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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Students at Sim State University - Update 9.9.2012

The group of students who moved to a new place not long ago have moved yet again - to the house next door from where they were for the past semesters. This time, the number and layout of rooms is more suitable for the six of them. Six? Does that mean we have newcomers? Indeed it does!
(Left to right) Marcus Baldwin, Björn Beaker, newcomer Ariel Capp, Pauline Aspir, Barry Beaker and newcomer Xander Roth.
When Marcus was still a teenager, for a while he was going out with Ariel's older sister Desdemona. He is obviously rather pleased to now have another Capp girl as his housemate!
On his own accord, he starts to admire her - but in spite of wanting 50 first dates, Ariel rejects his unwelcome admiration. For one thing, she knows that Marcus and Pauline are an item, and also the idea of getting involved with her sister's ex-boyfriend does not really appeal to her.
"Still, I'm glad you've made it to college, Ariel!" Marcus apparently can't resist to show Ariel just how glad he is!
Barry is determined to work really hard this semester. He still is on academic probation (and I still have no idea how that happened) and therefore one semester behind his brother.
Xander Roth takes college seriously and is the first out of the group to finish his term paper.
Ariel needs a logic point before the end of the semester, and what better way to get to know her housemates than by playing chess with them anyway!
Their first meal at the new house consists of Hamburgers, and everyone makes an effort and appears at the table at the same time.
The newcomers are easily accepted into the group. Marcus sits next to Ariel "by coincidence" instead of next to Pauline, but it looks like she doesn't mind.
The two of them have the only room with a double bed in the house. Don't be fooled by the somewhat distant look on their faces here - seconds after this picture was taken, the scene was quite different!
Xander, Barry and Björn share a room. They hardly spend any time in there anyway, it is only to sleep in, and so it doesn't matter that it is rather small for the three of them.
Ariel has her own bedroom and bathroom in the attic.
Xander greets Shane Cho - the townie I noticed only recently for the first time. I am not sure yet what to do about him; should he be introduced to New Maximiliania as a long-lost relative of Etsu and Vivian's?
There are three bathrooms in this house, and yet more often than not everyone thinks they must use the same one!
Xander decides on Physics as his Major...
...and Ariel opts for Arts.
One afternoon while Pauline is at class, Ariel does play along with Marcus' attempts to get to know her better and makes him her 6th first date. She ends the date very quickly, though, and to her relief he does not even try to kiss her.
Barry went to his exam in his PJs, but that didn't stop him from succeeding - he is not on academic probation anymore, and has finally finished his Freshman Year!
Moving house did not stop the Campus Coach from finding our students, it seems!
Ariel hasn't done anything to provoke this, but while she was talking to Björn, Barry fell in love with her! She then has her 1st Date # 7 with him, and this time, the date lasts longer than the one with Marcus, and ends in a passionate kiss.
The next day, Barry's brother Björn is asked to help Ariel towards her lifetime want and becomes # 8 on her list of 1st dates. Note what Marcus is thinking while looking at Pauline :-)
Björn was helpful, but that doesn't mean he is very happy about being just another name on Ariel's list. He hopes that this girl is not going to cause his brother any heartache.
Speaking of which, she has just had her 9th 1st Date with Xander - cautiously while Barry was at class, but she needn't have worried; again, she ended the date very quickly and no kisses or flirtatious gestures were exchanged.
Björn, Marcus and Barry have finished another set of exams. Björn is now a Junior, Marcus a Senior and for Barry, the 2nd semester of his Sophomore Year is about to start.
Pauline has just graduated Cum Laude and invites her parents and some friends to her graduation party.
Bottom Summerdream, Jill Smith, Hal Capp and Shaun Singles (you can't see him properly, he sits at the computer desk) as well as Melrose Moonbeam (not in the picture) happily follow her invitation.
Her Dad is so proud of his "little girl"!
When Pauline leaves campus for good after the party, it is with a nostalgic glance back, it seems! I don't know yet who is going to fill the place she has vacated... and I have no idea how Ariel's relationships with her male housemates are going to develop. Now that Marcus does not have his girlfriend close to him every day (and night), who knows what could happen!


  1. Potential drama all over the place this round, but so far nothing much.

    1. What, you only read ONE story today? ;-)

    2. It was a busier day at work, so I only had time to read one. :) I'll be back reading soon.


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