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Monday, 29 August 2016

News from New Maximiliania?

Well, the news I have at the moment are... no news, really.
I've been away for two weeks in July and August, and ever since I've been back, I have not really had time to play yet.
One or two evenings after work, I played TS3 for a little, but lacked the time and energy to get back into TS2 full steam.
Most of the time, it's been great summer weather, and so I have been out and about a lot. Weekends I've either spent away (at my boyfriend's) or he's spent the weekend with me at my place - no inclination to sit down at the computer to play then, either :-)

My intention to re-vamp and re-organize New Maximiliania is still standing, though.
One night last week after work, I fired up my game... and was in for a nasty surprise: New Max wasn't there!
It simply wasn't there, in spite of the neighbourhood folder being exactly where I left it last time I played, and where it should be.

After I completed my last round, I made a back-up which is still on the USB stick where I always keep my back-ups. So, I should be able to retrieve it. But before I attempt that, I'll try a few more things.

In any case, New Max will be back - one way or another. I just don't know when at the moment :-)