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Here is a list of all the Maxis-made households and Sims, in alphabetical order of their surnames; all expansion packs included:

Beare (Student)
Biggs (Student)
Bratford (Student)
Bubbler (Student)
Davis (Students)
De Bateau
De La Rosa
Dosser (Student)
Flexor (Student)
Freshe (Student)
Frost (Student)
Furley (Student)
Gorey (Student)
Hart (Student)
Huffington (Student)
Indie (Student)
Lee (Student)
Love (Student)
Moonbeam (Student)
Nova (Student)
O'Feefe (Student)
Phoenix (Student)
Pilferson (Student)
Pitts (Student)
Powers (Student)
Rai (Student)
Roque (Student)
Ruben (Students)
Sampson (Student)
Sharpe (Students)
Stacks (Student)
Starchild (Student)
Swain (Student)
Terrano (Student)
Thomas (Student)
Upsnott (Student)
Verse (Student)
Vonderstein (Student)
Whippler (Student)
Williamson (Student)
Worthington (Student)
Wrightley (Student)
Zimmerman (Student)

The 2017 Head Count for New Maximiliania...
...yields an even lower number than 2016: 124 Sims live in the neighbourhood now.

Many of the older generation have died ("thanks" to me playing often whole groups of them at the Senior Residence), and there were a few deaths by fire; altogether, 188 Sims have passed on since the foundation of New Max.
85 births have happened - is it possible that there were only three babies since 2016?
A handful of newcomers have appeared in other ways: Townies with the same surname as playable Sims have moved in, and one girl was adopted (more or less by mistake).

I am about half way through the current round, and am looking forward to visit with all the Sims still waiting to be played. Whether I will ever get the Roth family back (they have mysteriously disappeared) remains to be seen.

On the last day of 2016...
...New Maximiliania has 148 playable residents, its lowest number ever (which was/is still the intention: Play all Maxis-made playables until all families have run their natural course and see which one remains the longest.).
82 births could not outweigh the 155 deaths that have occured since the founding of the neighbourhood.

There are a handful of playables right now whom I do not play: One is Beaumont DeBateau, the one and only zombie in town. He does not age, he does not die - it is plain boring to play him, especially with the annoying sounds he keeps making and his zombie-way of moving.
Two are former NPC students by the surname Cho. I moved them into a Greek house on campus years ago, meaning to play them through college and move them to New Max for good eventually. So far, they have not been played properly.
And then there are the Roths - mysteriously disappeared family of Xander, his sister Sandra and her husband Brent (formerly Broke). The three of them lived in the original Roth house and still show up in the relationship panels of their friends, but can not be called on the phone, or invited over, and I can not find them anywhere, not even with SimPe. I may have to look for them again, and more thoroughly.

What will 2017 bring to New Maximiliania? No doubt some surprises! I hope you'll stay with me for yet another year.

2016 and the end of Round # 6 (as of 03 July) shows an even lower number of 149 playable Sims in New Maximiliania.
I'll do a more detailed census at the end of 2016/start of 2017.

The 2015 head count shows:
- There are currently 157 playable Sims in New Maximiliania (that's including all playable students). An all time low, but it was to be expected, as so many of the original Maxis-made Sims have died this round, most of them peacefully of old age.
We now have 143 deaths altogether, and even though I thought we had quite a lot of babies this year, my list reveals there were only 6 births - a total of 78 since the foundation of New Max. Can this be correct? I counted twice and can only imagine that I forgot to put some of the babies' names on the list.
Anyway, quite a substantial number of babies have the same Alien father: 22, to be precise. There are also several plantbabies around.

2014 ends for New Maximiliania with the following statistics:
Current head count is at 183 - that is considerably lower than last year (214), and much lower than the record of 239 Sims who populated the neighbourhood in 2011.
A total of 72 births (since foundation of the 'hood in 2008) could not counteract the 109 deaths that have occurred since that time.

The 2013 total stats are:
64 Sims have died since New Maximiliania was founded. With 63 births in total, that means the population should be at 230, as opposed to the 231 when the game started. Strangely enough, though, on doing a manual headcount, I find that there are only 214 Sims plus 1 Servo living in the entire 'hood (main neighbourhood + sub-hoods + campus).
Well, no matter how that came about, that's the current number of Sims I play, and I am looking forward to many more Sim-hours, days, weeks and years spent in New Maximiliania!

As of October 2013 (end of Round 4, start of Round 5), the stats for New Max are:
Since the foundation of the town, 54 deaths have occurred, outweighed by 57 births. If my calculation is correct, then there should currently be a total of 242 Sims living in the entire neighbourhood, campus, downtown and shopping district included.

Here are the stats of 2011:
239 Sims live here, pets not counting
There have been 21 deaths and 45 births.

The 2010 stats were:
- 230 Sims living in New Max
- 21 deaths, 4 of which were premature deaths by fire (Carolina Curious and Lucy Burb, John Mole and Regan Capp)
- 38 births.

In 2009, it was like this:
231 Sims lived in the neighbourhood.
13 deaths occurred, well outweighed by 32 births.
There had been 10 weddings so far (some more Sims have simply moved in together and are not - yet - married), while 18 Sims had reached Permanent Platinum. 


  1. Why do you not have any postings about the Pleasant family?

    1. Hello Beth, thank you for stopping by!
      Maybe you have noticed that I am playing each round alphabetically in the order of each family's surname. At the moment, I am at the letter "L"; it is going to be the Pleasant's turn soon :-)

    2. Hello Beth, if you are still reading this, here's to let you know that you can now read quite a lot aobut the Pleasant family:

    3. It's incredible to think you've been playing this same 'hood for 5 years! I'm running to read round 5! :)

    4. Sometimes when I revisit my old chapters and think of how a certain Sim or a family have developed over the years, I remember what has been going on in my life at the same time. Returning to New Max after a break always feels a little bit like meeting up with old friends :-)

  2. Wow!! So many sims.. I love it!! I have 30 playables right now and think that's a lot to play! Lol your hood is awesome!!

    1. Thank you, ashland sims, and welcome to my blog! I am now going to have a look at yours.

  3. Why do you only have round 3 and not start with round 1?

    1. Hello Gaia,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Sadly, most of the info from the first two rounds was lost when the Sims2 story exchange on the offical website did not work for several months back in 2009 or so (and now it has closed down for good, which is why I first decided to transfer my stories to this blog).

      But I do have the in-game pics from that time for most of the families, and these are the ones that you'll find in the posts named "Family Album". Therefore, you can see how they started for most of the families when you go to post by the headline "[family name] Family Album".

  4. I have tried a few times to start to read this blog from the beginning, but have not gotten around to it. I do read some random chapters at times, though and I like your stories and your playing style :)

    1. Hello there! You have certainly been busy - I first thought blogger has been acting up on me when I discovered 38 new comments, all by the same person :-D
      Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment!

  5. I have a couple of questions regarding your play style. I have an uberhood, but I find it very overwhelming, so I'm starting a megahood. (With just Strangetown, Pleasantview and Veronaville, plus the colleges and downtown) do you play each student for one year of college each? Or two, etc. also, how do you go about a Sim moving out, like when Johnny Smith ages up and moves out, do you just put him at the bottom/top of the list and go from there? One more question, when you move in a Sim who has yet to be played that round, do you sync the age in SimPE, or a different way? Sorry so many questions haha.

    1. Hello Olivia, welcome to New Maximiliania :-)
      You are not only welcome to my blog, but also to ask all the questions you have reg. my way of playing, my blog or anything else!
      Now to the answers:
      - I play the student household(s) focusing on that particular student whose turn it is on the alphabetical list, and make sure to play that student for one full year, for instance, their whole Freshman Year.

      - When a Sim moves out, if he has not been played for a full week, I play him for the number of days it takes to complete a full week for him - provided it it his turn on the alphabetical list.

      - I do not sync my Sims' ages in SimPE or in any different way. This makes for some strange results; sometimes Sims in different households who started out the same age end up one a lot older than the other.

      I wish you tons of fun with your Megahood! Are you blogging about it? I'd like to read it!

    2. Thank you! I'm still a bit confused about the student thing... you only play one sim per round, correct? Therefore it would take 4 rounds/rotations for a sim to finish college? And I am thinking about it! I have a tumblr that I post most of my Sim related stuff too for my current uberhood, but I'm thinking about an actual blog for my megahood. I will surely let you know when/if I do! :)

    3. OK let me try and explain better how I play my students:
      I put as many playable students as possible in one household, i.e. a maximum of 8 in a dorm.
      Let's say I have four playable students, with the surnames Capp, Monty, Smith and Zimmerman.
      That household (dorm) will be played for one whole "year" when I arrive at the letter C (as in Capp) on my list, and then again when I reach M, S and Z. Altogether, that household will be played 4 times in one round - of course that means they will all reach graduation by the time the round is finished.

      If a student were to live all alone in a house on campus, it would indeed take 4 rounds for him or her to finish college.

  6. Hope 2018 will be better and the Roth family could be potentially back in New Max to whether they are still "alive".

    1. Oh, I don't think 2017 was "bad" for my Sims or for New Max, and that 2018 needs to be "better" :-)
      But I really would like to have the Roths back and still wonder what happened to them and why I can not even find them in SimPe.

  7. this might help bring the roths back :)

    1. Thank you for the tip; I'll look into it some time next year :-)

  8. Another great year in New Max, looking forward to more excitement in 2018! :)

    1. Thank you! I am confident my Sims will have some surprises and excitement in store for me again :-)


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