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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tybalt Capp: Week 4

For Tybalt's previous full week, click here

We are spending yet another week at the Senior Residence, and you'll soon see why.
You already know that Rick Contrary and Miranda Capp live here. They are on Permanent Platinum and not controlled by me, which explains why Rick is almost starving. He is 70, Miranda is 63.
Chaz Whippler is here, too. Like Rick and Miranda, he is on PP and hardly ever gets told what to do. He is 68.
And here is the newcomer who is responsible for me playing this lot again: Tybalt Capp.
All his (plant)children moved out from the family home, two of the six recently died in a house fire, and at 65 years of age, I think it is good for him to join the group here.
"I know you have had a lot of deaths here recently," he says when his cousin MIranda meets him in the kitchen this Sunday morning. Yes, only 3 of the 8 rooms here are occupied right now (Miranda and Rick are sharing one).
Later that day, Tybalt invites his sister Hermia and her family to visit him at his new quarters.
Poor Hermia! She is in aspiration failure mode nearly all the time. I can not remember right now what happened to her to trigger that off.
Oh, Chaz! You have your own bathroom here, so why do you insist on taking a sponge bath at one of the sinks in the community building?
Hermia's children are all very well behaved. Here, they help their uncle Tybalt getting on top of the badly neglected gardening. As a former PlantSim (and currently the only one I control on this lot), he really can't stand seeing a garden in such a sorry state.
Tybalt starts Monday morning with a refreshing yoga session.
It really is amazing what he can do!
Deirdre Dreamer walks by later.
Stephanie Stacks is next; she is greeted by Miranda, who has just returned from work.
Along with Miranda, a townie colleague got off the helicopter. Because Miranda was busy greeting Stephanie, the townie colleague had enough time to get to the cow plant in the back garden - not to his advantage!
Sorry... I simply was distracted and didn't see that coming.
I make Rick drink the milk from the cow plant, as he is the oldest Sim here right now.
From 71, he goes back to 66. The townie's tombstone is moved to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.
On Tuesday, I send the four residents across the road to the public swimming pool in order for them to have their weekly visit to a community lot. Nothing really noteworthy happens there.
Back at the Senior Residence, Stephanie Stacks has come by again and is invited to a piece  of cake with Tybalt and Chaz. This is the second time in my game I see a former Plantsim talk about Plantbabies!
When Phoebe Love walks by, of course I have Tybalt greet her - she is, after all, one of the townies I plan to make playable at some stage, as a "relative" of Maxis-made playable Sim Sarah Love.
But... I wasn't considering the possibility of Phoebe being eaten by the cow plant!
And it is exactly what happened. Sorry...! I honestly did not want this, but how could I have intervened?
The cow plant, it seems, really enjoyed her second hearty meal of the week!
This time, I have Chaz drink the milk.
He rejuvenates from 71 to 66. It is Wednesday now, by the way.
On Thursday, Stacy Stacks, Stephanie's sister, walks by. Tybalt greets her. He may not look it, but he is a gifted teller of jokes!
When Chaz returns from work that night, he has a surprise for Tybalt: his daughter Calendula, a colleague of Chaz', is with him.
On Friday, Tybalt fulfills a big wish by getting fit.
Mercutio Ottomas, husband of Sharla Ottomas, walks by.
Tybalt invites his two other daughters over, Castanea Landgraab (green hair; widow of Malcolm Landgraab) and Cherry (married to Justin Kim), as well as friend Trisha Traveller (sunglasses), brother-in-law Tank Capp (married to Tybalt's sister Hermia) and cousin Desdemona Capp (green dress).
All of them seem to like the colour green :-)
The last day of our week here, Saturday, starts with a thunderstorm. One of the hibiskus trees in front of the community building is struck by lightning and catches fire. But the rain quickly puts the flames out, and nobody comes to any harm.
The only other thing worth mentioning on Sunday is a visit from Giselle Goth, yet another green-loving Sim.

A whole week here with no residents meeting Mr. Reaper! Who is going to fill the five empty rooms here? And how long is the current group going to be around?


  1. As you know playables won't get eaten by the cowplant. If you don't want the cowplant to eat the townies you could put a fence around the cowplant and lock the gate but i think you do.

    1. Admittedly, I don't mind the odd townie eaten by the cowplant. But in the case of Phoebe Love, I really was planning on adding her to my playables.
      Also, I do have one playable Sim in mind who will most likely be directed by me to grab the cake eventually...!

    2. Or, you can just make sure to have a Sim feed the cowplant some meat if you have a townie on the lot that you don't really want to die ;)

    3. That's true, it just happened so fast with Phoebe that I didn't have time to send someone to feed the cowplant.

  2. You could always have a Sim resurrect Phoebe if they have the necessary career reward (Paranormal) and have met her at some point. :)
    It's a good way to keep some of the populous down having a cowplant, but not for Sims you want to keep around, lol. :)

    1. I have not had a Sim resurrected since the early days of New Max, when Beaumont and Melanie DeBateau were brought back from the dead. Not sure I'll choose that option with Phoebe, or any other townie.
      I wonder whether the game will create another townie by the surname Love now! I'll certainly keep an eye out for any new townies.

    2. Is there a known trigger for the game creating new townies? Like, when one dies, or just randomly? It's very seldom I see an unfamiliar townie, but it's happened. There's a college townie that just showed up one day in my game that I'd never seen before. And keep in mind, I play with the original neighborhoods, each with their own college, but he only appears in one of these. I've always wondered what caused him to materialize one day.

    3. I suppose it is the death of one townie that triggers the spawning of a new one, or when for instance you move one in with a family. Such as when you move a maid in, another maid takes her place as a Service Sim.


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