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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Singles Family: Week 6

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Here is the house where the Singles have been living ever since Erin and Subject moved out of the Beakers' place shortly after they were married:

Only Nervous and his eldest son Shaun remain of the family. Erin died last round, and Shaun's younger twin siblings tragically died in their youth.

Nervous is now 76. He has been on Permanent Platinum from the moment he maxed out all seven skills last round.
Shaun, too, is on PP, since had 20 best friends already 25 days from Elderhood.

This means of course that I largely leave the two men to their own devices. Sometimes they do the house work, sometimes they don't.

On this Monday, I decide to send them travelling, hoping for a chance to meet new NPC Sims who could be eligible to move to New Max - or even a 3-bolt-lady for Shaun.

They arrive at the Flaming Dragon hotel in Takemizu Village in the pouring rain.

While Shaun checks them in, Nervous grooms the Zen garden - only to be struck by lightning. Not the best start for their holiday, is it!

But all is well again after Nervous has had a shower, and they take a taxi to the Pagoda. There at the shop, they meet several natives and other tourists, but nobody with a playable surname. Souvenirs are bought before they go back to their hotel.

The next morning, Tuesday, they order room service for breakfast. Nervous watches fondly as his son devours the omelettes with a healthy appetite.

Shaun looks up. "Isn't it great, Dad, that you and I are on this trip together? I just wish Mum could be with us... and of course Selma and Stig."

Today, our tourists visit the Lucky Shrine. Again, several tourists and native have had the same idea, but they are largely the same people they have already met yesterday.

They go on a historic walking tour (which ends uneventfully)...
...try a local specialty and then...

 ...have the taxi take them to Hot Springs, where they spend all afternoon relaxing and learning massage techniques.

On Wednesday, a visit to the Immortal Zen Garden produces the same results as all their sightseeing so far.

They have tea there together before heading to...

 ...Three Corners Food Mart.

One last time, they order room service. The next morning, they are on their way back home.

It is Thursday, and on returning home, they proudly display the small pagoda they bought in Takemizu Village on the small shelf.

Feeling a bit sorry for Shaun, who wants a date but has no current suitable love interest (and no 3-bolt-lady) in his relationship panel, I allow him to ask the Matchmaker for a blind date. Townie Jeannie Johnson appears - and Shaun has 3 bolts for her.
(Sorry - I don't know why Jeannie's picture won't be centred - I've tried a few times but have now given up.)

Shaun is not exactly an expert in flirting and decides to play it safe, telling Jeannie of his and his Dad's recent trip to Takemizu. The date ends "okay", but since there are three bolts between the two of them, I shall watch whether Shaun is going to roll wishes about Jeannie for the rest of the week.

On Friday, Shaun prepares omelettes for breakfast for himself and his Dad on his own accord. The day goes by with nothing worth of note, really.

I find Nervous looking at Erin's portrait early on Saturday morning. Again, the day passes without anything interesting happening.

It is still dark early on Sunday morning when Nervous joins his son in the garden. While Shaun uses the telescope for some stargazing, Nervous enjoys birdwatching.

A bit later, Shaun talks to his Dad about their recent trip on his own accord. "It is so great that we did this together, Dad, I shall never forget it!"

That evening, Nervous is met by the Grim Reaper. He is OK about it - for him, it will mean being reunited with his dear late wife and two younger children on that big lot up in the sky. But poor Shaun is devastated.

He is now all alone and really suffers. Between lounging listlessly on one of the two settees, he gets up and cries. It is always a bit sad seeing a Sim grieve so much, isn't it, and somehow it seems extra hard on poor Shaun.

The week ends on this sad note.
Is Shaun going to see Jeannie again, or will someone else be interested in him as I continue playing this round?
I did enjoy the trip to Takemizu, even though no new future New Maximilianians turned up.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Sharpe-Powers Household: Week 10

Only a few weeks ago, we spent a week at this house - formerly the home of General Grunt and his sons, but for many years now it belonged to Jonah Powers, Roxie Sharpe and her younger brother Edwin, and it is for him that we are here so soon again after having played Jonah Powers.

Edwin is now 81, and I know he won't last long. He has been on Permanent Platinum ever since he became Head of SCIA 12 days from elderhood. After things with his college sweetheart Delilah O'Feefe did not work out long-term, he never had another romantic interest in his life, but seemed happy enough to live with his big sister, her partner Jonah (they never married) and Jonah's half-Alien daughter Perseida, who is like a daughter or niece to him.

On this Monday morning, the house receives a fresh lick of paint. I like the bright blue; it suits the approaching spring.

Edwin and Perseida are really close. I do not control them most of the time, but they seek each other's company on their own accord, talking, cracking jokes, playing.

Oh look, I've not had that happen in a long time - Edwin is able to pet the skunk, it does not spray him!

Meanwhile, Perseida does some gardening on her own initiative.

The downstairs bathtub needs repairing, and Edwin patiently waits by the window until the repair service in the shape of Arcadia Bradshaw arrives.

Later, he spends a few hours writing his diary. It looks like Mercutio Ottomas is the subject of today's entry.

Beau Broke walks by and is politely invited in.

Edwin just wanted to retreat to bed, but someone is already waiting for him in the bedroom (which used to be his sister's and Jonah's).
At 82, Edwin dies.

His ghost waves good-bye to Perseida, who is not yet even aware of "Uncle" Edwin's passing.

Well, I was prepared for this to happen; as I have already played Perseida this round, the stint at this household ends here. I always had a bit of a soft spot for Edwin and think he would have made a great husband and father, but it was not to be.

By the way, I still have not managed to find the lost Roth household - let alone retrieve them -, not even using SimPE. I have found their original character files without a problem, but not in the set-up I played them last, nor their house. Strange, isn't it!
Therefore, the next household to be played is that of Nervous Singles (formerly Subject) and his son Shaun.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Gunnar Roque: Week 5

We begin our next week here at the very modest house next to the tower which has never had any other function than simply being there.

Gunnar Roque lives here. During his last week - more than two years ago in real life! - he had reached his lifetime want of having woohoo with 20 different Sims, and reached Permanent Platinum.
He has never worked a day in his life, but managed to get by with the occasional gift or inheritance by one of his many conquests, and by leading a very modest lifestyle. As long as he has a roof over his head, a bathroom and kitchen basics and - most importantly - a bed (preferably with a lovely lady in it), he is happy.

On this snowy Monday afternoon, he invites 8 of his friends over. I make sure there are no (current) love interests among them.

The reason for the party is Gunnar's birthday. His friends all cheer him on as he blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

Welcome to Elderhood, Gunnar
Of course you know what comes next, don't you?

Yes, exactly: Gunnar moves to the Senior Residence, which is now almost full with 7 residents.

Here are the others: Ripp Grunt (at 79 the "Eldest of the Elderly"), Sarah (68) and Christian (62) Love...

...Jimmy Phoenix (69) with Blacky, the wombrat...

...and Björn Summerdream (formerly Beaker), at 57 not much older than Gunnar, who is now 55. Unfortunately, the two men do not get along well at their first conversation. I don't know why Björn dislikes Gunnar. The newly arrived man wishes to be friends with Björn, and I am not keen on endless slap fests and shoving matches here at the Residence. Therefore, I will make sure they become friends eventually.

Bottom Summerdream, Björn's wife, seems to feel like I do about this matter. She is also 57.

Gunnar surprises me by cooking chili con carne for everyone on his own accord. After his experiences with all those ladies, he is a well-versed host (although usually dinner for two is more his style), so I should not be surprised!

He even cleans up after the meal.

That afternoon, just as Jimmy returns from work, Romeo Monty walks by and is warmly greeted. Nothing else worth mentioning happens that day.

On Tuesday, I find that Christian Love rolls the wish to be friends with Gunnar. As Christian is the only Sim here who is not on Permanent Platinum, I try to fulfill as many of his daily wishes as possible. Over a game of kicky-bag, the two men do indeed become friends.

Later that day, Christian greets passers-by Justin Kim.

He ends the day by autonomously making a snow angel. Gunnar has spent most of his time at the poker table today.

Wednesday morning starts with a spontaneous meeting outside one of the small apartments. The men joke that they seem to be all members of the same club - by coincidence, they are all wearing the same outfit.

Sarah Love is hungry, yes - but there is a well-stocked fridge right behind her, so there is actually no need for her to eat mouldy sandwich left from last night!]

Gunnar takes pity on Sarah and the other hungry folks here who seem incapable of preparing any food for themselves and makes omelettes for the whole bunch.

Early in the evening, Björn returns from work and, on the way to the house, picks up yesterday's newspaper. "Am I the only one here to EVER take care of recycling the papers here," he grumbles.

"And I am the only one here who EVER cleans the kitchen!" he mumbles to himself a few minutes later. That's not true, Björn - Christian does most of the work around here, and Gunnar is also doing his fair share!

As if to prove my words, Gunnar makes omelettes for everyone on Thursday morning. Sadly, his cooking is interrupted by a lengthy coughing fit, and the omelettes end up burnt. Never mind - usually, most of the residents here are too lazy to cook for themselves, and nearly always hungry, so that even the burnt food is most welcome.

After everyone else has gone either to bed or to have a bath, Ripp is left alone at the poker table. He practises his deft hands with the cards until...

...someone who was definitely not invited for a game of poker approaches the table.
Yes, Ripp's time has come; he was 83 and has lead a relatively happy life after a not-so-easy start in his early teens at the beginning of the game.

When Christian Love gets up on Friday morning and learns of Ripp's death, his grief is genuine; to him, the men and women here at the Senior Residence were his family as much as his friends.

I catch Bottom playing with Blacky, the wombrat, on her own accord.

Gunnar and Christian drink to "friends who have gone before us".

The snow is knee deep, but that does not stop Jimmy from playing with the water wiggler! No wonder he gets very cold, and it takes him hours afterwards to feel warm again.

As is so often the case, Christian is clipping the hedge when someone comes up with a skythe... not to help him with the gardening.
Mr. Reaper's appearance this afternoon was a surprise to me - I thought Christian more time! Instead, he died (unwillingly, as he was not even on gold status at that moment) at 66 years of age. I was sorry to see him go, but am glad he, the former townie, moved to New Max to spend his last years near his relatives.

Before sunrise on Saturday morning, Gunnar flies a kite on his own accord.

Bottom makes pancakes for everyone.

Later, first Cameron Capp...

...and then his sister Caroline walk by and are invited in.

The day ends with Gunnar and Sarah putting the kitchen and dining area in order on their own initiative. This is also where the week ends, as Gunnar has had two Mondays - one at his old home, and the second one here, which means he's had his seven days.

Now the number of residents here is down to five. Who will move in next?