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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Ramirez Family: Week 7

Did I accidentally skip this family during one round, or lost count of their weeks? Shouldn't it be week 8 here? I don't know - but I do know that their previous week is called "week 6", as you will see if you click on the label with their name and scroll down to the post before this one.

Anyway - 
Welcome to a week with the Ramirez siblings and their pets.

This is Alabama. She has just returned from work with a promotion to Contraband Sniffer. Promotions for the pets are crucial in this household, since it is Ramon Ramirez' lifetime want to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers.

Here is Tessa. She was a child when the game began, the only daughter of Checo and Lisa Ramirez. Her LTW of becoming Game Designer was reached early on in her adulthood, when she was still 22 days from Elderhood.

Her younger brother Ramon is not on Permanent Platinum yet. With him and his pets, I am testing whether the 6 top-of-career pets mean it has to be 6 different pets, or if it works also with two pets reaching 3 times the tops of their careers.

On this Monday morning, Tessa makes omelettes for breakfast without me telling her to.

A better shot of Alabama.

Roux, the cat, has also come home with a promotion today, her new position being that of a Seeing Eye Pet.

When Tessa returns from work, strangely enough she has a colleague wearing a cow costume in tow. It is a townie, and so she says good-bye right away. (He keeps coming home with her every working day, and the two of them have a 100 points friendship - it must have happened at work and during the daily ride home!)

Immediately afterwards, she turns into an elderly lady. Time to check her late mother's wardrobe for something more suitable to wear.

Tuesday morning starts with this nice picture of Alabama and Roux meeting in the upstairs hallway while their humans are still asleep.

Tessa cleans the cat toilet on her own initiative.

Then I have her ring the police again - and this time, I am lucky: Demi Love appears! Of course she is angry with Tessa for having called her without there being an emergency. But I am sure one day she will thank her for it! Now she is in Tessa's contact list and can be befriended.

Roux returns from work with a promotion to Rescue Pet - that is the third time she has reached the top of her career, and the fifth time for Ramon - if it does indeed count towards his LTW.

For Tessa, Wednesday begins with some browsing of the web.

The gardener arrives at the same time as the repair service and Tessa's car pool - quite a collection of vehicles!

Ramon greets Hermia Capp as she walks by. He has a late lunch with her and they get along fine, but inexplicably, she says good-bye shortly afterwards. (More often than not, guests will stay well into the night, unless something happens that brings their needs down, such as being hit by lightning - this was definitely not the case with Hermia!)

The siblings watch some TV before going to bed. "I'd love for you to find someone special, really, Ramon," Tessa says to her little brother. Ramon pretends he has not heard. There IS actually someone he is in love with - Hailey Hart. But she is a Romance Sim and not ready (or willing) to settle with him, or anyone else for that matter. (Apart from that, Ramon does not roll wishes about her all week - romantic or otherwise.)

Cat and dog are quietly going about their business in the kitchen early on Thursday morning.

Tessa has to work, but just before she leaves, she invites Demi Love over - hoping her brother will like Demi, or maybe even more than that. Demi asks if she can bring along a friend, and indeed turns up with Isaiah Capp in tow (I had no idea they know each other). Sirius Swain has long been a close friend of Ramon's and happens to come visiting as well.
But as for Ramon liking Demi - thanks, but no thanks! He has negative attraction with her, and when he tries to talk to her, everything he says seems to be going against the grain somehow.

Still, they are polite enough with each other to sit down for a meal. Also, it gives Sirius a chance to meet Demi; sooner or later, one of the New Maximilianians that know her now will establish a friendship good enough with her to make her move in.
"I know that already two of my relatives live here, Sarah and Christian," Demi says. She obviously has not heard that Ryker Love has left uni to move here, too.

That afternoon, Alabama comes home from work promoted to Pet Corps - that is the third time she has reached the top of a career, and the sixth for Ramon. And much to my delight, the game informs me that Ramon has just fulfilled a lifetime want - so, my experiment of having not six pets reach the top of a career, but two pets reach three each, has worked out!
Ramon is still 18 days from Elderhood; from now on, he is on PP like his big sister.

Tessa repeats her strategy on Friday and invites Demi over again, just in time for her to say good morning before she leaves for work.

Demi has had an early lunch (or late breakfast) of grilled cheese with Ramon, and then watched some TV, played with Alabama and Roux and generally had a good day. When Tessa returns from work late in the afternoon, she has a present for Demi (a painting that was still on the easel). The two ladies are now friends, which was not all that easy, since their relationship started off with Demi being very angry at Tessa.

Demi shows her gratitude by autonomously cleaning one of the pet houses. You can see Roux the cat sleeping on the cold grass next to her - anything is better than a mucky pet bed!

Meanwhile, Ramon takes it upon himself to do some gardening. I really wish the gardener they have employed would do a better job of it, but it is nice to see the Ramirez siblings being houseproud enough to take care of things themselves.

Saturday morning sees Demi once again being asked over by Tessa. Today, Tessa does not work, so she can spend more time with her new friend. Ramon is still in his PJs and busy with some voluntary house work; Demi gets the impression he was not really ready for visitors.

But all is well when the three of them sit down for a lunch of grilled cheese. Tessa is reminiscing her college time with Demi and Ramon listening with more or less interest.

It is Sunday today, and another day off for Tessa. You can guess what she has been doing as soon as it was daylight: She rang Demi again and invited her over.
And who should happen to walk by today? Ryker Love, one of Demi's "lost relatives", who moved to New Maximiliania very recently!

Now Demi and Ryker have met - and I have caught Demi a few times fanning herself in Ryker's presence, as if she is finding him very attractive.
Never mind Ramon's question over dinner whether she knows how to handle a pair of handcuffs... of course she does!

By the end of the evening, Demi and Tessa are best friends. Unfortunately, the week is over, and so it will take a long time before I play this household again and can make Tessa ask Demi to move in. But through Tessa's hospitality, Demi now knows a few more New Maximilianians and will get a chance of moving in to the neighbourhood before this round is over.

It was interesting to play this week, with my experiment about the 6-pets-LTW and developing Tessa's friendship with Demi. I have no idea whether Ramon will remain alone or he and/or Tessa find partners eventually.

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Powers-Sharpe Household: Week 9

For week 8, click here

The Powers-Sharpe household live in the place that originally belonged to General Grunt and his sons.
Roxie Sharpe, her younger brother Edwin and her partner Jonah Powers are all elderly Sims and all on Permanent Platinum. Roxie and Jonah are 81, Edwin is 74.
I have not moved them to the Senior Residence last round, because Jonah is eagerly awaiting his half-Alien daughter Perseida's return from college.

As before, Edwin does more than his fair share of the house work. I do not direct him or the other two unless it is to greet a neighbour or pay the bills, and occasionally have the fridge restocked.

sOn this Monday morning in early autumn, Perseida does indeed return from college. She has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Drama; actually, she did not need a college degree for her lifetime want, but it helped: She wanted to have 20 best friend, and that was made easier there with her co-students.
Now she is on PP as well, and as there is plenty of money in the family, she won't have to find a job. What will she do now with her life?

First things first! She changes out of her sports gear into something more sensible and spends some time upstairs in her old room, writing her diary.

Sadly, that same evening, first her Dad Jonah...

...and then Roxie both die at the age of 82.

Now Edwin and Perseida are on their own. "Poor girl," Edwin thinks. At least they have each other in their grief.

Half-Alien Sims are often very neat, as we all know. Perseida is no exception and cleans one of the two upstairs bathrooms on her own accord on Tuesday morning.

She wants to invite someone over, and although I do not need to fulfill any more of her wishes now that she is on PP, I let her ask half-sister Lilo Landgraab and her husband Prezioso over as well as Callum Capp.
There are no 3-bolt-men in her relationship panel, but she seems totally smitten by Callum and constantly follows him around :-)

Very quickly, Prezioso discovers the model railway in the back garden, and his wife the hot tub.

When hours later Edwin returns from work, once again he is accompanied by Bianca Monty-Capp, the lady who died many years ago but still appears as a colleague, at least for a second or two, before she turns into a ghost and vanishes.

Edwin's car pool will not pick him up until mid-morning, and so early on Wednesday, I send Perseida and Edwin to buy groceries.

Serveral other New Maximilianians are at the shop, such as Circe Beaker here, browsing the magazines.

Back home, Perseida starts trimming the rose bushes on her own accord, but stops after just one because she has a coughing fit (I really do hate the flu/myserious disease/cold!).

But her good example motivates Edwin, and he stays at it until he is picked up for work.

I decide to let Perseida try and find a 3-bolt-man with the Matchmaker's help, but she gets "only" a two-bolt-NPC man and ends the date as quickly as possible.

Instead, she throws a party - a wish of hers, and I don't see any reason why I should not play along with it. Most of the guests are not only her best friends, but also half-siblings. I am sure you recognise them all :-)

Calendula Capp and Meike Riley are the only ones with no Alien blood, and not related to Perseida.

While half of the guests gather in the kitchen for a game of kicky bag, Perseida and Giselle toast each other for their successful graduation from college. Calendula has never been to college, as she was originally a PlantBaby (Tybalt Capp being her father) and skipped the teenage years that would have allowed her to go to college, but she still joins in the toast.

On Thursday morning, Edwin and Perseida meet in the living room to talk. Edwin suggests he move to the Senior Residence; after all, he is in his late 70s now, and Perseida should settle down in her former home without an "oldie" intruding on her personal life all the time.
Perseida wants to hear nothing of it. "Uncle Edwin, you are the only family I have left! I know we are not blood relations, and that New Max is full of my half-siblings, but you are one of the great people I grew up with, and with my Dad and Roxie gone, there's just us now. Please don't leave!"
And so Edwin stays.

When he is out for work, Perseida greets Pablo Picaso. They don't get along; any subject that comes up in conversation is rejected by the other one, and so Perseida acts as if she were on her own and Pablo spends hours in the hot tub without his host even showing her face out of the back door.

Very early on Friday morning, Edwin decides to prepare turkey for breakfast.

Meanwhile, I have sent Perseida jogging. Apparently, the run has given her a boost of energy, as she starts trimming the rose bushes right away.

Later that day (with every last rose bush trimmed!), her best friend and half-sister Jacqueline Newson (nee Jacquet) comes visiting.

Neither Perseida nor Edwin have regular sleep patterns, and so it is in the very early hours of Saturday that Perseida is up and about. She discovers a pile of dead bugs right at the end of the back garden and sweeps it up on her own initiative.

After only a few hours of sleep, she gets up again - it is still dark outside.

Some more cleaning is in order.

It has snowed enough during the night to cover New Max in a thick white blanket.

Perseida spends most of the afternoon resting on her Dad's and Roxie's bed.

On Sunday morning, Perseida and Edwin cheer each other up with the school cheer.

Edwin writes in his diary.

For the first time this week, they use the hot tub. But once they're in it, they soak for hours!

Finally, Edwin goes to bed. He is now 81 and probably won't live longer than another day or two. Perseida, nicely warmed up by the hot tub, plays with the model railway for the first time this week.

She does not even stop when snow falls thickly on the model landscape! She only goes inside when the phone rings.
Thus ends this week at the Powers-Sharpe household.

It was relatively boring, as the two were largely uncontrolled and left to their own devices. Good thing they are both relatively neat and kept on top of the gardening and household chores! Once Edwin is gone, I don't know yet what to do with Perseida; she does not have anyone special in her life.