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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Capp II Family Album

The original house of this branch of the Capp family:

Consort Capp 
Juliette, Tybalt and Hermia, as they were when the game began

Moving to a new place:
 A nice modern room for the girls:
Tybalt, admiring a plate one of his sisters has made for him to adorn his room with:
Consort helping Hermia with her homework:

The welcome committee consisted of "Polly" Smith, Coral Oldie and Dora Ottomas:

Dora stayed for lunch, and hit it off instantly with Consort; they found out they both liked the same movies, and had so much to talk about:
Dora stayed well into the evening, and Consort was impressed by her agility when they had a water balloon fight. He had not had so much fun ever since he'd been a young man!

He was totally smitten with Dora, and had the impression she felt the same way about him.

It was unusual for Consort to show his feelings so quickly, but when Dora said good-bye, he thought "To hell with patience - neither of us has time to waste!", and gave her a long, tender, lingering kiss, which she did not refuse!

The young ones were doing well; Tybalt brought home an A+ report:
 As did Juliette and Hermia:
Cousin Desdemona came visiting:
And all the time, Consort could not stop thinking of Dora Ottomas:
So, he rang her and asked her over, and there she stood in front of him; he could see it in her eyes, she had been thinking just as much of him as he had of her:
He got down on one knee, and, true to his motto of not wasting time, popped the question:
And Dora said YES!
They wanted to do everything properly and held a family wedding:
Left to right: David Ottomas, Hermia, Tybalt, Sharla Ottomas, Juliette, Samantha Ottomas
It was a happy and lively wedding party. Dora's son Peter Ottomas stayed the night - and left the next day with a very generous present from Consort and Dora: items in his inventory worth 30.000 Simoleons. (I used this way of helping the struggling Ottomas family; no cheats are used in New Max, but I was sure Dora would have wanted to help her son and his ever-growing family, and it seemed realistic that she would give him a generous sum when she had now married into such a wealthy family. I had Peter Ottomas move in, stay one night, filled his inventory, and had him move back in with his own family.)
Now everyday life began for Dora with her new husband and newly acquired "children". She got along well with the girls; they were happy that their father (or was he their grandfather?) had found love again so late in life.
Then, when he had just turned 65, Consort died - he'd been on permanent platinum for a while and died a happy man. Juliette was already at college when it happened.
 Dora was devastated and suffered aspiration failure.
But she did not have to wait long - when she turned 65, Mr. Reaper came to pick her up and show her the way to where Consort was going to wait for her.


  1. Aww that's a nice story for Consort and Dora, they both found love in the end. :)

    1. Yes, I liked that turn of events, too :-)

  2. Aw, that was a sweet start to the story. I realized I hadn't read this yet, so I jumped "ahead" to read about before and now back to the regularly scheduled posts. :)

    1. glad you like it! Nice to know someone is still reading my own posts :-)


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