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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Capp Family II: Week 3

The Capp family are, as you all know, a rather extensive clan, and one branch have moved to this mansion some time ago. What I wrote in this album before has sadly been lost when we had all that trouble with uploading our stories to the exchange in 2008; therefore, let me remind you briefly who is who in this household.
Hermia Capp, a Family Sim who dreams of marrying off six children. So far, she does not have neither a man nor a child. Unlike most other New Maximilianians, she has not attended university; instead, she has been concentrating on homely skills such as sewing and cooking, which has earned her a membership card to the My Muse II - Art Studio. The house boasts quite a few of her curtains, quilts and teddy bears.
Her miserly-looking brother Tybalt has not been to university, either. His lifetime wish is one I have never managed to reach with any Sim: to have 20 best pet friends at the same time! His aspiration is Popularity. The membership cards in his wallet are for the Peerless Park and Games of Glory, and he currently holds a bronze badge for gardening.
Last but not least, Juliette can be seen here, just arriving home after four "years" at college, her diploma in Biology in her pocket. Juliette has the same aspiration as her sister, but she wants to become Education Minister.
Well, those were the family members who are alive. But they do not live here alone; their grandfather Consort Capp and his second wife, Dora née Ottomas, who he fell in love with and married late in life when they were both widowed, are still around.
The next day after graduating and returning home from college, Juliette finds a position as Elementary School Teacher; an important step towards reaching her lifetime want.
Hermia can't afford to wait much longer to make her lifetime want come true, and so she decides on asking one of her male friends over. "Tank," she says to Tank Grunt, "you and I have been best friends for years... do you think you want to help me reaching permanent platinum?" Tank can hardly say no, can he?
And so, shortly after this picture was taken, Hermia is a little closer towards her ultimate goal in life :-)
Tybalt has the most difficult part, really. He makes such an effort and greets EVERY single stray animal that walks by the house, like Bailey here, but so far none of them is his best friend.
"I am truly glad to be home; college was good, but home is better!" Juliette declares over dinner later.
On Wednesday, poor Tybalt catches the flu.
He knows that vitamins are very important, and has a big glass of freshly made orange juice from the oranges grown in his own orchard.
Hermia has been studying recipe books very diligently and receives her membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen, although chances are slim she will ever go there - once working on her lifetime want is well on its way, she won't have little time for anything else than looking after her six children!
Still on Wednesday, Juliette is promoted to High School Teacher.
Yes, dear, you ARE pregnant :-)
Hermia instantly goes to the kitchen to prepare...
...cheesecake! Well, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do, right? If she really wants to marry off six children, she can speed up the process by having twins :-)
Tybalt, happiest when in the garden, often goes to the quiet little corner set apart from the rest of the garden by a low wrought-iron fence. Here, his granddad and his step-grandma were laid to rest, and Tybalt makes sure the flowers always look nice on their graves.
On Thursday, Juliette is promoted to University Lecturer.
Hermia gets her gold badge for sewing on Friday. I think she is the first Sim in my game to reach this!
Looks like she finished sewing just in time - at 18.08 on that Friday, she goes into labour.
And sure enough, she has twins! Two adorable little boys, Christopher and Callum Capp, are New Maximiliania's youngest inhabitants :-)
With two babies to look after, it is only logical that Hermia moves into the master bedroom, which was not occupied since Consort's and Doris' death. Here, she has plenty of room for the two cribs, and the en-suite bathroom is big enough to hold a changing table.
On Saturday, Tank Grunt comes visiting. He is quite bewildered to learn that he is a dad now - and of twins! But neither he nor Hermia want to change anything about their living arrangements; Hermia feels most comfortable just looking after her children, assisted by her brother and sister, as long as she knows Tank is never more than a phonecall away.
They celebrate the birth of their twins, hoping to produce another set right away :-)
While we leave them to it, let's take a look at Tybalt's bug box. Do I hear a yawn? Well, we really should let Hermia and Tank have some privacy, don't you think?
Maybe they should have waited a little longer. This time, Hermia's pregnancy is not as easy as the first one.
Juliette helps with the little ones as much as she can. She loves children, although she does not want any of her own. Being an aunt to what should eventually be six nephews and nieces is enough for her!
"I am really looking forward to soon being an aunt again, Hermia!" The sisters share yet another cheesecake, musing over what lies in store for them next. Will Hermia have twins again? If yes, will they be two girls this time? Is Tybalt ever going to make any progress regarding his difficult lifetime want? We'll have to be patient, but eventually, we will find out :-)


  1. Oh I hate that LTW with pets, ugh, good luck, :D
    I think Dora and Consort's ghosts want their bed back! I wonder if they will cause Hermia much hassle now she's moved into their old room?
    You know if a sim is sick you can have one of your Family sims make Grandma's soup and after one bowl the sickness 'melts away' instantly.
    Good for Aunt Juliette! She'll have all the fun but none of the hassle! I wonder if Hermia will have twins again... :)

    1. Yes, I know about the healing properties of Grandma's Comfort Soup and use it often in my game, I even have one of my Sims selling soup in their shop so that other Sims who can't cook it can still benefit from it.

    2. ooh good idea, I shall steal that one, heh. I expect they could also put it in their inventories and gift it to other sims? Hmm, I wonder if you can do that with food...

    3. I think you can. I know for sure you can do that with fish your Sim has caught and with fruit and vegetables they have harvested, so I am pretty sure it'll work with anything in their inventories.

  2. An unorthodox way of achieving the 6 kids I must say, but why not, we're living in a modern world, right? :)

  3. Hallo, Meks,

    der Tipp mit dem Käsekuchen ist klasse, das hatte ich völlig vergessen, dass er bei Zwillingswunsch hilft.

    Der LTW mit den Tieren ist schwierig, hast du es schon geschafft? Bin noch nicht mit allen Stories durch.

    Liebe Grüße, Beemoki :)

  4. Hallo Beemoki, lange nicht gesehn :-) Bin gerade im Urlaub. Das mit dem Käsekuchen funktioniert so gut wie immer, wenn im Haushalt noch genug Platz ist. Bis jetzt hat noch keiner meiner Sims das mit den Tieren geschafft. Viele Grüße, Meks

  5. Oh the pet best friends LTW is one of my least favorite, and one of the hardest ones to get. I've done it once. I think I have a couple of new sims that want it again. If you don't have pets in the hood it's so hard. I hope you made progress over the years.

    1. No progress - still have not had a Sim achieve this particular LTW, and at the moment, I don't think any of my Sims has it.


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