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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Capp Family II: Week 4

On the Monday of their fourth week in New Maximiliania, we find this Capp household a little changed: Juliette has married Aldric Davis and lives with him and his twin brother, and Tybalt has two dogs, Ken and Sam. Hermia is now 20 days away from elderhood, while her brother Tybalt will reach it already in 13 days. Cornwall Capp, one of their relatives, has suffered a tragic loss some time ago: his wife Regan died in a fire. After much deliberation, Hermia asks Cornwall to move in with them. He is now 55 and will hopefully like living in a house full of children - never having had any of his own. He has, by the way, 3 bolts for Elizabeth Aspir, and has reached his own lifetime want of becoming Mad Scientist 5 days before his birthday.
Christopher and Callum are now toddlers; here, the ghostly shape of Dora Capp née Ottomas watches as Hermia teaches Callum to talk.
"Oh Dad...! We all know you couldn't harm a fly, so would you please stop pretending to be scary?" Hermia laughs at Consort's ghost.
On Tuesday night shortly after 10, Hermia's second set of twins are born: Carolina and Carl. The father is once again Tank Grunt. I never took proper pictures, I'm afraid; the household was just so incredibly busy all the time with the dogs, the toddlers and everybody else. On Wednesday, Cornwall retires from his job. He is now really needed at home, while more money is not necessary; this branch of the Capp family have always been wealthy. It is decided on Thursday that Tybalt and his two dogs move out. With him there, Hermia won't have a chance for two more children, but she needs six in order to fulfill her lifetime want. Of course, we are going to check on Tybalt later on.
Finally, Hermia has a little time to herself and sits down at her beloved sewing machine for the first time in ages. She makes herself a new dress.
The dress turns out very pretty, and Hermia invites Tank over to show it off.
Tank is, although not living with his children and their mother, a proud father nonetheless and interested in his three sons and one daughter. At the moment, though, it seems he is much more interested in Hermia - which is exactly what she wanted ;-)
After an unsuccessful attempt of making more babies, Tank helps Hermia looking after the little ones. This is Carl, by the way.
The two of them retreat to the sauna (apart from them, only one other family in New Max have their own sauna: the Beakers), where Hermia once again brings up the subject of more babies... and Tank obliges ;-)
Nothing like a piece of cheesecake after having (successfully, this time) tried for a baby, is there!
It is now Friday evening, and Uncle Cornwall helps little Carolina to grow up into a toddler. Where does she get the blond hair from? Her granddad, of course! Consort's hair was that colour, if you remember, before it turned grey.
Next in line is Carl, who seems to have the same cheerful disposition as his twin sister.
For a little while, all four of Hermia and Tank's children are toddlers. Left to right: Carl, Callum, Christopher and Carolina.
Then, on Saturday evening, Callum and Christopher grow up - quite a relief, I must admit, since two toddlers are already challenge enough, let alone four! Christopher, too, shows the fair hair of his late grandfather Consort.
Now that Tybalt has moved out, the two boys share his former room, of course after it has been redecorated and with different furniture. The quilt on the wall was lovingly made by their mother, as well as the two teddy bears.
Tank, their dad, is happy to meet his "grown-up" boys.
Left to their own devices, the boys prove to be very responsible: they clear up baby bottles, clean bathrooms and put away toys left lying around by their younger siblings.
But they don't forget to have fun, either; here Christopher is doing a headstand, cheered on by Callum.
Most of Sunday is spent teaching the toddlers their skills. Carolina learns to talk from Uncle Cornwall.
Hermia's heart swells with pride when Carl finally says "Mummy"! Will she have yet another set of twins? If so, are they going to be a boy and a girl, or two girls, or two boys? Is there a chance of Tank and Hermia ever living together with their children, and getting married? I don't know yet, but I'll keep you posted :-)


  1. Wow, all change at the Capp house! How sad about Regan dying, and odd that she and Cornwall never had kids (much like in my game, not for want of trying though!). I'm still hoping..
    Hermia and Tank are happy parents, nice that Hermia is doing it alone but has Tank when summoned, heh.
    I've never quite figured out the genetics of the Capp's, lots of blonde and red-head's I think. One time when I had Juliette and Romeo marry they had 3 kids, one was black haired, one blonde and one red-headed. No lie. :) I wonder if Juliette's Mother was a blonde? I know her ghost often comes out at the Manor.
    I wonder if Hermia will get lucky and have 3 sets of twins?

    1. Three sets of twins would certainly be good for her LTW!
      I must admit I never worry much about my Sims' genetics; I am glad if the kids don't come out too ugly, and if they do, I try to help with different hairstyles and so on.

  2. If you ARE interested in the sims DNA, there are ways to check it. I think you need to start "cheatsenabled" when the game starts, and then you only go to the commandline and write 'SimDNA Callum' for example. Then you get to know their dominant and recessive hair colour, eye colour and skin colour, and their dominant facial features

    1. Thanks for the tip! I quite like the surprises that the Sims' genetics sometimes has in store for us :-)

  3. What a busy household. Lots of things changed betweenn last round and this round. I'm sure I'll get through all of it eventually. :)

    1. Busy is the right word! Never a moment of boredom was out of toddlers and children plus ghosts!


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