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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Heather Huffington: Week 4

In this modest yellow house by the sea still lives...

...Heather Huffington, a former student who graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics and became Rock Goddess 15 days from Elderhood, which made her reach Permanent Platinum.

I do not control her beyond a few basics such as greeting the neighbours when they walk by or paying the bills.

For a long time, I thought she and Ripp Grunt would become an item once Ripp would have reached his LTW of having woohoo with 20 different Sims, as they seemed such a good match and were 3-bolters. But Ripp has not rolled any wants about Heather when I played him this round, and vice versa.

On this Monday morning in midwinter, Heather seems a bit bored, all on her own in her small house.

She moves from the sitting/dining/kitchen area to her bedroom...

...and really does not know what to do with herself.

Finally, she decides to go out and build a snowman.

It is then that first Björn Summerdream (husband of Bottom Summerdream) appears, and is invited in...

...followed by Ramon Ramirez.

Very rarely, Heather remembers to do some housework. As she now rolls wants about influencing someone to clean and to serve a meal, I have her influence Björn to clean...

...and Ramon to serve a meal.

Heather enjoys her night off, the freshly cleaned house and the salad Roman has prepared for the three of them.

On Tuesday morning, she spends several hours at the synthesizer.

She cleans up last night's dishes.

In the afternoon, the limousine picks her up for work.

She starts Wednesday by a long computer session...

...followed by some guitar practice. I really admire how she is able to play so well wearing big chunky mittens :-D

Christian Love walks by and is greeted by Heather. To my surprise, I find he is another 3-bolt-man for her.

He and Heather get along VERY well.

So well that they have a dream date on the spot, resulting in Christian bringing a bunch of red roses to Heather's door step very early on Thursday morning. It will certainly look better there than the many old newspapers Heather never remembers to throw away!

She thinks of Christian a lot during the day and even dreams of him when she has a nap.

It is another night off for her, and she decides to ask Christian to meet her at "Club Dante".

They start their date there by gossiping about Ophelia Nigmos - not very nice, as she is actually a friend of Heather's. But the date proceeds with a lot of flirting, hugging and kissing, and turns out to be another dream date.

After sleeping nearly all day on Friday, Heather gets up just in time for work in the evening.

Her garden now really looks a mess.

Saturday goes by pretty much the same as Friday, with Heather sleeping all day and going to work in the evening. But there is a difference: She gets off the limousine and immediately starts to garden, not stopping until all the weeds are pulled and all the shrubs trimmed. That rather surprised me!

On Sunday, she wakes up earlier than on the previous two days, and I have her invite Christian over. She is all over him before the man has even come through the door!
They spend the day together until Heather has to go to work again, and by the time she returns home, Christian has left.

Will he roll wants about Heather when I'll be playing his household?
Is Heather going to stay in this modest house or take her fortune of over 100.000 Simoleons to a bigger place, more befitting a Rock Goddess?


  1. i'd just leave her in this house until she moves to the senior residence.

    if she knew Sarah love you could have invited Sarah and christian introduced them to each other and then sarah can move christian in when we are at her house.

    is she 1 day till elder? i'm guessing she is bye for now!

    1. She is 1 day from Elderhood, that's right. I rather not have her move to the Senior Residence while Ripp is still there... I'd soon have a series of fights, since she still loves him, and he loves her, but he also loves Lavender, and she has taken to sleep in the same bed as Ripp.

  2. 4 posts in one month what a luxury, is this a present to all of us or a coincedince

    1. A present to myself, too - I made sure to get some Sim-time in, even though I was very busy :-)
      But I am glad you consider it a present to you, my dear readers!

  3. Replies
    1. You know I can never really tell - it depends on when I'll play, how long I'll be playing and when I'll have time to write up the post :-)
      But you can already read the last post at the Indie-Smith households, as they are next.


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