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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Fenya Hart: Week 1

This is Fenya Hart's first week after graduating and moving back to New Max - of course it is not her first week "all over". If you want to get re-acquainted with her a little bit, her last year at uni is here. The previous week for the entire Hart family is described in this post

I gave Fenya this little house. After purchasing it, she still has 10.624 Simoleons left.
Here she is, only just arrived. Her graduation from uni happened some time ago; she left campus with a Summa Cum Laude in Literature. Her lifetime want is to reach her Golden Anniversary, but all through her teenage and young adult years, she has not had a love interest.

No welcome committee appears, but Nellie Newson is paying a visit. "I've heard you graduated," she says. "Welcome back to New Max!"
Next, Fenya rings her half-sister Hailey and invites her - to stay. Maybe you remember how Hailey has been struggling recently, with raising her son on her own, having no job (and really no time for one, either) and being pregnant again; all this just to help her Mum, Jane Hart (nee Stacks) reach her lifetime want of having a house full of grandchildren, when really all Hailey herself wants is having 20 lovers.

Now she is here, very grateful to Fenya, who as a Family Sim will love to help with Hailey's kids.
Together, the girls now have 23.164 Simoleons. And then, some inheritances kick in, and the girls' joint account rises to 35.194 Simoleons. That sounds like a lot, at least to furnish the small house well, but since neither of the two intends getting a paid job, they will still be well advised to be careful about spending too much.
Here is Hailey, holding her son Harry. His Dad was the late Malcolm Landgraab.
To celebrate the sisters moving in together, Fenya orders pizza. (Actually, the main reason is that so far, there is no proper kitchen in the house; I am waiting for the ladies to roll wants for buying a fridge, a stove and so on.)
Nellie joins Fenya and Hailey for a slice of pizza. "Isn't it great to be grown up?" she says.
Fenya sort of agrees... she did have a lovely childhood after the Harts adopted her. Until that time, she has only vague memories of her first, biological, family. Her Dad was Fineaus Furley, her other Dad was an Alien, and her first "Mum" was Alegra Gorey. They lived together happily with Fenya and her siblings, until one fatal Christmas Day, the tree caught fire and everyone but Fenya perished in the flames.
"I felt my adoptive parents were my best friends, but now they are gone, and therefore it is probably for the best that we now live here and not at the old house anymore."

Fenya and Nellie later have a pillow fight on their own initiative - I rather like that!

On Tuesday morning, Fenya plays with her nephew Harry while Hailey, more exhausted than usual because of her pregnancy, is still asleep.

It may well be the first time ever that I use this little riding toy in my game! It is rather funny to watch a toddler playing on it.

Tuesday is also bill day, as everyone in the Simworld knows. Thankfully, for this modest household, the bill is equally modest.

When Hailey is finally up, she makes smart milk for her son and then teaches him to talk. Being a mother may not have been her own free choice in life, but she definitely is a good mother nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Fenya wants to help her own LTW along and asks the matchmaker for suitable husband material, spending the full 5.000 Simoleons on a blind date.

She said suitable, didn't she? And the townie summoned by the matchmaker is indeed a 3-bolt-man for Fenya, but she can not bring herself to do more than say "hi and bye" to him. That didn't go well, I'm afraid.

It is now Wednesday morning, and a very pregnant Hailey makes breakfast.

With her second child not yet born and her first one being looked after by her sis, she can finally do something for herself again and makes Ramon Ramirez (Tessa Ramirez' little brother and the son of the late Checo and Lisa Ramirez) her love # 7. Only 13 more to go...!

At 10 past 11 in the morning, Hailey goes into labour.

Hannah Hart is born moments later. Her father is Nigel Newson, by the way.

Fenya has not forgotten her plans to find a potential future husband for herself, and so she heads off to Woodland Park, leaving Hailey, Hannah and Harry at home.

She bumps into Perseida Powers (I think it is her); they may know each other from uni, but I am not sure.

After the lot has filled up with several visitors - both New Maximilianians and townies - I have Fenya "scope room". And looks what (or rather, who) she's come up with:

Darren Lum is a Mr. Big, a townie, and because he does not carry a playable surname, he is actually not eligible as a romantic interest to be pursued by Fenya. And yet... he is a three-bolt-man, and Fenya could do worse... also, the town's population is on a downward spiral, so a new addition would not be all wrong.
Anyway, almost as soon as she comes home, Fenya gets a phone call from Darren! I take this as a sign that the God of Sim-Destiny is on Fenya's and Darren's side.

Before things progress any further, the sisters change into their bath robes for the night and get the little ones ready for bed.

For Harry, it was his last bottle - he grows up into a child that same evening.

Here is his room, as seen on Thursday morning:

Also on Thursday, Darren asks Fenya on a date! She dons her only pretty dress (it really IS a pretty dress, I think, the soft pink going well with her green skin) and hits first the dance floor and then the restaurant table with Darren. The two get along like a house on fire (or like a three-bolt-couple), and end up having a dream date.

Meanwhile, Harry comes home from his first day at school. Is it just me or does he look less than happy?

Being with Darren has made clear to Fenya that she really, really needs new clothes - her everyday outfit is not suitable when she wants to go out with her man, and the pretty pink dress won't do now that the colder season is just round the corner. (Also, she has been rolling the want to buy new clothes for a few days.) Belle's Boutique and Tayloring is therefore her final stop for today.

For Hailey, Friday morning starts by changing little Hannah's diaper. It is one of her fears, but she does it nonetheless - she is a good mother, after all.

While Fenya is having breakfast, Hailey feeds Hannah. Note the outfits; Fenya bought them matching shirts and skirts.

Today, Hailey hopes to make David Ottomas the next name on her list of loves. Never mind he is a married man...!

She invites him over, and he has lunch with Fenya (in her athletic outfit after a session of yoga) and Hailey.

After school, I find Harry in his room, crying. What's the matter? Did he find his homework too difficult?

No. It's his mother. Catching Mum and a strange man cuddling on the settee is something Harry finds really distressing. He knows his father never lived with them and died years ago; they didn't really have a relationship, and he also knows that his baby sister has a different father, and most of the time, he is OK about it all. But sometimes it would just be nice to live with both his parents, like the other kids at school.
Anyway, Hailey makes David her love # 8.

At 6:00 pm, Hannah turns into a toddler.

On Saturday morning, Fenya helps her little niece to take her first steps.

"Thanks, Fen, for teaching Hannah to walk," Hailey says at breakfast.

Harry is more cheerful today. He does not have to go to school, and is allowed to harvest the orange tree in front of the house, which makes him very proud.

Also, he is happy that Hannah is now old enough to play with him. (He did this on his own initiative, something I find rather sweet.)

Fenya invites Darren over, and Clover Newson happened to walk by so he was asked in, too. She tells the others about how excited she was on the day of her graduation.

On Sunday morning, Hailey rakes leaves.

The kids play inside. Again, Harry joined his little sister without me telling him to.

The sisters invite their remaining family over: Helena, their big sister, with her husband Cedric (formerly Cooke) and their daughters Stacy, Stella and Stephanie.

Everybody enjoys their time together.

There is not enough room at the table for everyone, but it doesn't matter - the others simply eat on the settee.

Sunday night ends with little Hannah yee-haawing away on the play horse :-)

This was a fun week to play, with an interesting development when Darren Lum turned out to be Fenya's three-bolt-man. Are the two going to take things further?
Will Hailey be successful in her quest for finding 20 loves, and how is Harry going to cope with it?


  1. aww hannah is so cute! it is annoying when kids get upset at their parents dating other people after all they need to move on right?

    i think fenya should marry darren after all the population is decreasing rapidly each round and if it will make her happy why not?

    1. Yes, it wasn't as if Harry's mum was doing anything behind his dad's back... he's long gone.

      I think Darren would make a good husband for Fenya, but we'll see how she'll decide next spring :-)

  2. Thank god they all didn't die in a tragic fire

    1. No fire this time, even though I had Hailey burn piles of leaves almost every day in autumn ;-)


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