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Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Freshe-Frost Household: Week 4

[For Week 3, simply click on either the "Freshe" or the "Frost" label above.]

The fourth week at the Freshe-Frost family is about to begin. (Not the fifth, as in most other households, since the Sims living here started out as students on campus, not in the main neighbourhood.)
Ellen Frost lives here; she has been on Permanent Platinum for a while and receives little guidance from me. It was her own decision to serve omelettes for breakfast on this Monday morning.
Her college sweetheart Tom Freshe was the one who originally bought the house. Like Ellen, Tom is treated nearly as non-playable, because he has been on Permanent Platinum for a while, too.
The two have two bolts between them and are very much in love, but so far, neither of them has ever rolled a want about getting engaged or married.

Tom's half-Alien daughter Freiya is in her early teens and, like many half-Alien kids, exceptionally gifted. She has the very fitting lifetime want of maxing out all her skills, something that should not be hard to reach at all for her.
Last but not least, Blacky the wombrat lives here. Freiya usually cleans his cage, feeds him and plays him first thing in the morning, and his cage is her first stop when she comes home from school as well.
She has recently started to attend New Maximiliania's Private School and is very happy there.
This Monday afternoon, Param Patel walks by. Freiya is friends with his sister, and cordially greets him.
On Tuesday morning, Ellen is in the kitchen again, making omelettes for the family.
A windmill was bought yesterday and installed behind the house. So, instead of receiving their usual Tuesday bill, today the family get a refund of 5 Simoleons because the energy their windmill has generated exceeds the energy the household has consumed. I wonder what they'll do with the impressive sum of FIVE Simoleons :-)
Freiya brings Prezioso Picaso home from school.
"Don't Wake the Llama" is the Freshe-Frosts' favourite game, and Freiya and Ellen make sure Prezioso learns it quickly.
At 5.00 pm, Tom returns from work. At first, I wonder why he is dropped off not by his usual helicopter, but by a limousine. But then I realize that it is time for Ellen to go to work at the same time, and her carpool is the limo.
Good job Tom had this father-daughter talk with Freiya last week, about the whole boy-meets-girl thing! Here, Prezioso is obviously trying to bridge the gap between himself and Freiya on the settee, while she seems to be thinking of school and concentrates on the crossword she tries to solve.
When it gets dark, Freiya lights the fire in the yard and roasts marshmallows with Prezioso, who won't let the boy-meets-girl subject drop.
Freiya has been listening, it seems - she gives Prezioso a backrub on her own accord.
And then she proceeds to whisper something in his ear that makes the young man smile.
Back inside, the two teenagers would not mind for Tom to leave them alone on the settee, but Tom is blissfully unaware of Freiya's hints at making him shift :-)
Eventually, she decides to act as if her father isn't there, and cuddles with Prezioso. (It was autumn, mind you, not spring, when all this flirting and cuddling took place! Pink hearts were seen, but no kiss yet. Surprisingly, there is not even one bolt of attraction between the teenagers.)
It is Wednesday morning, and Freiya cleans Blacky's cage before the schoolbus arrives.
Her half-brother Sirius Swain comes home from school with her today.
Freiya maxes out her cleaning skill.

On Thursday morning, Ellen has made omelettes (again!), and Tom sits down for breakfast with her.
Half-sister Martina Martin gets off the schoolbus with Freiya at 1.00 pm.
On Friday morning, Ellen cleans the bathtub on her own initiative.
Before it is time for Freiya to leave for school, the family enjoy a round of their favourite game together.
In the afternoon, family friend Juliette Davis comes visiting. As you can see in the background, nobody has been taking care of the hedges all week, and weeds are springing up by the minute.
I never saw exactly what happened here, because I was sending Ellen out to greet Florence Delarosa, but all of a sudden, a fire broke out in front of the house! This was quite mysterious, as the fireplace (to the right) was not in use, and there were no heaps of leaves or anything else to spark a fire, no bolts of lightning etc.
The fire keeps burning for a long time, and the entire family could have easily perished, including their visitors.
Eventually, though, the fire stops without any intervention. By this time, Ellen has changed into her work outfit but never got on the limousine; the fire was too distracting. Now everyone needs a shower at the same time, of course.
It is Saturday morning, and good old reliable Ellen makes her famous omelettes again.
Freiya dresses in a woolly jumper and warm trousers, now that winter has started.
She spends part of the morning working on her charisma skill.
When the newspaper is delivered, I have her do the crossword and then tell her to recycle the paper. All this time, she has been wearing the thinking cap. Suddenly, she catches fire, and I am beginning to think that the mysterious fire that broke out the day before was also caused by the thinking cap. This is the first time this happens in my game - I had no idea the cap can trigger a fire!
To cut a long scene short, poor Freiya dies in the flames, helplessly watched by her horrified parents.
Tom is especially affected by the death of his daughter. Ellen does not even show Freiya's death in her memories; well, they were not related, although she treated the girl like her own flesh and blood.
She sleeps in Freiya's bed that night - I did not tell her to do that.
The tragic day is not yet over when Lilo Landgraab walks by. Tom greets her and spends a long time talking to the girl who probably reminds him a lot of his daughter.
He then plays fetch with Tramp, the beautiful white wolf that comes visiting many homes in the neighbourhood.
And what I did not believe I was ever going to see at this household happens a bit later: Tom decides it is time to trim the hedges and pull the weeds.
He nearly finishes the entire gardening work in surprisingly little time, but then gets distracted by Lilo who wants to talk to him again. (The job is later finished by Ellen when she returns from work.)
Almost as if Freiya was still alive, Tom and Ellen seem to be thinking when they sit down with Lilo for a game of Don't Wake the Llama.
On Sunday morning, it is now Ellen who cleans Blacky's cage.
Tom attempts to repair the computer and is electrocuted.
He really needs a shower! Instead, I send him out to greet Cedric Cooke, another one of Freiya's half-siblings.
Tom finally had a bath, as you can see. Jules Cleveland walks by in the afternoon.
Sunday at this household ends without any further incidents.

Every now and then, both Ellen and Tom have shown thought bubbles about the adoption service, but neither of them rolled the want. Also, still no wants as to getting engaged or married. We'll see whether that is going to change once they grow up into Elders next round.


  1. Awww, how sad that Freiya died. I've never seen a sim set on fire from a thinking cap before and I use them all the time. If a Sim puts one on whilst not in a good mood I know they lose a skill and pass out, I wonder if the fire is a different side effect?
    It will be interesting next round to see if Tom and Ellen want to get married after all.
    Tom got lucky that he didn't die from electrocution too!

    1. Freiya had been rolling skilling wishes and fulfilling them all week, so she was on Platinum nearly all the time, also when she was wearing the Thinking Cap. So I know it wasn't that. Maybe it was simply the excessive use of the cap that made her combust.
      I must admit I was not very attached to her and wasn't very sad when she died.


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