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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Beaumont DeBateau: Update 18.04.2017

To refresh your memory about the goings-on in Beaumont's life, click here or simply click on the "DeBateau" label and scroll down. 

The original DeBateau home is the only one I have deliberately not played last round, even though it was of course on my alphabetical list. Why did I skip it?

Because I was bored, bored, bored with playing Beaumont DeBateau!
He is New Maximiliania's only Zombie, having been resurrected to this condition when I first played his son Armand and granddaughter Tara.
Beaumont never ages, of course, and he is too old to work on a lifetime want. Plus he moves really slow and makes those annoying Zombie sounds all the time. Yes, I was bored with him.

But now I have the Senior Residence - and even though so far pets were not allowed there, Beaumont and his three dogs move there. He is an exceptional Sim, and so the administration of the Senior Residence make an exception for him.
You can see all current resident in this picture: Beaumont with his dogs Betty, Caesar and Cilly in front of the gate, Chaz Whippler, Tybalt Capp and Miranda Capp in the back.
Tybalt is now 79, Chaz and Miranda are 77. The dogs are elderly, too.
Beaumont moves into a small blue apartment. One of the rooms at his former house was also decorated and furnished mainly in light blue, so it reminds him of home. He puts his granddaughter's photo on the wall. Tara is long dead - like everybody else Beaumont ever cared about: Melanie, his first wife; their son Armand; his three-bolt-love Isabelle Baldwin, and last but not least Chastity Gere.
Good job the other residents like dogs!
Beaumont tells Miranda he is sure she'll find love once more before it is too late.
Miranda repeats his words to Chaz as they later sit together in the dining room.
In the morning, a thick layer of snow covers the Senior Residence and its surroundings.
Betty dies; she was almost 40.
Caesar and Cilly grieve no less than Beaumont, who has met Mr. Reaper more times than he cares to count. It does not get easier for him, no matter how often.
Later that day, just as Tybalt greets Matthew Cho...
...Beaumont discovers the Cowplant at the back of the main house.
"You...! You can help me, I know. It is the only way!"
He reaches up for the cake and... instantly swallowed.

Bye-bye, Beaumont! I am sorry you saw only one way out, but I am happy with your decision.
(As I have only just played the Senior Residence, this new week ends here - I only played it again for Beaumont. And of course I did tell him to grab the cake, since it was my plan all along to have him finally go back to where he came from - the Otherworld.)

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Clevelands: Update 13.04.2017

Hello and welcome to another week at New Maximiliania's Senior Residence, the only place here that I have built myself.
Why are we here?
Because of these two newcomers being next on my alphabetical list: Justin and Jules Cleveland (nee O'Mackey).
Maybe you remember that Jules had troubled teenage years when her mother Alex O'Mackey left her father, Gabe O'Mackey, for her three-bolt-love Matthew Picaso. For a while, all three adults even lived in the same house. Jules was glad to escape to college, where she met and fell in love with Justin - they've been a couple ever since, and eventually got married.
Both are on Permanent Platinum, having reached their respective lifetime wants 17 and 18 days from Elderhood. Jules is, at 75, one year older than Justin.
But of course they won't be alone at the Senior Residence. Here is Tybalt Capp, who is now 72 and the only Sim here who is not on Permanent Platinum. I'm afraid he won't reach his LTW of marrying off six children, since two of them have died, and he is too old now to have a realistic chance at seeing another two children reach adulthood.
The other residents are Miranda Capp, Chaz Whippler and Rick Contrary (left to right), playing poker here with visiting Giselle Goth. Rick and Miranda have been living together at the Contrary's house until recently, and Chaz has always been on his own since he graduated from college. Rick is 72, Chaz and Miranda are 70.
Jules adores her husband. Every time she comes across him she stops, just like here on Sunday morning when he is reading the paper in the common room.
I've been waiting for this! Rick meets the Grim Reaper - not because his lifetime is up, because he preferred playing poker to getting himself something to eat from the well-stocked fridge. Sorry, Rick, you brought this upon yourself.
On Monday, Jules wakes up feeling more than just a bit under the weather.
She goes back to bed soon, and her worried husband does not leave her side.
In the afternoon, Tybalt's relatives arrive for a visit. Do you know who is who?
Callum (Tybalt's nephew, son of his sister Hermia) and Cherry (his daughter) play poker with Clover (his son).
By the way, here are paintings of Rick Contrary and Miranda Capp as they were in their prime. The elderly lady is Rick's mother.
Jules feels well enough to join the party for a piece of cake.
But maybe she should have stayed in bed, or was it something in the cake? At 6:00 pm, she dies at the age of 77.
Her husband misses her sorely.
But at least he recovers enough by Tuesday to eat some soup.
He even cleans up the dishes afterwards, without me telling him to.
Meanwhile, Miranda decides to get rid of some old papers...
...and to make stuffed rainbow trout for dinner.
On Wednesday, I send the residents to their customary community lot visit. Since two of them want to go swimming, I choose Cratus Gym, which came to our games with "Freetime", I think.
Meike Riley and Castanea Capp are already there.
Such a tiny swimming pool! I am amazed anyone dares jumping in at all.
Poor Justin! The outing has not done much to make him feel better.
On Thursday morning, Miranda is at the poker table. A quick check of her wants reveals that she now wishes to fall in love with the recently widowed Justin! Well, if she'll act on that wish, it is fine by me, but I am not going to influence her.
Again, Tybalt invites his relatives over.
It is Christmas, and a layer cake is just what everyone loves this time of year.
No Christmas without a tree! And since there has been a platter of Santa cookies about, the man himself puts in an appearance, much to everyone's delight.
It is Friday morning, and Chaz dances the Hula to the music from the stereo which was Santa's gift last night.
Later, he greets Ana Patel...
...and Nervous Singles. Are these two prospective new residents, and visiting to check out the facilities?
Justin is now 80, by the way.
On Saturday night after work, he is finally relieved from his grief for his beloved wife.
Poor Miranda! She was still wishing to fall in love with Justin, but it is too late now; she never told him what she felt for him.

There are only three residents left here now. Who is going to join them?

Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Cho "Brothers": Update 30.03.2017

Some time ago, I decided to add NPC students, townies and so on to the playable residents of New Maximiliania if they had the same surname as one of the Maxis-made Playables. Two of these relatively recently added Sims are Calvin (left) and Shane (right) Cho, "relatives" of the late Vivian and Etsu Cho.
After I had added these two former NPC students, I put them in a Greek house on their own - and sort of forgot about them. Now I think it is time to get them back in the game, so to speak. I have moved them to Pinenut Plaza dorms, the only building on Campus with playable residents at the moment.
Calvin is a Family Sim who dreams of celebrating his Golden Anniversary one day (but currently does not even have a love interest). Shane aspires to be a Business Tycoon, fittingly for a Fortune Sim. They are both Freshmen.
The others here are B'Elanna Beaker, a Sophomore...
...just like Callum...
...and Christopher Capp.
Wilma Williamson is the only one in her Junior year at the moment.
...and Stephen Riley are Seniors.
The semester is off to a sporty start when the Campus coach appears and orders Christopher to work out.
Stephen informs one of the newcomers, Shane, that he will automatically be registered for a Major in Philosophy if he does not decide on a Major by the end of his Sophomore Year.
A streaker is paying a very quick visit, and as usual, nobody takes any notice.
B'Elanna and Callum are dancing, while B'Elanna's half-sister Wilma is looking on.
Later, B'Elanna has a sponge bath - with three perfectly good showers right next to her.
Meike and Callum... in bed together?! Not really - they happened to choose the same (most comfortable) bed in the house, which is actually in B'Elanna's room. They are friends, and therefore have no qualms about sharing a bed, without anything actually happening.
The next morning, Meike is seen mopping the girls' bathroom floor.
(You know how I play my student households: Until everyone has acquired all necessary skills and written their term paper, I control them. After that, they are pretty much left to their own devices.)
Calvin and Callum enjoy the sunny summer afternoon by tossing a football on the street.
Calvin is the first to complete the semester.
Callum takes out the trash.
B'Elanna has just found something to eat in the bin... yummm... :-D
Meike, Stephen and Wilma have just completed their semester.
B'Elanna and Christopher follow suit.
A fight has broken out in the upstairs common room! Who is involved?
Thankfully, none of the resident students - just the usual eternal rivalry between cows and llamas!
I have not forgotten that I mean to send each household to a community lot at least once each round. It is summer, after all, and so I send my students to the "Fiesta Swim Center", a community lot at La Fiesta Tech.
Nothing much happens except for some swimming, diving and hot-dog eating.
Callum has finished the semester, too.
This term, Christopher is the first to complete his Term Paper.
Shane is next.
Callum puts away the books other students have left about on his own initiative.
Meike is sure she'll make it to the Dean's List once more - it is her very last semester, by the way.
Stephen finishes his very last Term Paper.
Upstairs, Calvin is giving one of the sinks in the boys' bathroom a good scrub.
Meike has graduated Summa Cum Laude!
The next morning, she invites her closest friends. Do you know who everyone is?
Charlie Cho is invited, too - he is her half-brother (they have the same father, Hal Capp, who later married Sally Riley, Meike's mother).
While Meike's graduation party is in full swing, B'Elanna and Christopher return from their end-of-year exams.
Calvin retreats to his room for some rest after the party.
But it is yet another graduation party the very next day: Stephen has graduated Summa Cum Laude, too!
Some, but not all, of his friends are the same ones as Meike's.
He can't wait to get back to New Maximiliana and start working on his dream of becoming Space Pirate! Meike, by the way, wants to become The Law.
B'Elanna's lifetime want is to have 50 first dates. I have badly neglected this all "year", but here she is having her 1st (and VERY short) date # 35 with Mitch Wolosenko. "Students..." he seems to think, "...note to self: never get involved with a student again..."!
Calvin and Shane Cho were the reason why I played this round at the dorm. Now Calvin has completed his semester, and just like Stephen had told him at the start of the year, he was automatically signed up for the Philosophy Major.

With two students (Meike and Stephen) gone, who will come to live here next?