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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Bubbler-Thomas Household: Week 6

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We're here for another week at the Bubbler-Thomas household. There are two houses on this Veronaville-type lot, but they are not divided between Ty Bubbler and Sam Thomas. Instead, the house to the left is where the two of them live, and the one to the right is a shop.
Here's Sam behind the counter. She has reached her lifetime want of becoming General some time during the last round, but unlike other Perma-Plat-Sims in my game, I do not treat her as unplayable. Instead, she is kept very busy helping Ty to reach his LTW of owning 5 top-level businesses.
Here is Ty, serving Darren Dreamer. Like Sam, he is now 60 years old. So far, two of his businesses have reached top level: Bubbler's Bubbly, which was a shop selling bottles of Champagne and wedding cakes, and Bubbler's Bubbels, a community lot shop selling bubble blowers.
On this Monday, Ty's third business, Bubbler's Blossoms, reaches rank 10. That's more than half of his LTW achieved! What will he do next?

While Ty is deciding on his next business idea, Sam is taking care of household matters. There is more money on their joint account than they will ever be spending, and so nowadays she does not hesitate to call the repair service when anything in the house breaks down. How different this is from when they first got started on their champagne-and-wedding-cake shop! 
Summer is here, and Sam takes time out of her busy schedule to get some new clothes.
She quite likes this outfit, it seems!

 On Tuesday, Ty starts his next enterprise: Bubbler's Bakery!

The upper floor of the shop is turned into a cosy little café. I know that it won't really "work", but you never know; some Sim or other could still choose to sit down here for a little while.
The actual shop is on the ground floor. But before Ty can open it, he needs to fill the food counters.
His first attempt at making a berry pie is not very successful.
Sam makes sure she and Ty need to take care of as little other matters as possible, and pays their hired help and gardener extra tips so that they will give it their very best.

This leaves them both free to bake all day, and on Wednesday, business at the bakery is in full
sWith so much baking going on, it is hardly surprising that the stove catches fire. But of course there is a fire alarm installed, and only the cake comes to harm.
sSam, who is actually a better cook than Ty, does not fare better with her first attempt at cheese cake than he did when he made his first berry pie.
sThursday saw the bakery rise to ranks 2 and 3. On Friday, yet another kitchen fire sets off the alarm.

By now, Ty and Sam have established a routine in taking turns at baking, restocking and selling, as well as eating and sleeping. This way, they even find time for one phone call to a friend each day.

And they make sure to spend quality time with each other!
<Ty seems to be on the phone or at the computer ordering groceries nearly every day now, as is the case on Saturday.
<SnThe groceries delivery guy is Ty's new best friend :-)
<SnaOn Sunday, Bubbler's Bakery is on rank 4. Sam and Ty are now both 67. The bakery is a lot more time-consuming than I expected; will Ty live long enough to see this business to rank 10, and then have enough lifetime left to do it all over again with a fifth business?

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  1. Great round for Sam and Ty. Bakeries are very hard work aren't they?! But nice to do, if only once. :D
    Hopefully during their next round they can reach rank 10, should give you lots of time to think of their 5th business. I love what you've come up with so far, :)

    1. Yes, very hard work but also a fun to run a bakery. It would be nice to see Ty reach his LTW; he would be the first Sim in my game to make it!


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