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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Burb Family: Week 4

(You can find the previous week at this household by clicking on the "Burb" label.)

Let me start this week at the Burbs' house with a look at the portraits in their dining room: this is what John and Jennifer looked like until they turned into elders. Maybe you remember that they had a daughter, Lucy. Sadly, Lucy died in a fire at her college dorm shortly after she had left home to study. It was a tragedy; Carolina Curious, fellow student and co-resident at the dorm, lost her life that day, too.

John is now 61. He has been on Permanent Platinum for some time.

Jennifer is 57. She, too, has been on PermaPlat for a while. So, apart from making sure that each passing New Maximilianian is greeted, I rarely tell these two what to do.
The house still looks the same, and both Jennifer and John still work.
On Monday, John's best friend Darren Dreamer comes visiting on his own accord.
Later, Zoe Zimmerman passes by the house and is asked in.
The Burbs start Tuesday morning by telling each other jokes.
Jennifer even does some badly needed bathroom cleaning.
It is John's first working day of the week; he is a Celebrity Chef. Does anyone else think that his hat does not really go well with his Chinese-style outfit?
Jennifer greets Gary Greenman.
Early on Wednesday morning, she does some stargazing.
In fact, it is more than just "some" stargazing - she stays at the telescope until she is nearly frozen.
Isn't it sad that a celebrity chef's idea of breakfast consists of stuffing his face in front of the fridge?
On Thursday morning, John and Jennifer meet at the koi pond.
Whenever these two are not otherwise occupied, they interact romantically, which is rather sweet to watch (and it isn't even spring yet).
Jennifer surprises me by preparing a proper meal on her own initiative.
It is Grandma's Comfort Soup and very welcome!
Hailey Hart is spotted investigating the contents of the Burbs' trash can.
Angela Pleasant jogs by, and is stopped by Jennifer.
It is Friday, and Jennifer spends such a long time giving financial consulting that several of her needs are well in the red before she stops.
Meanwhile, her husband has a comfortable bubble bath upstairs.

During the day, Xander Roth is welcomed.

Finally, our celebrity chef seems to remember what to do with all that kitchen equipment, and prepares lobster thermidor.

Um... I would have expected this meal to turn out better!
On Saturday morning, spring is well and truly here, and I decide to exchange Jennifer's woolly hat with a more spring-like headgear. I took the picture a second too late - she was very enthusiastic about the change!
John does a spot of gardening.
And Jennifer once again makes soup for both of them.

Later, Jimmy Phoenix is invited in.

On Sunday morning, Jennifer finally clears up some of the old newspapers that have been accumulating near the front door.

Ellen Frost is their guest for a while today.

John spends all of Sunday afternoon in Lucy's old room, where nothing has been changed since she left home to study. He writes his diary and stops every now and then, heaving a deep sigh.

The week at this household is over. It was a bit boring, and most of the time, I was playing on fast forward. Not even a fire this week to liven things up a bit :-)

John is now 68, and Jennifer 64. How much longer will this couple, who have nobody but each other, be around?


  1. I found the elder Burb's to be very soppy with each other in my game too! I love the décor in the house. I remember when Lucy lost her life in the fire, perhaps this family have had enough tragedy! You and your fires, lol. Most enjoyable and they had a good and sociable week. I think the Celeb Chef should never burn Lobster though eh?!

    1. He really should not burn anything, at 10 cooking points!! Thanks - I quite like the décor in the house, too. Apart from the very tiny space at the top of the stairs, it is a very playable Maxis-made house, too.

  2. So sorry that Lucy lost her life in a fire at uni

    1. Yes, it would have been nice to see how her life would have turned out as an adult.


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