Ramirez and Parvati Patel (standing), Sarah Love, Guy Wrightley and Beta Beaker (on the settee) as well as Shaun Singles (not in this picture).
On Wednesday, Nina "tackles" Justin Cleveland. So far, her backrubbing technique has always won her extra points...
...and Justin is no exception! He becomes Nina's # 13.
On Thursday, Nina makes Chilli con Carne for Gavin Newson, Desdemona Capp and Shaun Singles.
Shaun is back on Friday, and this time, his name is added to Nina's list as the 14th man she was/is in love with.
Saturday is mainly spent on the phone to maintain her friendships and doing housework. On Sunday, Alexander Goth is invited over. He leaves on his own accord after a few hours in Nina's company... with a kiss.
At 6.00 pm on that Sunday, Nina turns into an Elder. That outfit will have to go, of course!
She is pleased to find out that her former clothes still fit very well :-)
Matthew Hart, Aldric Davis and Marissa Cleveland join Nina to watch a movie together.
Well... sort of! Marissa had the decency to leave, but Matthew seems oblivious to the goings-on on the settee next to him. 

So, where does Nina stand right now, as her fourth week in New Max ends? Her count should be 14 of the intended 20 lovers - but some of the elderly gentlemen she once was involved with have died. Therefore, she is down to 10. She still can reach her lifetime want, if she really applies herself to her conquests and they don't all die before her list is full! It was fun to play Nina, and didn't take much time, because her being a single Sim meant I could play a lot of the time on fast forward. 

Next on my alphabetical list is the first branch of the extensive Capp family.


  1. Nina is always fun to play. I used to not enjoy playing romancers very much but when one of my favorite kids in Breeze Point grew up and rolled Romance I learned how much fun they actually can be to play. It will be fun to follow her through the rest of her years.

    1. Romance is not my favourite aspiration, either, but as you say, it can be a lot of fun watching events unfold :-)

  2. Nowadays I enjoy Romancers, which I learnt the hard way when half of my Mattsmyra hood rolled Romance as teens. They are a lot of fun, but you need to let go of your own morality to enjoy it ;)

    1. That's true, they are fun to play as long as we do not take them seriously!


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