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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Capp I Family Album

Here are some pictures from the Capps' family album, from when the children (and parents!) were younger:
The Capps on the day they moved to New Maximiliania from Veronaville
There was hardly any money left after buying the house, but fortunately, Albany found a treasure chest worth 5.000 Simoleons; that was most helpful!
Goneril in her original outfit and hairdo. Not the most fortunate of choices, I'm afraid!
Miranda meeting Johnny Smith who has almost the same haircut.
Hal meeting Jill Smith, Johnny's little sister.
Miranda's first A+
Hal's first A+
Desdemona's first A+
Ariel is not a toddler anymore!
Ariel's first A+
The Capps' house in winter
Since Goneril has been earning a regular income, the family could afford some better furniture and even some Christmas decoration for the sake of the children.
Hal growing up
Hal as a teenager
Miranda leaving for college
Hal meeting cousin Hermia
...and class mate Sally Riley :-)
Albany on his birthday, turning into an Elder
....growing up into a teenager...
...and after getting rid of the face paint and with a more appropriate hair style.
Ariel growing up into a teenager.
She, too, got a different hairdo.
With Miranda gone to college, the three remaining siblings now share a room.
But not for long, since Hal soon leaves for college, too.
Goneril growing into an Elder.
I'd forgotten about this: Marcus Baldwin and Desdemona once were going out!
Desdemona leaving for college.


  1. Every time I see Desdemona in a blog I always think she makes a beautiful teenager. She's cute as a girl, but there is something about her that is very pretty. Looks like this family started off very good.

    1. She really is very pretty, you're right. It was a challenge looking after them with little space and money to begin with, which made it all the more fun.


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