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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tybalt Capp: Week 4

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We are spending yet another week at the Senior Residence, and you'll soon see why.
You already know that Rick Contrary and Miranda Capp live here. They are on Permanent Platinum and not controlled by me, which explains why Rick is almost starving. He is 70, Miranda is 63.
Chaz Whippler is here, too. Like Rick and Miranda, he is on PP and hardly ever gets told what to do. He is 68.
And here is the newcomer who is responsible for me playing this lot again: Tybalt Capp.
All his (plant)children moved out from the family home, two of the six recently died in a house fire, and at 65 years of age, I think it is good for him to join the group here.
"I know you have had a lot of deaths here recently," he says when his cousin MIranda meets him in the kitchen this Sunday morning. Yes, only 3 of the 8 rooms here are occupied right now (Miranda and Rick are sharing one).
Later that day, Tybalt invites his sister Hermia and her family to visit him at his new quarters.
Poor Hermia! She is in aspiration failure mode nearly all the time. I can not remember right now what happened to her to trigger that off.
Oh, Chaz! You have your own bathroom here, so why do you insist on taking a sponge bath at one of the sinks in the community building?
Hermia's children are all very well behaved. Here, they help their uncle Tybalt getting on top of the badly neglected gardening. As a former PlantSim (and currently the only one I control on this lot), he really can't stand seeing a garden in such a sorry state.
Tybalt starts Monday morning with a refreshing yoga session.
It really is amazing what he can do!
Deirdre Dreamer walks by later.
Stephanie Stacks is next; she is greeted by Miranda, who has just returned from work.
Along with Miranda, a townie colleague got off the helicopter. Because Miranda was busy greeting Stephanie, the townie colleague had enough time to get to the cow plant in the back garden - not to his advantage!
Sorry... I simply was distracted and didn't see that coming.
I make Rick drink the milk from the cow plant, as he is the oldest Sim here right now.
From 71, he goes back to 66. The townie's tombstone is moved to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.
On Tuesday, I send the four residents across the road to the public swimming pool in order for them to have their weekly visit to a community lot. Nothing really noteworthy happens there.
Back at the Senior Residence, Stephanie Stacks has come by again and is invited to a piece  of cake with Tybalt and Chaz. This is the second time in my game I see a former Plantsim talk about Plantbabies!
When Phoebe Love walks by, of course I have Tybalt greet her - she is, after all, one of the townies I plan to make playable at some stage, as a "relative" of Maxis-made playable Sim Sarah Love.
But... I wasn't considering the possibility of Phoebe being eaten by the cow plant!
And it is exactly what happened. Sorry...! I honestly did not want this, but how could I have intervened?
The cow plant, it seems, really enjoyed her second hearty meal of the week!
This time, I have Chaz drink the milk.
He rejuvenates from 71 to 66. It is Wednesday now, by the way.
On Thursday, Stacy Stacks, Stephanie's sister, walks by. Tybalt greets her. He may not look it, but he is a gifted teller of jokes!
When Chaz returns from work that night, he has a surprise for Tybalt: his daughter Calendula, a colleague of Chaz', is with him.
On Friday, Tybalt fulfills a big wish by getting fit.
Mercutio Ottomas, husband of Sharla Ottomas, walks by.
Tybalt invites his two other daughters over, Castanea Landgraab (green hair; widow of Malcolm Landgraab) and Cherry (married to Justin Kim), as well as friend Trisha Traveller (sunglasses), brother-in-law Tank Capp (married to Tybalt's sister Hermia) and cousin Desdemona Capp (green dress).
All of them seem to like the colour green :-)
The last day of our week here, Saturday, starts with a thunderstorm. One of the hibiskus trees in front of the community building is struck by lightning and catches fire. But the rain quickly puts the flames out, and nobody comes to any harm.
The only other thing worth mentioning on Sunday is a visit from Giselle Goth, yet another green-loving Sim.

A whole week here with no residents meeting Mr. Reaper! Who is going to fill the five empty rooms here? And how long is the current group going to be around?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Capp-Contrary Household: Week 8

Please click here if you want to (re)read week 7 at this household. 

Another Capp on my list is Miranda Capp, live-in love of Rick Contrary. Both turned into Senior Sims not long ago; Miranda is now 56, and Rick 63. They have been living at the Contrary's house for many years, but now that they are both eligible to move to the Senior Residence, I have them do just that.
They are both on Permanent Platinum, by the way, so I will control them very little.
It is Sunday early morning and still dark when they arrive. The other resdients here are all up and about, though, in spite of the early hour.
Beatrice Monty still lives here. At 83, she is currently the oldest Sim at the Senior Residence.
Clockwise starting with the brown-skinned lady, we have Delilah O'Feefe and her husband Kevin (formerly Beare), both 73; Jasmine Rai, 72, and Chaz Whippler, 68.
Last but not least, Natasha Una, still beautiful at 72. She is the first to greet the newly arrived Miranda and Rick. She is also the only Sim here not on PP, and fully controlled by me.
"I hope you like Grilled Cheese - if you do, you can have it every day," she explains to the newcomers. Miranda looks as if she can't wait to take Natasha up on her offer...!
Rick and Miranda move into their rooms with the few personal belongings they have brought from their former home. Both can't seem to stop coughing and sneezing.
"I wonder if this is a serious health issue. Maybe we are allergic to something here?" Rick wonders. "Grilled Cheese, perhaps?"
As the day goes on, the CleanBot breaks (again). It is one of the instances I have decided I intervene, as the Sims are simply not programmed to be able to switch off and repair a bot on their own initiative.
Rick and Miranda help cleaning up the mess...
...while Natasha repairs the bot.
At 6.00 pm, Beatrice Monty turns 84 - and dies. She has had a long and eventful life.
Jasmine Rai was her closest friend here. The others try to console her by starting another round of poker, inviting her to join them.
On Monday, Delilah greets Nellie Newson.
Miranda goes to work.
Of course, she has been up all night playing poker. Hardly surprising that she faints on near the garden gate as soon as the helicopter drops her off after work!
That way, she misses Natasha Una's last party - without grilled cheese, for a change. Natsaha was 74 and did not reach her lifetime want of eating 200 grilled cheese - she only managed 88.
Miranda wakes up feeling VERY cold and in desperate need of a pee - well, she makes it to the toilet a second too late.
On Tuesday morning, Kevin and Delilah talk about Natasha. Yet another one of their generation gone... who's next, they wonder.
Rick cleans up yesterday's newspaper.
He then tackles the overgrowing hedge on his own accord.
It is Wednesday morning when Rick and Miranda share a meal of leftover turkey (courtesy of Kevin) and talk about a film they want to watch later.
But before they can do that, I send the whole bunch on the weekly community lot trip. This time, it is Central Park.
Everyone seems to be fascinated by the "living statue"!
Other New Maximilianians are here, too. Some, like Björn Summerdream, enjoy a drink on one of the benches...
...while others, like Nervous Singles and Georgia Newson, play a game of Myshuno.
Gunnar Roque and Georgia meet the Unsavoury Charlatan. Interestingly enough, I think he does not manage to rob anyone this time.
Although he tries hard enough!
Back at the Senior Residence, Gunnar seems to have followed the group of elderly Sims to their home.
Today, it is Kevin to pick up yesterday's newpaper for recycling.
Meanwhile, Miranda cleans one of the showers on her own accord.
Jasmine Rai has been promoted to Ecological Guru, and this is her work outfit! It is not often that I see this in my game :-)
She dresses properly after work and starts on some badly needed gardening.
Delilah visits her late friend's rooms. Juliette Davis (nee Capp) spent the last years of her life here, and was much liked by all.
Jasmine interrupts trimming the hedge and pulling weeds as the Grim Reaper approaches her. She was 77.
Moments later, Mr. Reaper invites Delilah O'Feefe to follow suit. She was 78.
Poor Kevin! I thought he was going to die at the same time, by the looks of his lifetime bar.
Rick continues Jasmine's unfinished work while Miranda tries to console Kevin.       
The next morning, Rick and Miranda can't seem to be bothered to dress - they hang out in the common room in their underwear. All those deaths have gotten to them, I think.
Rick has even forgotten to eat and is nearly starving.
He just about manages to get something to eat from the fridge and then falls asleep over his bowl of soup.
On this Friday afternoon, Kevin greets Carolina Capp.
It was more or less the last thing he did, as he follows his beloved wife soon afterwards. He was 79.
Saturday is the last day of this week at the Senior Residence. Miranda starts it by cleaning one of the toilets. The rest of the day is spent at the poker table, with Rick nearly starving again.

Now that there are only three Sims left here - Chaz, Miranda and Rick - I wonder who is going to fill the empty rooms?