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Friday, 13 December 2013

Nina Caliente: Week 5

Weeks 3 and 4 can be found here.

After having spent a Sim-week with Dina and Lazlo Caliente, it is now Nina's turn. Dina's younger sister still lives at the original house. She is now 54. Checking her relationship panel reveals that Don Lothario and Gunnar Roque are her 3-bolt-men.
Her lifetime want is to have 20 loves at once, and when we last left her, she already had quite an impressive list of names. But during the round, several of her loves died, reducing the list of simultaneous loves to 9.
Having inherited some money from each of her deceased loves, she still does not have to worry about her finances, in spite of never having worked a single day in her life.
On Monday, Nina meets and greets Justin Kim.
Later, Brent Roth is asked in, and gets the famous Caliente-treatment.
sBut it is Aldric Davis who becomes # 10 on her list that evening.
Umm... Matthew, don't you think you are being very rude by staring like that at your hostess and her latest conquest?
On Tuesday, Alex Goth becomes Nina's 11th love.
She is not very well, I'm afraid. Honestly, I do so hate all those colds and flus and "mysterious diseases" - it seems my Sims are never healthy for more than one or two days in a row! I do not use any hacks in my game, but I sometimes wish I had one to stop those constant illnesses.
It is still Tuesday when Nina invites over Morty Roth (with the hat) and Cyd Roseland (standing next to the bin). Since townie Alec Kim happened to be there when she greeted everyone, he considered himself invited, too.
This is what Nina usually does: She works on at least two or three men at the same time. Only when her relationship with them is high enough for her to fall in love with them, she invites them over separately.
It's another dinner for Nina surrounded by menfolk, and a good occasion for Justin Kim to meet his "relative", townie Alec Kim. I have not yet decided whether to act on this or not; maybe you remember that poor Justin lost both his parents in a fire shortly after he had left for college, and possibly he'd like to be united with a family member.
Nothing to boost blossoming friendships as a game of kicky bag!
After Cyd has gone home, Gunnar Roque, one of Nina's two 3-bolt-men, pays a visit on his own accord.
Nina has asked her sister over. Her brother-in-law, Vidcund Curious, has recently died. Gunnar expresses his sympathy.
On Thursday, Nina checks her list of men and wonders whom to invite over today.
She usually does not go for townies and other NPCs, but for unknown reasons, Russ Bear (the burglar) has very high relationship points with her. She invites him over, and he brings along Victor Aspir.
sVery much to my surprise, when she kisses Russ and the two of them fall in love, Nina's LTW is achieved! So, the game must have still counted all of Nina's loves, current and deceased ones. So much for "simultaneous"!
She has reached Permanent Platinum at the age of 57.
Now she can finally focus on ONE love! Who is it going to be?
Well, no other than Don Lothario - the man who seemed to have been destined for one of the Caliente sisters from the very start!
Don has reached his LTW (it was that of having whoohoo with 20 different Sims) a while ago and is ready to move in with Nina. He brings enough money for the two of them never have to worry about their accounts, more than 34.000 Simoleons.
To celebrate, Nina invites a few friends over. Not an easy task to put together a guest list - there should be no (ex-)lovers for either  Don nor herself, or jealousy dramas are sure to happen. Everything goes well, though, because none of the guests was ever romantically involved with any of the two.
Don and Nina... aaaaw! :-)
On Friday, Nina goes shopping for new spring and summer outfits for Don and herself.
Back home, she does some spring cleaning.
These two can't keep their hands off each other!
Unfortunately, they are hugging and kissing in front of the house when Ana Patel walks by. She should not act so offended - after all, she cheated on her husband Ramir when she had a fling with Don, while Don and Nina always were officially single and never made a secret of their LTWs.
All of Saturday, Don and Nina flirt, kiss, hug, backrub, classic dance, and so on. They are both very hungry, but in spite of a full fridge, neither of them has a single bite to eat.
This goes on all day.
Sunday morning, after a long night of sleep - get up - complain about hunger - sleep - get up - have bath - complain about hunger - sleep - get up - use toilet - complain about hunger - sleep - get up - complain about hunger... 9.15, the inevitable happens: Nina dies of starvation.
She was 60, and certainly did not need to go - as I said, the fridge is full, and nothing blocks access to it.
Two hours later, Grimmy is back again, this time for Don, who dies of starvation at the age of 57. Unbelievalbe, isn't it!
This is the first time in New Maximiliania that a Sim dies for their own stupidity. All the others who had such "eating disorders" always managed to get something to eat, sometimes at the last minute. Not these two, though.

I am glad they had a few happy days together before they died. Bye-bye, Nina and Don!


  1. Wow, what a bittersweet story! Great that Nina had got her LTW but how sad she won't get the platinum gravestone, same with Don. These two had a few days together at least. I guess they thought they could survive on lust alone- how wrong they were! :)

    1. Bittersweet, that's the word! Both their urns are in the bedroom, just where they died. Whoever will move into that house next will have to decide whether to transfer them to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds or live with the ghosts... I wonder if the ghosts would keep flirting, kissing etc. :-)


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