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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Capp II Family: Week 5

Click here for week 4. 

The week at the Capp family's mansion begins in late autumn with a similar surprise to what was waiting for me at the first Capp family: changed lifetime wants.
Of course, the children don't have LTWs yet. Here are the twins Christopher and Callum, fast asleep.
Hermia, whose LTW was to marry off six children, now wants to have 20 best friends - that is, of course, a lot easier, but I would have never had her have all those kids if it had not been for her first LTW! Here she is making her 9th best friend in her youngest son, Carl.

Here is "uncle" Cornwall, who has been on Permanent Platinum already for a long time. His LTW does not matter anymore. But unlike other PermaPlat Sims in my game who are allowed to do as they please, I still control Cornwall; his help is too important in this household with so many kids. The two toddlers here are Carl and his twin sister Carolina.

As you can see, Hermia is pregnant again - that happened during the previous round, when she still needed to have 6 children for her LTW. On this Monday morning, she invites long-time friend (from university, I think) Garrett Newson over; actually, she was only meant to make their friendship firmer, but look how she has chosen to welcome him! Thankfully, no pink hearts are flying, and her relationship to Tank Grunt, the father of her children, is not endangered.

At a quarter past five in the afternoon, Hermia gives birth to...
...her fifth and last child, a boy who is given the name Cameron.

Soon, her older sons Christopher and Callum come to see their new baby brother, and all the visitors in the house at that time join them.

Just when Hermia finally goes to bed, exhausted from the day's events, the ghost of Dora appears and scares Cornwall. Back in the first round, Dora Ottomas and Consort Capp (Hermia's father) fell in love with each other. They got married and Dora moved in with the Capps, where the newlyweds lived happily ever after... only that the "ever after" did not last very long, since they were both so advanced in years when they tied the knot.

Tuesday morning, Hermia takes care of baby Cameron's needs before her own, as any mother would do.
Christopher brings home his first A+ on that day.

At 6.00 pm, Carl grows up from toddler to child...

...followed minutes later by Carolina. Phew! That'll make things a bit easier now for Cornwall and Hermia.

Looks like Consort's ghost is not too happy with Cornwall living here now.

On Wednesday morning before school, Hermia and all her children enjoy some play time together.
Once the children are off to school and little Cameron asleep in his crib, Hermia picks up the phone to work on her new LTW. General Buzz Grunt, the grandfather of her and Tank's children, becomes her best friend # 10. That's half her LTW completed.

After school, it is time to teach the younger children to study.

With four children going to school, at least two of them bring class mates home. Here, Carolina enjoys a game of "Don't wake the Llama" with her friends.

Meanwhile, Hermia teaches Carl to study.

On that Thursday evening, Cameron grows up into a toddler. He also becomes Hermia's best friend # 11 that day.

On Friday, the first snow has fallen, making the children all excited about Christmas.

Hermia may be extremely busy with four school-age children and a toddler to take care of, but she makes sure to dedicate some time every day to each child individually. Here, Carl is listening to his favourite story.

 Callum brings home his first A+ today.

On Friday morning, Cameron learns to walk.

Hermia enjoys having a bit more time to herself now during school hours, and has taken up sewing again.

Carollina changes into a new outfit her mother has made for her. (I must say I am rather disappointed about the choice of custom outfits available for children from a Sim with the Gold Sewing Badge. They look like PJs, no shoes, and a very limited choice of colours, no patterns or anything, and are exactly the same for boys and girls.)

Today, Carl brings home his first A+...

...followed minutes later by Carolina. Hermia can truly be proud of her children!

The four older siblings all play "Don't wake the Llama" together. Hermia allows them a bit of fun time before they have to sit down to do their homework.

On Saturday morning, Santa is spotted in one of the bathrooms. Only that it isn't Santa - it is uncle Cornwall, dressed up in a Santa costume, to make his nephews and niece happy.

Carolina changes into a "Santa's Little Helper" costume and is even allowed lipstick and eye make-up by her mother.

Hermia wants to give her children the best Christmas ever, and dresses up as Mrs. Santa.

"Elf" Carolina is very pleased with her looks and can't wait for the Christmas party to begin.

Her three older brothers are all in elf costumes, too.

The large downstairs room is decorated for Christmas, the presents are all there and the guests invited: Hermia's siblings Tybalt (the Plantsim) and Juliette (now Davis, not in this picture), and of course the children's father, Tank Grunt, with his brother Ripp (pictured) and father General Buzz.

 The children play Christmas songs, making Hermia a very proud mother.

Juliette, her husband Aldric (in the background) and her brother-in-law Almeric are waiting for their Christmas dinner :-)

Out in the garden, Callum grows up into a teenager. The lot decides on his aspiration to be Romance; his LTW is to have 20 simultaneous Lovers. Not my favourite LTW!

Christopher has grown up at the same time as his twin brother. He turns out to be a Fortune Sim and wants to own 5 top level businesses... again, not exactly my favourite LTW, but a lot more difficult to reach than his brother's!

Everybody else has gone to bed already, and Carolina is alone with the ghosts of her grandfather Consort and his second wife Dora, when the real Santa appears.

Of course, everybody gets up again to see Santa. On her own accord, Hermia "happens" to find herself under the mistletoe and requests a holiday kiss from Tank.

This is Callum without his hat, by the way (hairstyle was randomly chosen for him by the game, not by me). With his looks, I don't think he'll have trouble to find those 20 lovers!

 On Sunday morning, Carolina and Carl play chess.

Upstairs, Christopher repairs the bathtub while his mother cleans up the mess the broken tap has caused.

Once the house is set in order, it is time for the next big event at the Capps': Tank and Hermia's wedding! She has been wishing to get married ever since little Cameron was born, and today is the big day. While I like Hermia's emerald green dress with her ginger hair, I am not too happy about Tank's "casual" approach to his wedding outfit.

He moves in as soon as the ceremony is over, and his LTW has changed, too: It used to be to have 20 best pet friends, and has become a lot easier; he now wants to be Mad Scientist. That used to be Cornwall's LTW, so I guess he can advise the young man :-)

 Of course, there is nearly endless toasting going on...

...until the cake is cut. Tank hopes his children are happy to have their Dad join the household for good.

 Tank finds a job as Lab Assistant on the same day.

Just when Cornwall wants to feed Cameron another bottle of smart milk, he grows up into a child. No more smart milk, no more potty training and interrupted nights at this household anymore!!

Tank returns from work on Sunday night with a promotion to Field Researcher. He is now 6 days from Elderhood, which should allow him to reach his new LTW easily - if he does not make a mistake with a chance card and is fired. Hermia is 7 days from Elderhood, and Cornwall is now 69.

The week ends with Christopher and Carl building a snowman for their grandfather Consort and his wife Dora. They never met either of them, but hope that they will like the snowman well enough to stop haunting the house at night. 

This was a fun round to play, but very busy, as you can imagine! I could hardly play on fast forward with so much going on at the same time, and so completing the round took me a bit longer than usual. 

I hope you liked my Christmas party - in less than half an hour, I will leave the house to spend Christmas Eve at my parents' in real life :-) 
Merry Christmas to you!

I wrote this last remark yesterday, 
but didn't have enough time to finish this post uploading all the pictures etc., 
but decided to leave it as it was, because the "Merry Christmas" to you is still true!

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