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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Hart-Stacks Family: Week 2

- - - Update 20.1.2011 - - - If you have been following my other stories from New Maximiliania, you will remember that, not long ago, Matthew was indeed initiated into the world of witchcraft by his friend Herbert Goodie. Herbert passed away shortly after he had started to lead his younger friend along the path of light, but because he knew his time was coming, he had given Matthew his spellbook, cauldron, broomstick and a stock of ingredients. On top of that, Matthew inherited a small sum of money. Now, back at his own house, on this Monday morning over breakfast, Matthew remembers his deceased friend by wearing the warlock outfit. And as you can see, he has something rather specific in mind: he wants to get married to Jane, his three-bolt-love.
The week is off to a fiery start when the pretty Christmas tree on the front porch bursts into flames.
Good job nobody is outside at this early hour, so neither Matthew nor Jane start to panic. Instead, Matthew calmly calls the fire brigade, and the flames are soon put out before anything worse can happen.
With both her parents being at home all day, it takes little Helena only one day to learn all her toddler tasks.
But having a toddler is not just pure joy, as every young parent in your circle of friends and family will confirm :-) Interrupted nights are the norm for Jane and Matthew, but since they do not need to go to work, they always have the chance to have a nap during the day if necessary. With the money inherited from Herbert Goodie, their household account is at 7.510 Simoleons - not counting a few things in their inventories they can sell if need be.
Tuesday sees the neighbourhood covered in a thick blanket of snow. For two days, nothing very remarkable happens. Helena plays with her bunny rabbit, while her parents invite in whoever happens to walk by their house: Albany Capp on Tuesday, and Pascal Curious on Wednesday.
Very early on Thursday morning...
...Matthew is kidnapped by Aliens. For him, this is a very traumatic experience - after all, he is not a Knowledge Sim.
Only later, when Helena grows up into a child on the same day, he manages to leave the troublesome adventure behind and focus on the present.
Until now, the whole upper floor of the house was unused. With Helena outgrowing her crib and other baby things, a pretty "princess" room is furnished for her upstairs. This leaves the household with 4.628 Simoleons (of course the Tuesday and Thursday bills have been paid, too), still plenty to live on for another while before anyone needs to think about getting a job or selling something out of their inventory.
For Matthew and Jane, Helena's move to the upper floor means they can finally enjoy some peace and quiet in their bedroom again :-)
Friday is supposed to be Helena's first day at school...
...but it gets called off because of the amount of snow covering New Maximiliania!
Jane decides to celebrate "Snow Day" by making a batch of Christmas cookies.
On his way to breakfast, Matthew suddenly notices his belly growing bigger - well, it was to be expected, wasn't it!
The family enjoy their breakfast of Christmas cookies.
Later, I decide to send Helena to school in spite of it being Snow Day - she should not miss out on the chance to meet other kids, and I suppose her parents have important things to discuss :-)
By Saturday, the snow has gone, and Matthew notices a hole in the front yard, dug up by a stray dog. Matthew, I don't think you should be shovelling dirt in your condition!!
With the onset of spring, Jane changes into another one of the outfits Matthew brought for her last week. Mother and daughter prepare omelettes together.
On Sunday morning at 12 minutes past 10, Matthew's half-Alien daughter is born! She is named Hailey - I wanted her name to start with an "H" because of Matthew's surname, and Hailey reminds me a little bit of Halley, which is the name of a comet and befits her heritage from outer space. Little Hailey has, thankfully, a human nose and mouth. Look at Matthew's face - the traumatic Alien kidnapping seems to be completely made up for!
Helena is pondering what it means to have a baby sister, and one with an Alien father.
By Sunday afternoon, it is warm and sunny enough to finally do what Matthew and Jane had decided earlier this week.
They invite their friends (from back left to front right): Edwin Sharpe, Guy Wrightly, Jessie Pilferson, Jonah Powers, Allegra Gorey and Bianca Capp. Bianca has done this before - she keeps appearing at other people's weddings dressed like a bride! I wonder what's wrong with her.
Another friend who is invited to the wedding is Mickey Dosser; he used to be in a fraternity with Matthew during their college days. And who is the elegant beauty behind him? Her name is Melanie Hart. She is a townie, but I found her in Matthew's phone book, and as they share the same surname, I treat her like a relative of his.
The two "thrones of light" Matthew received from his deceased friend Herbert Goodie are set up for the bride and groom; their choice of dress is a bit odd for a wedding, but that's our Sims for your!
While everyone else is watching the newlyweds cutting the cake after the ceremony, young Helena is entertaining herself by splashing about in a puddle. Not the best idea when you are wearing a floor-length dress :-)
Helena can of course have as much wedding cake as she wants, but only the adults are having champagne, toasting Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Jane Hart. (Helena's surname is still Stacks, her mother's maiden name.)
The party really gets going when someone switches the stereo on and the guests salsa the afternoon away. On this happy note, we leave the Hart family and will be back to accompany little Hailey through her toddler "years". 

Will Helena find friends at school? How are Matthew and Jane going to pass their days with neither of them working? Will they manage with the money for another full week?


  1. yay a wedding! looked like a good celebration. I do love parties. Little Hailey is a welcome addition to the family. I love the look of their house. :)

    1. Thank you! I quite like that house, too, and love playing weddings and other parties.

  2. Yay! Wedding! It was a really nice ceremony and party - I hope it was a roof raiser! :)

    1. Another one of your 2017 comments I somehow missed., sorry! Can't remember, but the party might have been a roof raiser.

  3. Woohoo, a very nice and pretty wedding. I have often forgotten to "assign" non-wedding dresses to the brides after their weddings. There are many pictures of weddings in Breeze Point where guests are wearing them too. :) Can't wait to see how life goes for both girls.

    1. I never seem to remember assigning a non-bridal formal outfit after a wedding, either.


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