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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Ramirez Family - Week 9

Week 8 is here, if you are interested.

This is still the original Maxis-made Ramirez house. Last round, it has received a lick of paint.

Tessa Ramirez, who was a kid just starting school when her family joined our game, is now 67. The cat Roux is the only remaining of originally two pets; Roux is 36.

When Tessa became Game Designer 22 days from Elderhood, she reached Permanent Platinum and has received very little control from me ever since.

Her little brother Ramon is not so little anymore, but still much younger than her; he won't reach Elderhood this round.

He, too, is on Permanent Platinum after his two pets reached three times the top of their careers each.

On this Monday, Tessa is out for work when the gardener arrives, and so it is Ramon who pays him.

Later that day, Roux goes to join former house mate and pet friend Alabama. A long and very productive cat-life is over.

In the evening, Ramon has a guest you have not seen yet in my game, a townie with a surname I have decided to make playable: Amar Kramer.

I know a family named Krämer in real life, and since the letter a with the two dots won't appear in the English version of my game, Kramer it is. Hello Amar!

Tuesday passes by without any events worth mentioning.

With her typical Senior-Sim sleeping pattern, Tessa is up early and spends the quiet morning hours watching TV. Roux would have normally kept her company, but is no more.

It seems like all financial matters befall Ramon. Today, he deals with the bills.

The cold Ramon has been nursing since the start of the week gets more pronounced on Wednesday. He frequently interrupts what he's been doing for a coughing fit.

Thursday seems to be Neighbour Day for Ramon. First Lilo Landgraab walks by and is of course invited in.

She is followed soon afterwards by Margaret Turner.

And when Tessa returns from work, she invites Vince Walter over. The Private School Headmaster will hopefully soon become a proper New Maximilianian and join the other members of the Walter family already living in the neighbourhood.

The siblings stop for a chat in the upstairs hallway on Friday morning.

Later, Ramon does a spot of cleaning on his own accord, while Tessa gets ready for work.

She is still out when the ringing of the phone wakes Ramon from an afternoon nap. He is still now well and the nap would have done him good. The caller is Amin Fleig, a recent addition to New Maximiliania and actually unknown to the Ramirez'.

Finally, Tessa returns from work and dedicates the remaining hours of daylight to gardening.

Tessa does not work on Saturday, and so this is the day I send the siblings to a community lot. The contents of their fridge is running low, which means the Fresh Rush Grocery store is where they drive to.

Tessa stocks up on groceries.

Meanwhile, Ramon has made hot dogs for everyone who feels like having one. Some well known faces are here, a few neighbours and several townies.

Tessa and her little brother have their photo taken at the photo booth.

While some visitors to the store join in the conversation developing around the swing outside, the Unsavoury Charlatan is in vain trying to grab the attention of an unsuspecting townie or New Maximilianian.

Back home, Tessa puts the fresh groceries away, and the rest of Saturday goes by working on various friendships.

Sunday is here, and finally the friendships Tessa and Ramon have been working at almost all week come to fruition!

First, Vince Walter moves in (and out again). The former Private School Headmaster will now work at becoming Captain Hero, a lifetime want not uncommon with a Family Sim.
Objects worth 16,000 Simoleons have been placed in his inventory, as that is the sum he brought with him.

And we have our first member of the Kramer clan taking up permanent residence in New Max!

Former townie Amar is currently working as a Specialist in the medical career, but will start pursuing his dream of becoming The Law once he has settled on a place to live. With an extra bit of money of just 3,000 Simoleons on top of the 20,000 starter sum, he has to be cautious, but it won't stop this Popularity Sim from making this new chapter in his life a success.

Playing two adult Sims on Permanent Platinum can be a little un-challenging. Therefore, I was glad to have those friendships to focus on, and it worked! 
We won't visit with Amar Kramer this round, since we have already moved well beyond the letter K on the alphabetical list for this round, but we may encounter him on community lots or at other Sim's houses. Vince Walter ist currently at the very end of the list, so he will be our last household to visit this round.

Once Ramon has also crossed the threshold to Senior age, both he and his big sis are going to move to the Senior Residence.
And for us, it is time to see what the Rileys are up to!

Thursday, 7 April 2022

The Powers-Seifert Household - Week 2 (Powers Week 13)

The previous week with this household is here.

Maybe some of you remember this Maxis-made house as the original home of General Grunt and his sons; it was white back then and stood in Strangetown.

For many years, the Powers-Sharpe household has lived there. But who lives here now?

Perseida Powers, half-Alien daughter of Jonah Powers who entered our game as a playable student with the Campus expansion pack. He was the boyfriend of Roxie Sharpe. She and her brother Edwin shared this house with Jonah and Perseida until the older generation one by one died, leaving Perseida on her own.

She made her lifetime want of having 20 best friends come true while she was still at uni.

She befriended townie Cooper Seifert, who became eligible because I know someone in real life by the same surname - or so I thought (more about that later).

Cooper wants nothing more than to become a City Planner. As a former townie (and Knowledge Sim), he has certainly seen enough of New Maximiliania to know how the place could benefit from good planning.

While still at uni, Perseida met Amin Seifert, a Llama Mascot. I think it was last round that he agreed to move to New Max and meet his relative Cooper.

His big goal in life is to become Media Magnate, but so far, he has not found a job in the media career.

Now for the name thing: The person I know in real life has a different spelling to their surname - not Seifert, but Seyfarth. That means no further NPCs by the name Seifert shall be added to New Max...

...unless they pop up right on the first day of playing this household again! Meet paperboy Stuart Seifert. If Cooper and Amin made it to New Max, who am I to deny this boy the same chance?

Nothing really remarkable happens all Tuesday (the first day of the week here). Cooper goes to work, Perseida (as she is on Permanent Platinum) is left to her own devices apart from a phone call or two, and Amin is given all the jobs around the house that Perseida does not do on her own initiative.

Before Amin wakes up on Wednesday morning, Cooper repairs the computer so that Amin can look for a job today. Unfortunately, once again Amin is not successful.

I find Perseida playing with the model railway in the garden. It is still dark, and rather cold - no wonder she is struggling with illness.

Don't you love the attention to detail here, with the little lights on in the model railway town?

Amin may not have been successful at the job front, but Cooper is: He returns home from work with a promotion to Architect's Apprentice.

Thursday brings with it the onset of winter, and Perseida changes into a soft woolly jumper and cosy trousers.

It is also the day when Amin finally finds a job in the media career! He starts as Obituary Writer but is promoted to Horoscope Writer on his very first day.

It is never too cold for a good long soak in the hot tub, as Perseida finds on Friday morning.

Amin returns from work without a promotion, but with a colleague in tow. The townie is sent home immediately, though.

Cooper returns an hour or so afterwards, and he is now a Draftsman. Strange that his car pool is now back to the old banger!

The drafting table is now his, and he proudly and happily spends nearly all evening at it.

On Saturday morning, Perseida gives the downstairs bath a good scrub - as usual, all on her own accord.

For a change, all three housemates manage to have breakfast together.

At least two of the three rolled the wish to go ice-skating, and so they drive to The Hills Community Center in Perseida's car. Typically, the wish rolled away as soon as they arrive - now everyone wants to play chess and do other things. Never mind; I wanted to send them to a community lot anyway, and today both Amin and Cooper do not work.

A game of Myshuno is already in progress; some of the players we know quite well. With three of the men wearing the same outfit, I wonder whether this is some sort of official Myshuno winter gear :-D

Inside the village hall, Amin meets Nigel Newson who has come to warm himself near the fire.

The trio stay until they all get rather tired and their hygiene levels are low. It was a nice outing but nothing spectacular.

More often than not, it is Perseida who makes everyone's beds, just like here on Sunday morning while Amin is in the bathroom.

There certainly is a close relationship between Amin and Perseida; they continually seek each other's company, and I wonder what will happen when spring comes around. For now, they are very close friends with no romantic feelings for each other.

A typical scene later that Sunday in the living room: Cooper is busy studying for his next career move, while Perseida and Amin are forever talking, joking, gesturing and playing.

Cooper absolutely LOVES his drawing board and even uses it without me telling him.

I do, however, occasionally tell him what to draw. He did really well with these two home scenes, didn't he!

Monday is here, the last day of the week with this household.

No matter the time of day or night, weather or season, Perseida makes sure her roses get all the attention they need.

Amin wakes up wondering what the day will bring.

Nothing too good for him, I'm afraid - the wrong decision with a chance card has him demoted back to Obituary Writer. And he has the next two days off, so it will take a while to get again to his former position of Horoscope Writer.

But all is well for Cooper, who returns as New Maximiliania's latest Architect! In spite of his car pool still being the old banger, he is not far from reaching his lifetime want now.

And Perseida crosses the threshold to Elderhood that afternoon at 6:00 pm!

Of course, the outfit she transitioned into must go; it is not suitable for the snowy weather right now.

Lance Landgraab comes visiting on his own accord. Still full of the events of today, Amin complains loudly about his demotion: "Unfair!"

Lance couldn't care less, I believe.

What was something of an uninspiring week for me (hence the long gap in playing and writing up the chapter) ends on an interesting note: Cooper, working on another logic skill point towards his next promotion, is invited aboard the Alien space ship!

I do hope he returns with a souvenir in his belly.

Is Perseida going to start a romance late in life? Not long before she age-transitioned, she rolled romantic wants about Carl Capp. 

How is Amin going to fare career-wise?

What will come first for Cooper - an Alien baby or the top of his career?