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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Greenman Family: Lavender and Geoff, Week 4

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The next name on our alphabetical list of Greenmans is Geoff. His surname was Rutherford until he married Lavender Greenman. She is actually a Romance Sim with the wish to have 20 lovers - but her mother, Rose Greenman, wanted to marry off six children (until she changed her lifetime want, that is!), and so Lavender married.
She has never regretted it, even though it was not her original plan.

When we arrive at the Greenman's house, it is Thursday morning. Geoff is 69 years old, and we find him in the bathroom, where he has just cleaned the tub on his own initiative. He became Rock God nine days before turning into an Elder, which put him on Permanent Platinum - meaning I hardly ever tell him what to do.

There is Lavender. She is 60.

Of course Geoff knows about his brother-in-law, Gary Greenman, having moved to the Senior Residence with his wife Jessica, where she died recently. "Maybe we should live there, too..." he muses.

And off they go!

Lavender happily greets her brother Gary.

Then the newcomers join Gary and Lisa Gieke (you remember the girl who more or less accidentally ended up living at the Senior Residence) in the dining room.

Gary has been busy with the fruit trees planted in the front garden. They bear excellent fruit. But then you would not expect anything less from a member of the Greenman family and former PlantSim, would you!

It is now Friday morning. Geoff, not controlled by me, is very hungry but does not want to leave his wife alone with Tom Freshe, another resident here.
Tom is 79, by the way, and Gary is 62.

Later, he has coffee while Lavender eats cookies.

Today it is Lisa's turn to harvest apples and lemons.

Tom greets Odell Ottomas.

Lisa is happy - someone her age to talk to! She decides to offer the young man some dinner, but you can tell she is not the most accomplished cook.

"I wonder whether he'll notice the slightly burnt taste," she thinks. Odell seems to be rather interested in his hostess - more in her than in the food she has put in front of him!

Ooooh! Love is in the air... not just the smell of burnt chili :-)

Saturday morning sees the Greenmans resting on their bed. "Did you imagine life to be like this when you grew up? I know I didn't - but I can't say I don't like it," Lavender muses.

A very rare occurrence: Lavender eats her meal not in the dining room, but in one of the small apartments. I wonder why; nothing stopped her from using the tables and chairs in the dining room.

Lavender's mother Rose is paying them a visit. She wants to see where her son, daughter and son-in-law now live. Lisa greets her politely.

Stephanie Stacks, Odell Ottomas and his brother Orlando are guests for the day.

The girls get along very well.

Sooner or later, most guests end up at the poker table. Rose (on the settee in the background) is probably wondering whether this is a good place for a young girl to grow up.

It is Sunday morning, and the Greenmans enjoy some quiet time in the common room.

At 11:03 am, Tom Freshe dies at the age of 82. An unusal time to die - normally, Mr. Reaper times his visits at around 6:00 pm.

To put everyone in a better mood, the Greenmans decide to visit one of the beautiful parks.

Lisa bumps into Stephanie Stacks again.

The Greenmans all order food at the counter.

Stephanie, one of the Capp girls and Lisa discover the "tree house" and retreat there for a girly chat.

Geoff...!!! Every now and then, being a Romance Sim shows... but don't worry, he may find Isabella Indie very attractive, but he truly loves his wife.

And she knows she can trust her Geoff.

Back home, Lavender does some Yoga.

Early Monday morning, Gary is once more spraying his fruit trees.

Lisa is out trying to catch glow bugs.

On Tuesday, Stephanie is here again and unsuccessfully tries to pick the piece of cake from the cow plant.

Harvest time again for Lisa!

It is Wednesday, and the last day of the week at this household. A long time ago, Geoff Rutherford shared a house with his best friend Connor Reamon. Connor later married a girl from Twikkii Island, Carla. Carla spent her last years here at the residence, and the photo she kept of Connor is still here. Today, Geoff goes to look at it for a long time.

Lisa discovers how much more fun the water wiggler actually is in summer than in winter.

The Greenmans share a tender moment.

And then, at 6:00 pm, Geoff is met by the Grim Reaper. He was 75 or 76.

Lisa sighs. Another one gone. For a young girl, she has seen so many elderly people have their Grimmy Party; she knows nobody will stick around for very long, unlike the wombrat who seems to be immortal.

Who is going to move in next? How old are Lavender and her brother Gary going to be? Are they both going to make fresh attempts at reaching their LTWs? When will Lisa leave for college?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Greenman Family: Gary and Jessica, Update October 2017

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The first of several households with the surname Greenman is located in this modest house.
Gary Greenman is one of Rose Greenman's former plantbabies. He has long since grown up, and turned into a full human as well. He is 55, and his lifetime want is still to marry off six children - something he will most likely not achieve, as he only has three children of his own.
One of them, his youngest, is Glenda. She is a teenager only three days away from growing up. Her lifetime want is to have 20 best friends - suitable for a Popularity Sim. So far, she has 11 best friends.
Glenda's Mum and Gary's wife is Jessica, formerly Picaso. Maybe you remember how, many years ago, her first husband Matthew met his three-bolt-love and moved in with her, leaving his wife and three children behind. With Gary, Jessica found love and happiness again, and had three more children.
She is 72, and her lifetime want has just changed for the second time!! Originally, she wanted to marry off six children, which is why she was so suitable for Gary. Then, she wanted to become Chief of Staff - but she was already an elderly lady when she decided on that, and it was too late. Now, she wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens - something I am definitely NOT going to attempt at this stage in her life. Sorry, Jess, you should have stuck to your first LTW!
Jack is the family dog. He has been around for a long time and is now 28.
On Monday, Glenda makes her best friend # 12 in her grandmother, Rose Greenman. Her older half-sister, Paola Picaso (Jessica's daughter with Matthew), becomes # 13 shortly afterwards.
It is Tuesday morning when I find Jessica dreaming about herself. Maybe she is dreaming about changing her LTW yet again!
Two stray dogs come visiting Jack when she is out to feed the fish.
Gary's best chance at fulfilling his LTW is to turn back into a Plantsim. He needs to spray plants for that, as far as I know, and so I have him do some gardening in spite of the inclement weather.
On Wednesday, the computer breaks. Jessica has learnt to be ressourceful and not waste any money on something she can very well do herself, and even now that the family is not so badly off anymore, she sticks to her old ways.
It is also the day Glenda sets off to college. We are soon going to catch up with her there.
And dear old Jack dies after a long and happy life as a much loved family dog.
Now that Glenda is at uni and Jack has died, Gary and Jessica decide to take an important step: They move to the Senior Residence. Last but not least, it is because Gary has heard that a little girl lives there who was adopted, but both her adoptive parents have recently died. He wants to look into the possibility of adopting the girl himself.
Tom Freshe still lives here, he is 75.
The same is true for his wife Ellen, nee Frost.
And here is Lisa! The little girl has something of a strange childhood here at the Senior Residence. The elderly people are very kind and make sure her needs are cared for, but they are not really educating her apart from once having shown her how to do her homework.
Most of the time, Lisa can do as she pleases.
Even if that means playing with the water wiggler when it is actually way too cold! Luckily, she does not catch a cold that day.
"Old" and new residents eat together on that Sunday night (weekdays have changed with the move).
Jessica and Gary waste no time - it is New Year's Eve, and they invite over as many of the Greenmans and Picasos as can make it.
Lisa proudly helps with serving cookies...
...while Jason Greenman, Gary's father, has the honour of serving the Baked Alaska.
Father Time appears while everyone is still eating.
Without much ado, he joins the party at the table - I don't think I have ever seen him do that before!
Eventually, he remembers what he came here for, and rings in the New Year.
On Monday, the New Year is off to a sad start when Jessica dies. She was 77 and really did not have much time here at the Senior Residence.
On Tuesday, the Freshes are up early (as is so often the case here at the Residence) and play poker.
It is also the day of Lisa...
...turning into a teenager. Her aspiration is Popularity, and she wants to become Hall of Famer. Should be easy enough.
The day is not over yet - when Ellen returns from work, she has Mr. Reaper waiting for her. Ellen was 78.
Poor Tom! Residents here are used to having Mr. Reaper as a frequent guest, but this time it is his own wife. The two of them have been an item since their uni days and went through a lot together.
Wednesday is the last day of this week here. In the morning, I give Lisa back her old hairstyle (she lost it upon age-transitioning). She seems to be glad about that.
After a spot of gardening, Tom decides to give Lisa a treat after school, and they call a taxi.
The taxi takes them to H&M.
Gary meets his sister Lavender Greenman.
As you can see, many other New Maximilianians are here today.
Back home, Lisa makes sure to greet Orlando Ottomas...
...before she goes to her room to change into one of her new outfits.

Well, this was Gary Greenman's week. I would have liked for Jessica to be around a little longer, but it wasn't to be.
Gary has been gardening (and spraying) plants all week - I even put fruit trees up at the Senior Residence - but so far, he has not turned back into a PlantSim.
Also, I have not yet found a way to make him adopt Lisa, not even with the help of the "Tombstone of L and D". Any ideas?