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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Caliente-Curious Household: Update 2.9.2012

We are spending a Sim-week at the Caliente-Curious household because "Caliente" is the next name on the alphabetical list after "Burb". If you have read the previous post about this household, you'll know that Carolina Curious, Pascal's daughter, died in a fire at her college dorm and will never return to her pretty room. In memory of her, the family have decided to keep the flower bouquets and card she received after her first four dates (out of the 50 she wanted to have during her lifetime).
Vidcund's situation has not changed; I doubt he will ever meet a lady who captures his attention more than his books do. Tinkerbell, the family dog, does not make a difference in showing affection to the various household members; she keeps coming up to everyone to have her belly rubbed or because she wants a treat.
All three current household members are on Permanent Platinum now. And that means... yes, you guessed it: that means I leave them pretty much to their own devices. Dina Caliente mainly uses her free time (she still works, and so does Lazlo) to give financial consulting at the computer. Not that they need the money - this household is one of the wealthiest in all of New Max!
She does not even interrupt her consulting when Tinkerbell would like be petted, or when she herself would actually need the bathroom... or the bed... or something to eat!
On Monday evening, Pascal, who moved out when Caroline had left for college and now lives with Florence Delarosa, comes visiting on his own accord.
On Tuesday, Dina finally tears herself away from the computer long enough to serve pancakes for breakfast, most appreciated by Vidcund, who was starving (and has full cooking skill!) but preferred stuffing his face at the fridge instead of making a proper meal.
Tinkerbell is a friendly dog and doesn't mind cats. Here she is playing with Moonshine, a stray cat.
On Thursday, she turns into an elder. The beautiful white wolf Tramp still comes visiting her.
Vidcund has decided to indeed put his cooking skill to good use and has prepared turkey for dinner on Friday, to celebrate his 70th birthday. While the roast is in the oven, he keeps stuffing his face at the fridge... and only notices too late that the turkey is overdone, when smoke comes out of the oven.
Oh well... everybody is VERY hungry (again!), and so at least some of it will still be eaten.
It is still Friday, and Dina looks decidedly bored. Actually, there is always plenty to do around the house and garden, and with the dog - Tinkerbell needs a bath every other day, the leaves want raking and the hedge clipping, the downstairs bathroom could do with a good cleaning, but Dina is bored!
Saturday early morning a burglar has chosen the brothers' house as his "work place".
Although the burglar alarm goes off the moment he steps inside, the burglar still manages to take the wall rug before the police officer reaches the house.
A fight between police officer and burglar ensues, watched by all three human household members.
The burglar manages to get away, much to the officer's dismay, who can only put on an embarrassed smile.
"Gosh, what a night... I feel terrible!" Lazlo seems to say to his big brother Vidcund here.
Later that day, Dina makes Chilli con Carne for lunch, on her own accord.
It is Sunday, and Vidcund spends all morning writing his diary.
In the afternoon, he practises his shots at the pool table. Then he hears yelling and screaming from the other side of the house and runs to investigate.
Dina is on fire!!! She has just lit one of the heaps of leaves, watched by Mitch Indie and Tinkerbell, and somehow got too close to the flames.
As already one member of this family has found her firey death, I hope that Vidcund can save Dina. He tries really hard!
But the Grim Reaper is quicker.
"Please, Mr. Reaper, oh please! It is my fault - I wasn't there fast enough - I shouldn't have let Dina do the gardening - my poor brother will be devastated without the love of his life - oh please!!" Tinkerbell doesn't stop howling, and all this pleading combined seems to have an effect on the Grim Reaper.
Meanwhile, Lazlo (who was inside the house) has realised what's been going on, and is indeed devastated, seeing Dina reduced to a tiny, still smouldering pile of ashes.
Vidcund wins Mr. Reaper's game, and Dina is brought back from the dead! She is now 72, Vidcund is 73, Lazlo is 68 and Tinkerbell 27. The week started out so uneventfully that I played it mostly on fast-fast forward, but it certainly picked up drama with the burglar first and then the fire. Next, we'll be checking on Dina's sister Nina.


  1. I love it when a Sim beats the Reaper! Go Vidcund! It's funny but he's always single in my game too. I often have Lazlo and Pascal hook up but never the serious Vidcund. Maybe one day..:)
    The Police in your game are as useless as in mine, :D

    1. Really? That's funny about Vidcund being single in your game, too :-) I think that I should stick more to my self-set rules and let things run their "natural" course, i.e. not bringing a Sim back from death. But somehow, I didn't want Dina to be gone just yet!

  2. Whew, that was close. I am starting think you are just a big softy. ;) The kids died so we can let their parents suffer any more tragedy. I'm glad Dina was saved, even if she is bored. She seems the only one willing to cook.

    1. Ha, my Sims would be very willing to testify to the contrary - I can be very cold-blooded when it comes to letting someone die ;-)

  3. There are a lot of fires in your game! :)


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