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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Martin-Bratford Family: Week 4

For the previous week at this household, click here.
Back at the Bratford-Martin house, we are going to spend a Sim-week here for the 5th time because of the Martins living here.
It was Monica Bratford's turn earlier on in the round. She is, of course, still here.
And so is her sweetheart Andrew Martin...
...along with his half-Alien granddaughter Martina...
...and his son, Martina's Dad, Jacob. Monica Bratford and Jacob Martin are both on permanent platinum; Andrew Martin is still stiving to earn 100.000 Simoleons. He is close to reaching 62.500.-, but at 70, I'm afraid it will be a miracle if he'll live long enough to reach his LTW.
This Monday was Martina's first day at school, and Jacob helps with her homework.
On Tuesday, she discovers how much fun it is to play "at Sea" in the bathtub.
Monica does some gardening; soon, it will be winter and the plants won't need any water until next spring.
Martina brings home her first A+, and it is only her 2nd day at school! Monica is the first to know.
Class mate Charlie Cho gets off the schoolbus with her.
The children play "cops and robbers" upstairs for hours.
When Jacob returns from work, he is accompanied by colleague Jonah Powers.
Wednesday morning before school, Martina helps her Granddad clean the bathroom. Ever since she was born, her Granddad has spent a lot of time with her, and they love each other dearly.
Andrew knows, however, that he won't be around for much longer. He hopes to still reach at least the goal of 75.000 Simoleons before he'll have to leave this world.
The same evening, he is promoted to Power Leveler. It gives him a nice bonus but not quite enough to reach his goal.
Thursday morning sees the busy gypsylady leaving a magic lamp in front of the house.
Andrew summons the genie and asks for wealth, but before the genie can make the sacks of money appear for Andrew to collect, he has to leave for work.
Upon his return at 6.00 pm, he is 73 years old and has earned a total of 75.000 Simoleons, which sends him on (not permantent) platinum.
Suddenly, a hooded figure crosses the road and approaches Andrew from the side. Monica was always afraid of that day; it is the risk you run when you fall in love with someone so much older than yourself!
Poor Martina saw it all - Andrew receiving a cocktail from Mr. Reaper, the hula girls dancing, and her beloved Granddad disappearing before her eyes, with a tombstone appearing at the spot where he last stood.
Jacob loved his Dad - it was he who raised him, after all, his Mum having died when he was still little.
Martina can't stop crying.
She sleeps in her granddad's former bed to feel closer to him, but wakes up in the middle of the night, only to cry again.
On Friday, she is back in her own room but finds it difficult to focus on anything. Instead, she sits on her bed, thinking of the great times she and her Granddad used to have.
At 6.00 pm, she grows up into a teenager. The game decided on her hairstyle, not me! And the lot decided on her having the Romance aspiration; her LTW is to become Celebrity Chef (phew! I wasn't keen on yet another one who wished for 50 first dates, 50 dream dates, 20 simultaneous loves or woohoo with 20 different Sims...!).
Jacob and Monica spend hours talking about Andrew. Jacob tells Monica how he and his Dad used to play video games when he was still a boy, and they lived with Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein.
Saturday at 3.00 am, a burglar sneaks up to the house. Before he can take anything, the alarm goes off, and the police are there moments later and take the criminal with them.
Later that day, Monica, Jacob and Martina visit the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.
Andrew's tomb is the one underneath the willow tree.
It faces Catherine Viejo's and Betty Goldstein's tombs; I am sure he would have liked this! (The tomb with the marble slates and the black vase is Ajay Loner's.)
Back from the cemetery, the three of them start setting up the Christmas tree and other decorations. There are lots of presents there! Who is going to have them?
Jacob has made a batch of Christmas cookies.
Monica has invited her old friends from uni. She thinks that she, Jacob and Martina all need something to cheer them up after Andrew's death. Zoe Zimmerman and Sarah Love are part of the group... well as Castor Nova, Jessie Dosser (nee Pilferson, she married Mickey Dosser) and Jane Hart (nee Stacks, married to Matthew Hart).
There was not enough room at the table for everyone, so Jared Starchild and Jacob eat their cookies at the chess board instead.
Of course, Santa appears at night. Everyone is asleep but gets up to see him. Especially Martina seems to be in need of affection; she hugs Santa repeatedly, tickles him and talks to him, and they are best friends by the time he leaves.
This is Martina's room now, by the way.
On Sunday, the three household members take pictures of each other and order prints to be put on the wall.
Martina has not forgotten how much fun it was to slide down the banister when she was a little girl! Apparently, she, like Monica and Jacob, has now gotten over Andrew's death.
The photos showing Martina, Monica and Jacob.
Martina has caught the flu (again!) but does not want to eat yet another bowl of comfort soup. She makes use of Monica's career reward instead and makes medicine to cure herself.
Sunday afternoon, it looks like yet another party is being prepared.
This time, Jacob has invited his friends: Beau Broke, Miranda Capp, Gary Newson, Ripp Grunt...
...Violet Jocque, Romeo Monty (talking to Martina) and Rick Contrary (in the back).
"It's so good to have parties with our friends," Monica muses. And on this cheerful note, the week at this household ends. Next time we pass this way, in Round 5 (which will be the 6th week for the household), Monica and Jacob will turn into Elders. Will Martina go to college? Is she going to fulfill some of her romantic wishes, such has have a date with someone and kiss someone?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sarah Love: Week 2

- - - Update 27.1.2013 - - - Good morning, Sarah! Sarah's 2nd week in New Maximiliania sees her waking up, still wearing all her new jewellery and make-up. Not the best thing to do to your skin, girl.
Blacky, her little wombrat, is still her only permanent companian, and she makes sure to take care of Blacky very well.
Monday is rent day, and Sarah duly puts her envelope into the extra mail box outside the apartment building.
Her feelings for the janitor have not changed - nor has my resolution of NOT letting that happen. I'd think about it if they were 3-bolters, but they are not.
Sarah does not want to start this week as lonely as the previous one ended, and since it is Christmas, she bakes a batch of cookies and invites over five of the girls she studied with.
Of course, the result is the inevitable traffic jam in the bathroom - only when the party officially ends is Sarah finally able to leave the room and go to bed.
Tuesday is her lucky day: she finally finds a job in her dream career and can start today as a SWAT Team Leader.
Before she goes, she makes sure to play with Blacky and leave enough food in the cage.
Then, a proud Sarah dons her new uniform and heads for her carpool.
On Wednesday morning, she almost misses the carpool; I think she was held up by the janitor who wanted to chat.
She spends the evening using her new fingerprint scanner to gain some cleaning skills necessary for a promotion - but only after she has played with Blacky, rung a friend and had a bath.
Thursday goes by pretty much like Wednesday. On Friday, spring is noticeable in the air, and Sarah puts on a different outfit. She still has not found a man I allow her to love, and I must admit she does look a bit worried today.
But she returns from work with a promotion to Police Chief - I think that's the last step before she'll reach her LTW of becoming Captain Hero. This is her, leaving for work on Saturday morning in her new uniform.
Sunday is her day off, and she starts it by putting on something nice and playing with Blacky.
It's a perfect day for the park, and Sarah calls a taxi to take her there.
On her own accord, the tips the Human Statue four or five times in a row! (In real life, I can't stand them and would NEVER give them any money.)
Several other New Maximilianians are enjoying a round of Mishuno, lead by a townie: Opal Contrary, Brittany Upsnott, Lisa Ramirez, William Williamson and Wanda Tinker.
Thanks to an infallibly good witch, the day is made even nicer.
Sarah and Brittany sit down together for a hot dog in the afternoon.
The townie who was leading the Mishuno is blonde... maybe he's a good cook, too? Sarah seems to like him, but once again, I am not making an exception of my rule, because she does not have 3 bolts for him.
When the sun sets over the park, Sarah decides she wants to go dancing, and has a taxi take her to the P.U.R.E.
Along with two townie-ladies and Klara Williamson (nee Vonderstein), she spends an hour on the dance floor.
Who would have expected such moves from uptight-looking Klara? :-)
Oh! He's blonde, isn't he, and I seem to remember he's a pretty good cook, too... Sarah greets Malcolm Landgraab, but finds out she has only one bolt for him.
The week was successful job-wise, but when it comes to love, Sarah Love is still as lonely as before. Sunday night ends with her preparing pork chops just for herself (is she really going to eat FOUR?). 

How long until her next promotion? And where is that elusive three-bolt-man for her?