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Friday, 28 February 2014

The Gieke Family: Update 28.02.2014

(For the Giekes' previous week, simply click on the label with their name.)
Like many families in New Maximiliania, the Giekes also still live in the house that I first gave them. It is originally a Maxis-made house, but has been extended and slightly modified.

Tara Gieke, nee Kat, still has all three of her original cats living with her (this one is Samantha).

Chester, who turned into an Elder last round, was already quite close to reaching his LTW of becoming Education Minister. But on arriving at their house again after more than a year, I find that many of the Giekes' friends died during that year, and now Chester needs six friends before he can think about being promoted.

For some strange reason, the week on this lot starts on Thursday instead of Monday. Both Tara and Chester are unwell, but thankfully, a bowl of comfort soup later sees them both restored to full health.

Tara as the stay-at-home wife will be the one to make most of the friends needed for Chester. Here, she greets Tommy Ottomas, who, in shorts and t-shirt, seems to be oblivious to the cold weather.

Of course Tara has more to do than making friends. With three cats, there is always one food bowl or other to fill, the litter box to clean or the cats to be hugged.

On Friday, Chester maximises his charisma skill, while Tara is on the phone, trying to make new friends as well as maintaining established friendships.

One good way of keeping in touch with friends is to invite them over, and so Tara throws a party in the afternoon. From left to right, we see arriving Trisha Traveller, Erin Singles, Carla Reamon and Gary Greenman.
From the other side of the road, Jodie Larson, Shaun Singles, Beau Broke and Kevin O'Feefe (formerly Beare) are heading for the house.
Soon, a lively group gathers around the table. A berry cake was found in Tara's inventory, probably purchased at either at Ty Bubbler's or the Davis' bakery. The champagne is brought out, too.
And here is the reason for the cake and champagne: it is Tara's birthday today!
On Saturday, the ice on the pond is all gone, and Tara is happy that she can finally go fishing again.
Very early on Sunday morning, Chester joins his wife for some fishing - and receives his Silver Badge before he even arrives at the pond! Have you ever seen this in your game?
On the same day, Faline is the last of Tara's cats to grow up into an elderly cat.
Gesine Gavigan walks past and is greeted by Chester.
Monday morning sees the Giekes both wanting to clean one of the pet beds - Chester "wins" :-)
When he has left for work, Tara drives into town and pays a visit to the "Frippery Frock", the clothes shop recently acquired by Violet Jocque.
Before she heads back home, she changes into one of her new outfits. I think sticking to her original green colour scheme suits her.
Gary Greenman, one of Tara's closest friends, comes visiting on his own accord.
As soon as he is home from work, Chester changes into the lightweight summer shirt and shorts Tara brought for him.
Tuesday morning, Chester's first task is to repair the broken shower.
Nearly unnoticed by anyone but the cats, dear old Mickey dies. He was well into his 30s, which is truly ancient for a cat.
Tara was outside when it happened, greeting Albany Capp.
It is Wednesday and still dark when Tara makes her Golden Fishing Badge.
It is such a beautiful day, and what with Chester not having to work today, the couple decide to host a fish barbecue for their friends. Tables, chairs, umbrellas, torch lamps and a grill are set up on the lawn between the house and the pond, and several phonecalls are made.
The guests begin to flock in.
Tara's stuffed rainbow trout will taste even nicer than usual when done on the brand new grill and eaten outdoors.
he week ends with Chester and family friend Erin Singles sitting at the campfire. The party is a roaring success, but stupid me realized too late that I should have made it an anniversary party - that would have fulfilled Tara's lifetime want! Well, She'll have to wait until next round. And so will Chester, who now needs just one more friend for his next promotion - hoping that none of their current friends will die during the rest of the round.

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Gere-DeBateau Household: Update 24.02.2014

Yes, back again - for the second time this round, since there are two surnames in this household. We were here because of Beaumont DeBateau while it was the turn of the letter "D" on my alphabetical list of families. After "Gavigan" follows "Gere", and Chastity Gere lives here with Beaumont, as you probably remember.
Here she is. No matter how young or old, and no matter whether she is entirely human or a Vampire, Chastity always looks good, I think :-)

Beaumont's looks are less pleasing, but he is the kindest Zombie you can imagine (and, incidentally, the only one in all of New Maximiliania). The three dogs Betty, Cesar and Cilly are still here as well.

On Monday morning (long before normal breakfast time), Chastity prepares salmon for herself and Beaumont. She is on Permanent Platinum and treated as unplayable.

I was hoping she'd be clever enough to go inside and sleep in her coffin when the sun comes out at 7.00, but she stays where she is, playing with the dogs, mopping up their puddles and cleaning up old newspapers. I wonder how long she'll survive, at this rate!

Eventually, she retreats inside, but only because she is so hungry she does not even mind the salmon having gone off.

Betty is now an elderly dog.

After her "delicious" meal of smelly salmon, Chastity once more insists on going outside and clean one of the dog houses. Beaumont could have done it just as well.

And then she thinks it is a good idea to try and catch butterflies! Go inside, Chastity!!

Well, it couldn't be helped. Sorry, Chastity, but you brought this on entirely by your own stubbornness.

Shortly after 7.00 pm, Chastity turns into a tiny pile of ashes. I am not sure, but it could very well be that I have just observed my very first Vampire death in this game.

Beaumont can't believe he has lost the only female companion he was sure would never die, just like himself!

On Tuesday, his granddaughter Tara (his son Armand's adoptive daughter) pays a visit to her grief-stricken granddad.

More Sims are greeted as they walk by; this is Cherry Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren.

Stephen Tinker is next.

"You see, Tara, my eternal life is hanging above me like a very heavy, grey cloud which I am unable to escape," he tells his granddaughter over a piece of layer cake, bought at the Davis' bakery.

On Wednesday, Cherry's sister Castanea Capp walks by.

Later, Shaun Singles (son of Erin Singles and Nervous Subject) shows up as well.

And Samantha Ottomas tries her best to cheer up poor Beaumont.

On Thursday, Cesar grows up into an elderly dog...

...followed closely by Cilly.

Monica Bratford is Beaumont's guest for the day.

On Friday, Beaumont catches up with some household chores.

If it wasn't for the dogs and their constant need of being fed, washed and have their houses cleaned, Beaumont would have nothing to do, and playing him would be even more boring than it is.

The weekend sees the proper onset of winter with plenty of snow.

Beaumont ends his week feeling rather sorry for himself - understandably so, I think.

What shall I do with him, I wonder?