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Friday, 8 December 2017

The Greenman Family: Week 7

Click here for Week 6 at this household. 

You are all familiar with this greenhouse-style building in old New Maximiliania, aren't you?
It is the original home of the original Greenman family, who came to our games with the "Seasons" expansion pack. The family has grown and spread, but some of them are still living here: Rose, who is now 73..
...and Jason, who is 76 and on Permanent Platinum ever since he became Game Designer years ago. One of their sons, Gordon, is also with them; you'll meet him in a minute.
As I said, Jason is on PP and so not controlled by me more than absolutely necessary. Here, he is up early on Monday morning to prepare omelettes for breakfast for the family. Ever since Rose and Gordon turned from PlantSims into "fully" human Sims, they need their regular meals just like anyone else.
Rose is up early, too. She has changed her lifetime want a few times (without me doing it) and, although she is now too old to become a World Class Ballet Dancer, she still diligently practices almost daily at the ballet barre installed upstairs.
Here is Gordon, workin on his skills for his next promotion. He dreams of becoming The Law and is not doing badly.
Just like the last time I played here, Jason comes home from work with his colleague Tammy, a townie turned Vampire. She stands there for a little, already smouldering in the sun, before she flees.
Tuesday morning sees Jason making another fresh batch of omelettes.
Gordon is making his own bed; he is not one of those grown-up men still living at home and expecting their mothers to do all the work for them.
You should think a family of ex-PlantSims and expert gardeners would not need to hire someone to do their gardening. But Rose is getting on in years, and the garden needs daily attention; also, her husband and her son are out at work all day, so she can not really do it all on her own.
She is actually really grateful for the gardener's help, and the family can easily afford it, too.
Once again, Tammy gets off the car with Jason after work.
But someone else has just arrived, too...
Jason dies at the age of 78. His life was mostly happy; there was also drama when two of the children died in a fire at uni many years ago. Good-bye, Jason!
On Wednesday morning, the temperature has fallen enough for Rose to change into warm clothes for working outdoors. She loves her garden and hates it when stray dogs dig holes in her beautiful lawn. But the physical work takes away some of the pain of losing her beloved husband.
And for the first time since I've been playing this game (11 years now!!), I see a Sim rolling the wish to "harvest good produce"!
Meanwhile, Gordon is still working on his skills for his next promotion. The skills are easy enough to get, but he also needs 5 more friends, now that some family friends have either died since I last played here or the connection to them was lost with Jason's death.
Thursday morning, Rose plays the violin - music is yet another way to cope with grief.
Later, she heads to the kitchen to make herself some juice from their own produce. And I am in for yet another "First" in my game: Rose can make a Beauty Cocktail! I don't know whether this depends on the quality of produce the juicer is stocked with, or the abilities of the Sim making the juice. But let's see what the Beauty Cocktail does, shall we?
It surrounds Rose with little hearts around her head and little flowers around her feet!
The hearts and flowers follow her for a while, until the effects of the cocktail wear off. I like this!
In the afternoon, Perseida Powers comes by on a jogging round and is invited in. Gordon has no current love interest (although he has a pink heart for Ophelia Nigmos in his relationship panel), and so I am always interested in introducing new ladies to him.
Very early on Friday morning, a burglar appears on the lot. There is no burglar alarm, and so he can easily get into the house and choose his loot.
The original painting above Rose and Jason's bed is one I have never quite liked, so he is welcome to take that.
Downstairs, he takes another painting, and then runs out through the patio door. As usual after a burglary, the family members wish to buy a burglar alarm, and I install one promptly.
In the afternoon, Calvin Cho, who has recently graduated from uni and moved to New Max for good, walks by and is greeted by Gordon. He needs five more friends, and so anyone is most welcome.
By Saturday morning, yesterday's light dusting of snow has turned into a thick white blanket - enough for Gordon to make a snowman.
At 6:00 pm that day, he turns...
...into an elder! Why is he wearing a formal suit, though?
His mother wishes to see her other children and grandchildren, and has invited over as many of them as possible. Here are Gary and Glenda, Lavender and (friend, not relative) Cherry Kim, nee Capp, an ex-PlantSim like Rose.
I did not choose Rose's formal outfit, but it could not have matched the party any better :-)
Daisy Jacquet, nee Greenman, was Rose's first"born" (that is, planted). Nice to see her catching up with her younger siblings!
Here, I was a little too slow taking a snap shot: Gordon lit the indoor fireworks - and it exploded in his face! Thankfully, he only needed a good long shower to fully recover.
Finally, Father Time arrives, welcomed by Rose (and everyone else, just not pictured). The party is a big success, and as always on such occasions, everyone agrees that "we need to do this more often".
After so much partying and cookies, Rose feels the need to do some yoga on Sunday morning.
Even in winter, she manages to maintain her garden as "thriving".
Both Gordon and Rose have a nap in the afternoon. The house is all quiet.
When Gordon wakes up, he finds that his mother has died in her sleep. (Well, she didn't. Actually, she argued with Mr. Reaper, as she was not on Platinum. But let's say she died peacefully.) Rose was 80 years old.
Poor Gordon! Now he is all alone.
What will he do? (I think you can guess!)
How much longer before he'll have his 5 new friends and is eligible for his last promotion and then reaches his LTW?
Will he find a nice lady to share this last chapter of his life with him?


  1. i thought by now Gordon would be in a relationship but some people can stay single forever;maybe he can find his match in the senior residence?

    is this the last greenman household or is there another?

    1. You are of course right in assuming that Gordon will move to the Senior Residence :-) However, I don't know if there will be any newcomer there to capture his romantic interest.

      Yes, this was the last Greenman household for this round. The Grunts are next.

    2. i don't want to seem impatient but when will the next update be?

    3. I can't say; it depends on how late I come home from work over the next week and what else needs doing or whether I'm going out or not.
      Actually, it is nice to know you are impatient, because it means you really like my reports from New Maximiliania :-)


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