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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Marcus Baldwin - Week 8

(For week 7 at this household, click on the "Baldwin" label and scroll down.)

After more than 2 years in real life, we are back at the Baldwin's house. There is only one family member left here: Marcus, who is 8 days from Elderhood.
His parents died of old age long ago, but his older sister Sofia died last round because she was not intelligent enough to make herself something to eat from a fully stocked fridge.

It all started when the CleanBot broke, and nobody was able (or willing) to turn it off, let alone repair it. The entire house is now a mess, and infestated with bugs. Sofia and Marcus were both ill all of their previous week - no wonder when living in such unhygienic conditions! Also, being upset by the trash and the bugs constantly interrupted any other action of theirs, so that they went hungry, tired and unwashed nearly all the time. It cost Sofia her life, and Marcus does not seem to be far off, when I finally make him turn the 'bot off and repair it on this Monday morning.

Here he is, coughing away. Will he now start cleaning up?

No. First, he uses the toilet, and then falls asleep on the spot, never making it to one of the beds.

It is Tuesday, and he finds his way downstairs to the kitchen, where he opts for a liquid (and not very filling) breakfast.

He rolls the wish to call an Exterminator, and although he is on Permanent Platinum and I do not need to fulfill any of his wishes anymore, I agree that this is a reasonable course of action. While the Exterminator is at work, Marcus could of course get started on the cleaning, but it does not enter his mind.

On Wednesday morning, he surprises me by autonomously getting the mail.

This time, his liquid breakfast at least consists of milk and not of wine.

That changes again later in the evening, when he is back at the wine rack.

He does manage to have a bath and then even starts to sweep the dead bugs downstairs, but a coughing fit quickly puts an end to that.

Funnily enough, he considers playing the piano more important than eating or sleeping - at least for a few minutes, before he complains about being hungry again.

Wow - I'm impressed! There is some more sweeping going on.

On Thursday morning, Marcus comes upstairs to find the Social Bunny waiting for him. Looks like the Bunny is just as disgusted with the state of the house than Marcus, but neither does anything about it.

On Friday morning, Marcus once more gets the mail. And that is pretty much the last thing he does, because a few hours later, he dies from exhaustion (not starvation).
Sorry, Marcus - I wanted you to get a break from it all by going to work this afternoon, and I was also planning to send you to a community lot afterwards, but you died before I could intervene.

Well, I did nothing to avoid Sofia's untimely death, so it is only "fair" to treat Marcus the same way. I am not overly sorry to see these two incapable Sims go; they had everything it takes for a good life and threw it all away.

Stop! Stop!! STOP!!!
Something or someone in the Simiverse is against Marcus' untimely and unnecessary death, it seems. I discover that I can not save the game, and have to quit without saving. Of course I reload the game immediately afterwards, and when I re-enter the lot, I find Marcus is as he was on Monday - tired, hungry and dirty, but alive.

So it is decided: Marcus gets a second chance.

On Tuesday, Clarence Gavigan walks past the house and is not only warmly greeted, but also kindly asked to help with the cleaning.

The young man works hard for a few hours, but it is impossible to clean the entire place in a short time.

Marcus also does a bit of sweeping up of death bugs on the ground floor while his guest is busy upstairs.

As before, Marcus remembers to get the mail on Wednesday, but never pays the bills - he merely places them on his desk.

But at least he sweeps a few more dead bugs.

Unfortunately, with plenty of rubbish still around, new bugs keep appearing, and Marcus only stomps on them, rather ineffectively.

Then he wants to have a meal (surprise!) but manages to put the stove on fire. There is a fire alarm installend, and so the fire is put out quickly by a fireman. I make Marcus eat the burnt chili.

He sleeps surprisingly well on Thursday.

But of course the messy state of his house gets to him. Well, he is the person to do something about it, but he never does more than sweep up one or two piles of dead bugs.

Friday morning sees him having a liquid breakfast again.

Oh, and he takes out the bills again - and places them to the others on the desk.

For the first time this week, he has to go to work. I didn't know Sims can find their drivers so attractive!

He returns home late at night and falls asleep right there on the pavement.

The next morning, Saturday, Marcus gets a visit by the Repo Man just as I am sending him to a community lot.

Because he rolled the want to go ice skating, I have him drive to The Hills Community Center.

Rather ungraciously, he lands on his behind a few times.

But then he finds his balance and masters some pirouttes with all the grace of the World Class Ballet Dancer he is - much admired by Lilo Landgraab.

He has a mug of hot chocolate in the cosy block house by the fire place before driving home again.

There, the Repo Man is just about to make his choice. What do you think he took?
Not the stereo, no - the ballet shoes!

On Sunday morning, Marcus has a burst of energy after almost a full night's sleep and sweeps up some more dead bugs. He also takes out the trash.

And then he even remembers that great invention, the bug spray!
But that's about the extent of his cleaning efforts, and he ends the week in a house almost as messy as it was at the start of the week.

Will Marcus turn his life around eventually, or die again of starvation, exhaustion or some other cause next round?

Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Sims 4: The BBF Household, Week 2

Welcome to my first post in 2019 of this blog - and the start of a new round, with a fresh approach: The round will not only cover New Maximiliania's households, but also The Sims 4 and all the playable households I have in that game. I had not been playing TS4 since March 2015, and it will be fun to rediscover the game, while at the same time discovering all that is new with the pets expansion pack of TS4, which was a Christmas present.

My first household to play is the BBF household. For their first week, played in 2015, click on the "TS4: BBF" label.

The house is of course still the same as during their first week. It is just gone midnight on Monday when I enter the lot.

Here are the three members of the BBF household, with the ladies dressed very differently from what I remember. Travis Scott, Liberty Lee and Summer Holiday (from left to right) are friends, but (not yet?) romantically involved with each other. All three work full-time in different careers, and all three have reached one or two milestones during their previous week. How are they going to fare this week, three years later in real life?

On her own accord, Summer goes to the grill on the back porch and starts making hamburgers. Unfortunately, the grill catches fire.

While Summer runs from the fire, Travis runs to it - and, also on his own accord, starts using a fire extinguisher! How nice that the Sims can do this in TS4... you know how many deaths have occurred in my TS2 game due to fires.

During their first week, Liberty and Travis have developed a close friendship. Still on Monday, I find them hugging each other in the kitchen. I like to think that Liberty hugs Travis out of relief and gratitude for how he dealt with the fire.

On Tuesday morning, I send Summer to make breakfast for everyone, which increases her cooking skill to level 4.

The three house mates enjoy breakfast together.

Later, with Travis and Summer out for work, Liberty travels to the Magnolia Blossom park, where she plays chess with a townie. She needs more logic skill for her lifetime want (I keep calling it that, although it is not called that in TS4).

Last round, Liberty had started a small garden, with mushrooms and bluebells. On Wednesday, it is Summer who does a spot of gardening.  The only other thing worth mentioning for this day is Traves being promoted to Code Monkey.

The girls have breakfast together on Thursday morning, while Travis is already at work.

Later, Don Lothario comes visiting on his own accord, and takes a picture of himself and Summer.

Travis' phone rings; it is Chanel Grey, a townie lady, asking him for a date at the Calico Club. I am curious as to what might be in store for Travis, and say "yes".

They have a drink at the bar and chat, joke, and just before time runs out and the date ends, Travis gets into a flirty mood and kisses Chanel's hands. They are at the pink hearts stage now.

On Friday, Summer is still in her work clothes and grabs a bite to eat, sitting down with her plate in the living room to keep Liberty company, who is reading up on her logic skill. I am not sure, but it may have to do something with Travis having been away from the home lot while the girls were still at work, but I find Summer is now "bugged": Even though she is obviously at home and I can control her actions, she is shown as "at work", and I can not auto-zoom the camera on her.

Liberty repairs the kitchen stove on Saturday.

Summer tries her hand at mixing drinks.

Nothing much happens on Saturday or Sunday. I try to make sure the house is clean and in order and everyone's needs are fulfilled. Sunday evening ends with Liberty and Travis hanging out in Travis' room while Summer is practising charisma.

It was fun playing TS4 again, but I must admit it was slow playing and I probably only scratched the surface of all the possibilities the game offers now, with my new expansion pack. 
I don't know yet what (if anything) will become of Travis' date with Chanel, or whether he and Liberty will end up together. Also, there are several men interested in Summer, but she is very focused on her lifetime want.

All things considered, it was a good start of the new round for me, although I did not have much to report.