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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lance Landgraab - Week 1

Click here for Lance's final year at uni. 

If I remember correctly, I have never played in this Maxis-made apartment building before. But now I am going to spend at least one full Sim-week here. Why at least one?
Because not only has Lance Landgraab, half-Alien son of the late Malcolm Landgraab, just signed a contract to rent one of the apartments here.
His twin sister Lilo Landgraab also has moved here after their graduation from university, but not into the same apartment with her brother.
Lance wants to become Celebrity Chef. I wonder how finishing uni with Summa Cum Laude in Psychology is going to help with that, but he is lucky when he finds a job as a Waiter right away, on his very first day back in New Max.
At the end of his shift, friend Helena Stacks rings and asks him to meet her and a group of friends downtown. Lance agrees, since he wants to buy some new clothes anyway.
There are many Sims in Helena's group.
Lance is not particularly close with any of them, and so he mainly focuses on finding outfits for the upcoming colder seasons, makes his purchase and politely says good-bye to Helena before heading home. His feet hurt anyway, after having hurried back and forth waiting tables all day.
While he waits for his taxi, he discovers a Breakdancer at the back of the building and asks him to teach him some cool moves. So much for being tired from waiting tables!
It is Tuesday morning, and Lance makes himself pancakes for breakfast.
Lilo comes visiting later.
And then Lance invites his girlfriend from uni over, Gesine Gavigan.
Christian Love happened to walk by and was invited, as well as Sharla Ottomas.
It is already the early hours of Wednesday morning when the guests finally leave and Gesine and Lance retreat to the bedroom.
Wednesday goes by without any events worth mentioning. On Thursday morning, Lance plays SSX before going to work.
He does not neglect his friendships, either.
Today sees him coming back home with a promotion to Prep Cook.
This calls for a party, and Lance invites some of his half-siblings and friends from uni.
Of course, Gesine is top of the guest list.
When Prezioso Picaso walks by, he is also asked to join the group. Lilo seems to be particularly happy about that, and I catch her minutes later giving the new arrival a backrub. Was there anything going on between them at uni? If yes, I'll have to read up, as I can not remember.
Lance starts Friday morning with a hurried bowl of cerals before the car pool arrives.
He is rewarded for his diligence with a promotion to Sous Chef.
Now he needs some more skills. A telescope and easel are purchased, and Lance spends the evening stargazing on his balcony.
Saturday begins chilly enough for him to light the fire for his first painting session.
Again, his diligence pays off when he returns from work that night as Executive Chef.
More stargazing is in order if he wants to advance further in his career.
On Sunday, Lilo and Lance meet for an after work drink in the courtyard.
Lance has been out in the yard for another reason, too: He has asked Gesine over again and is waiting impatiently for her. Why? Because he finally has mustered up the courage to ask her to move in with him - and she happily accepts!

Gesine wants to become Space Pirate, and before she even takes her coat off, she looks for a job - unsuccessfully.

Never mind, it will come eventually, I am sure. For now, she is just happy to be with her man. Her man? The guy in her thought bubble does not look like Lance, does he!

But it is our Lance, who has just changed his hair colour and style to better match Gesine's turn-ons (still "only" two bolts, though).

When will Gesine find a job? Are these two going to get married soon? How long before Lance's lifetime want comes true? What has Lilo been up to all week?

Monday, 12 February 2018

Castanea Landgraab: Week 7

Click here if you want to (re-)read Week 6 at this house.

The Landgraab mansion is still the original Maxis-made building, but with some alterations by me: There is the annex to the far right of the picture, with a swimming pool and jaccuzzi, and the garage to the left (or was that already there?). Also, the facade has been plastered an elegant yet cheerful yellow some years ago.

The view from the back shows how the roof of the annex serves as an addtional terrace/balcony, overlooking the nearby shore.

This used to be, as I am sure you know, the home of Malcolm Landgraab and his half-Alien twins Lilo and Lance. Shortly before the twins left for college, Malcolm got together with Castanea Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren.
Malcolm sadly died some time ago, and Lilo and Lance did not return to their old home after college (at least not yet - I don't know if they will at some stage).

Castanea, the young widow, is left on her own, with mostly only the butler for company. The two of them have become friends, last but not least because of Castanea's generousness towards her employee, like on this Monday morning.
She is working at becoming Hall of Famer and currently holds the position of All Star.

The butler has, as usual, provided breakfast, but also as usual, Castanea has eaten it alone.

In the evening, she works at her body skill on the rooftop terrace.

On Tuesday morning, she wakes up early, hours before the Butler is due to arrive, and decides to make her own breakfast.

That gives the Butler more time to work alongside the gardener, who is always here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After work, Castanea asks her sister Cherry over. Cherry has married Justin Kim, as you probably remember. Nigel Newson has walked past and is asked to join the ladies for some grilled cheese.

Later, Cherry shows off her impressive skill at diving into the swimming pool.

It is Wednesday when Castanea meets and greets Fenya Hart.

It is also the day I send her to a community lot. The fridge needs stocking up, and I am not sure whether the Butler will do that, so I have Castanea drive to the grocery store.

She meets several other New Maximilianias there, among them Nathan Gavigan, Ophelia Nigmos, Jared Starchild, Tessa Ramirez and Björn Summerdream.

A townie named Peter Sims takes it upon himself to grill hotdogs for everyone. I am not sure I have observed this happening autonomously in my game before.

On Thursday, a drop in temperature means Castanea is happy to light the fire in the morning.

She returns home from work that day with a promotion to MVP.

She is happy about the promotion but knows it also adds to her responsibilities - she needs one more friend and some skills to advance further.

On Friday morning, Castanea wakes up with the symptoms of a bad cold. Thankfully, it does not stay with her for the rest of the week, but comes and goes.

She still goes to work but has a welcome rest afterwards in her cosy living room, the fire crackling away merrily in the grate, watching sports on telly.

She spots Matthew Cho outside, a townie recently moved to New Maximiliania for good, and invites him in. He heads to the jaccuzzi straight away, and it seems like Castanea is impressed with his nonchalance at entering the hot bubbly water in nothing but his birthday suit.

Early on Saturday morning, Matthew is seen leaving Castanea's bedroom.
But... it isn't what it looks like. In fact. Castanea was very tired and went to bed, when Matthew decided it was time to say good-bye to his hostess.
Still, the two of them hit it off from the start, friendship-wise, and she needs another friend for her career.

Having a new friend has made her earn her promotion to Superstar the same day!

That certainly calls for a celebration with friends and family, and soon all her siblings and their respective partners plus Matthew are invited over.

Castanea serves Christmas cookies (yes, it is that time of year) while some of her guests help themselves to drinks at the bar.

The kitchen is the meeting point for Ginger and Nigel Newson as well as Castanea's brother Clover.

Cherry is about to dive into the pool again, just like last time she was here, while others have gathered in the jaccuzzi.
It is a lively afternoon and evening, with everybody having a lot of fun.

Sunday is not off to the best start when an unkown townie kicks over the trash can for I don't know what reason. Good job the Butler is there to clean up the mess, as Castanea has to go to work again.

She ends the week talking to some of her friends on the phone.

Will she find someone to capture her heart again at some stage? Is she going to get in touch with her late husband's children, Lance and Lilo? How long before she will reach Permanent Platinum?