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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Capp I Family: Week 5

Week 4 at this household is here.

The letter "C" on the alphabetical list of Maxis-made Sim families starts off with the numerous Capp family. The first branch of the Capps is headed by Albany, who is now 72, and his wife Goneril, 61. This is the modest Veronaville-style house I gave them when I first started to play in New Maximiliania, and they are still there.<
Not for long, though: On the Monday of this week, I have them move into a larger house, because something very odd happened. I'll explain in a minute. This house is, by the way, one that I can't remember ever having used before in my game. Again, it is in the typical Veronaville-style, which I think befits the Capp family.
 <Albany's lifetime want had always been to become Captain Hero (without a realistic chance to reach it). Checking on him now, I found it changed to become Business Tycoon. Goneril is on Permanent Platinum. She reached her LTW of becoming Prestidigitator during the last round, if I remember correctly.

 Now the odd thing that made me decide on the change of scene for this family: Desdemona, who graduated from college during the last round and moved back in with her parents, originally wanted to become Media Magnate. All of last round, she tried in vain to land a job in the journalism career. And now, checking on her at the start of this round, I find her LTW changed to Marry Off 6 Children!! Finding it impossible to accomodate such a large family in the tiny old house, I made the family move to the much larger one they are in now.

 It is a bit late for Desdemona to start on her new LTW, but at least she knows just whom to call, and is quick to dial the number of the young man in question. Who is it?
Pierre Picaso, son of Jessica and Matthew Picaso, currently a student at university. He has the same LTW as Desdemona. So far, the two of them have been friends and nothing more.
Desdemona's little sister, Ariel, has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Arts and is now ready to move back in with her parents as well. Her LTW of having 50 first dates has kept her very busy all through her teenage years and college time, and yet she does not have more than 12 first dates under her belt right now.
Edwin Sharpe is part of the welcome committee, and Ariel sees him mainly as a potential first-date candidate, but he rejects her.

 The first meal in the new house is a big bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup, shared with the welcome committee. The man in the orange t-shirt is Marcel Jocque.
He becomes Ariel's first date # 13.
On the walls of the new house, portraits of all four Capp children are displayed. Left to right, they are Desdemona, Miranda (who lives with Rick Contrary and his parents), Hal (who lives with Etsu Cho and their son Charlie, as well as Sally Riley and her father Timothy), and Ariel.
Tuesday morning sees an early start for Albany, who of course has the irregular sleeping pattern of all elderly Sims. He is not digging for treasure here but filling in a hole dug by a stray dog.

 Ariel changes out of her ugly outfit into something that suits her much better.

 She thinks going to a community lot will open up many possibilities for 1st dates, and soon the entire family is settled in a taxi on their way to Veronvaille Market.
There, Ariel has her 14th 1st date with Ramir Patel.
 Julian Cooke becomes # 15.
Beaumont DeBateau (sorry, I forgot to take a picture) is # 16, and Kent Capp (actually her "uncle", but not in my game, since I cleaned up all relationships apart from those within the same household in SimPe when I created this neighbourhood) # 17.
Back home, Desdemona invites Pierre Picaso over once more. So far, they have a crush on each other, but their relationship is not close enough yet for them to start working on their LTW. Pierre brings along his twin brother Placido and their friend Stig Singles (son of Nervous and Erin Singles).

 Stig becomes Ariel's 1st date # 18.

 Meanwhile, things are progressing for Pierre and Desdemona :-)

They finally are in love with each other.
 And so, on this Tuesday evening up in Desdemona's bedroom...
 ...the first step towards fulfilling their LTWs is made.

 On Wednesday, Albany and Goneril invite their other two children over. Hal patiently listens to his father explaining about the new house.

 Desdemona wonders whether her very first woohoo was already successful from her point of view.

And the weird thing happens again: While Ariel talks to Timothy Riley, who has come along in his role of something like Hal's father-in-law (not really, since Etsu and Hal are not married), I happen to have a look at her LTW - and found it changed, too!! Just like her sister, she now wants to marry off 6 children as well. How did this happen? A bug in my game! I do hope this does not mean changed LTWs in every household now. Anyway, it means Ariel can give up on trying to date each and every Sim she meets. Instead, she should ideally find a man with the same LTW. And there is indeed one in her relationship panel already. She does not hesitate to invite him over.

Isaiah Gavigan comes to the rescue!
Ariel does not waste time!
 <On Thursday morning, Desdemona's pregnancy is showing. Yes, her first woohoo has been successful in view of her and Pierre's LTW.
Goneril is not controlled by me. She does look at the painting of their old house every now and then. Although I know Sims do not really "recognize" anything on a painting, I quite like the idea that she uses the painting to reminisce the years when her children were younger.
The yard is large and there is nearly always something to do.>
When left to their own devices, Albany and Goneril often flirt and kiss.
It is Friday, and Ariel woke up determined to marry Isaiah. There is a large room downstairs which has been left empty so far, and it is used for the wedding.
Friends and family happily applaud the new Mr. and Mrs. Capp.
 The wedding breakfast consists of wedding cake and champagne. Isaiah moves in with the Capps as soon as the rings are exchanged.

 It is Friday morning, and Desdemona is clipping the oleander at the back of the house.

 She wonders whether she'll get married anytime soon, like her little sister. Pierre is still at university and can't yet move in with her.
It is on her first day as a married woman that Ariel finds out that she is pregnant. On changing into maternity wear, her hairstyle changes, too. I actually think it suits her.
Her in-laws, Mary and Nathan Gavigan, are invited over. They weren't there at the wedding (because I could not control Isaiah yet, who could have invited them).
Isaiah's younger sisters, teenagers Gerlinde and Gesine, have come along, too. Desdemona contributes to the extended family gathering by inviting Pierre and Placido over as well.
 At quarter past 3 on Saturday morning, Desdemona gives birth to...

 ...Catherine Capp.

 For Albany, welcoming another grandchild (Charlie Cho was his first, the son of Etsu and Hal) has been a big wish, and he is happy beyond words. Ariel knows she'll be next to have a baby, and asks her big sister everything about giving birth.

 Desdemona phones Pierre with the good news and rushes out to meet him as soon as she spots him from her upstairs window.
Ariel flys the kite on her own accord. I just love this toy, don't know why!
 Pierre meets his baby daughter.
He stays for dinner. It's a shame he can't move in yet, it really is! Desdemona wants to marry him, but the option is not there yet.</
After Pierre returns to college, Desdemona has the by now familiar bouts of nausea. She is pregnant again - and she better be, if she ever wants to have six children!
On Sunday, Isaiah spends some time decorating the dining room for Christmas.
Sadly, the family portraits have changed to standard paintings since I last played. Looks like there is more than one bug in this family :-(
At 1.00 pm, Ariel happens to be in Desdemona's bedroom when she enters labour.
It does not look as if Desdemona and Isaiah are of much help, does it?
 <But little Caleb is born without a hitch, and Desdemona is the first to congratulate her brother-in-law to his first child. 

Albany is now 79, and I suspect he will die of old age very soon into the next week. Goneril is 68 and still has quite a few "years" ahead, by the looks of it. Desdemona only has 15 days left until elderhood - I doubt she'll manage to have six children, unless there are several sets of twins, or maybe Pierre leaves college and helps by having a few Alien babies. Ariel is 22 days from elderhood, same as her husband Isaiah; those two can make it if they don't wait too long between one baby and the next. 

Busy times are ahead for this family, that's for sure!


  1. I think you've done great up to this point to never have bugs. Paintings don't like being moved from one house to another which is why yours are now 'blank'. You'd be better off deleting them.
    My Sims in Veronaville kept getting different LTW's, then the toddlers kept getting them which is when I decided to give up. :D
    Glad that you've not had too many issues though, Desdemona is working her way to those 6 kids. Maybe she can eat cheesecake? ;)
    Good to see Ariel get married too. Are you going to split the family again so they can all have kids?

    1. The strange is, that the paintings were alright after moving, when I put them on the walls at first. I played for an hour or so and then quit the game. When I started the game again on the next day, the paintings were reverted to standard ones :-(
      Yeah, I guess Desdemona should eat cheesecake... and splitting up the families is the only way to make it possible for both sisters to have 6 children.

    2. Yes, paintings do seem to transfer, but as you found out they soon 'disappear'. It's annoying but one of those things that Maxis never fixed I guess. :)

  2. Ariel's outfit is from Apartment Life right ? because I just got the game from ebay but haven't installed it yet as well as teen style stuff

    1. Not sure about the outfit; it could also be from the H&M stuff pack, but you are probably right about it being from Apartment Life.

  3. Yes the outfit is from Apartment Life and I gave Desdemona and Ariel these hairs for a short time until I got CC

  4. I moved them to this house(2nd) in both my grandma's computer and my laptop and there is one new update at my blog(not a actual update but a notice)

    1. Not sure whether I got this right, you mean the short slide show on your google+ page?


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