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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Capp-Riley-Cho Household: Update 29.12.2013

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If you have not read the previous weeks at this household, let me quickly bring you up to date:

Timothy Riley and his daughter Sally got together with Vivian Cho and her daughter Etsu during the first round in New Maximiliania. Timothy and Vivian got married, and Sally and Etsu grew up like sisters.
During her time at college, Etsu met and fell in love with Hal Capp, who moved in with the family after graduation. He and Etsu had a son, Charlie Cho. While they still were in college, Hal and Sally had briefly been an item and found out that they had three bolts for each other.
Being several years older than her husband, Vivian died last round, leaving Timothy widowed for the second time in his life.
After Vivian's death, Timothy and Etsu, now officially and legally not related any longer, discovered that they, too, had three bolts for each other.
Were the mis-matched couples going to act on their newfound attractions and constellations?
Charlie, in the meantime, grew up into a teenager. He is now the only Sim in the household not on Permanent Platinum. His aspiration is Fortune, and he wants to become a City Planner - a nice, uncomplicated lifetime want.
How will he cope with the strange set-up of his family?
Hal and Sally simply can't and won't pretend anymore to be "just friends". There was a time during the last round when Etsu was very much hurt by Hal's and Sally's cheating, but she has now come to terms with the situation, and the two women are on speaking terms again.
On Monday, Charlie goes shopping for clothes. He instantly changes into one of his new outfits and seems to be quite pleased with his appearance.
Before he heads home, he has the Breakdancer teach him his art.
Both Etsu and Timothy showed the wish to get married, and so I had them exchange wedding rings in the privacy of their home - no party, no ceremony; they wanted to keep things quiet, fearing that not everyone in their circle of friends would understand that this is real love, in spite of the age difference and former family ties.
Sally and Hal now always use Sally's bedroom. They do not need to hide their feelings for each other anymore, either.
At some stage in the past, before Sally reached her LTW of having 20 simultaneous lovers, Rick Contrary became one of the names on her list. Even though Rick was not exactly an angel himself and always knew there was never going to be a future for him and Sally, he still holds a grudge against her. Can you see him walking past the house? He is looking at Sally through the window, clearly upset as what he considers cheating on her part.
It is a busy day for the family: Charlie wants to get into private school and has invited the headmaster over. Hal welcomes him at 5.00 pm.
Having a Celebrity Chef cooking dinner will certainly help to impress the headmaster. Charlie does his part by making sure the kitchen (and everything else) is spic and span.
It is no surprise that, at the end of the evening, the headmaster announces that Charlie will be attending his fine institution from tomorrow onwards.
On Tuesday morning, Charlie gets up before everybody else; he is so excited about starting at the new school.
He dons his new school uniform and, on the way to the school bus, thinks of the possibilities this will open up for his future profitable career.
Sally and Hal do some housework.
Unlike with other households, I do control the PermaPlat Sims in this household, since I still have plans with them - you'll see :-)
Rick has been walking past the house several times, until Sally has enough and asks him in. She tries to talk to him and make him see reason: He really does not need to be mad at her; he always knew that she was just trying to fulfill her LTW when she had that fling with him, and can't they behave like civilized adults?
After school, Christopher Capp comes home with Charlie.
At 6.00 pm, the Grim Reaper and his Hula girls come for Timothy. He dies a happy man at 78, but for Sally, it means losing her beloved Dad.
Etsu comes home from work, feeling accomplished and letting the neighbourhood know about it...
...until the news of Timothy's death sinks in.
The urn is transferred to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds, and Sally and Charlie get a last good-bye from Timothy's ghost.
On Wednesday morning, Sally can't help but notice Etsu's expanding midriff. Yes, she is pregnant - I did go against my own rules there. Usually, only those Sims who need to have children in order to fulfill their LTW are allowed to have babies in my game, and of course when a male Sim is abducted by Aliens. But I do have a soft spot for this family, since they have the same surname as I, and so I want that name to continue in New Maximiliania.
Several hours later, Sally wonders whether she is pregnant as well. Hal looks on with something of a daft expression, as if he has had nothing to do with it :-D
With both of them being pregnant, the two "sisters" seem to have found back to the closeness they felt when they were children.
Charlie greets Prezioso Picaso.
The boys have some cake. (This was in one of the household member's inventory, bought at Ty Bubbler's bakery.)
It is Thursday morning, and just like every day, Charlie gets up way before it is time for the school bus. Films and books are his hobby, and he often spends pre-school hours reading or watching TV.
He is obviously looking forward to having a little brother or sister! (He did that on his own accord, and I found it rather sweet.)
Today, Wilma Williamson comes home from school with him.
For a while, the two teenagers engage in a pillow fight.
Then, they watch TV together, joined by Sally, who wonders whether she is just witnessing the first stages of a teenage romance here.
Looks like she's been right...
...although I think Charlie and Wilma could have chosen a better moment, not just when Charlie's mother comes out of the bedroom after a nap :-)
Friday morning at 4.13, Etsu goes into labour - out on the back porch, which makes a change from bathrooms as the most frequently used place for births in this game :-)
Welcome to New Maximiliania, Stephen Riley!
Ever since Charlie outgrew his crib and changing table, Etsu's bedroom had quite a lot of free space. That is now taken up once more by baby furniture.
Seven hours and eight minutes after Stephen's birth, Sally goes into labour.
Hal witnesses the birth of his second child (remember, he is Charlie's father) and first daughter: Meike Riley.
Sally and Hal are happy, as you can tell!
Charlie returns from school with Sirius Swain in tow.
For a few days now, he has wanted to own a makeover station. Now that he has one, of course he wants to make the Bronze Badge in Cosmetology. Sirius is the first person to experience Charlie's new "skill".
Not very successfully!
Lilo Landgraab has more luck.
Lilo, Sally, Charlie, Etsu and Sirius enjoy some cake together.
For some unknown reason, Lilo and Sirius don't get along at all. They keep slapping and poking each other, even though they are half-siblings, having the same Alien father.
Charlie spends Saturday morning playing with Meike.
He talks his mother into a makeover, but he obviously still needs to practice a lot.
His second attempt at making his mother look even prettier than she already is proves to be more successful.
Next is Sally. Don't worry, I do not let her walk around like this :-)
That same evening, Charlie gets his Bronze Cosmetology Badge.
Sunday morning, Hal looks at his old cooking contest prize displayed in the kitchen.
A nice mother-and-child shot of Etsu and Stephen.
Meanwhile, Charlie offers a free makeover to any Sim coming past the house, no matter whether they are townies or fellow Nex Maximilianians. Here, Jessica Peterson is quite thrilled with her new look.
This townie seems to have a liking for... erm... expressive make-up.
Sofia Baldwin has not seen herself in the mirror just yet.
Charlie interrupts his makeover sessions just long enough to help Stephen with his birthday.

Next time I play this household, Meike will turn into a toddler, too.
How long until Charlie will have his Silver Badge in Cosmetology? Will he go to college? Is he going to see Wilma again?
What about Etsu - will she find love again, or did that part of her life die with Timothy?
Are Sally and Hal going to marry?