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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Kim Family: Week 4

- - - Update 13.1.2013 - - - The fourth week for the Kim family in New Maximiliania is about to begin, and we meet Gabby and Cheech playing in the kitchen.
Justin is up and looking forward to what is going to be his pre-last day at school before going to college on this Monday morning.
Robert is up, too, while his wife Cynthia is still asleep; she works a lot later in the evening, after all. By the way, Robert has three bolts for Beatrice Monty; between him and wife, there is only 1 bolt (which does not mean they love each other any less).
When Justin and Robert have left for school and work, Cynthia has a lone omelette for breakfast.
She does not have to work today and makes good use of the time by maxing out her cooking skill.
Robert comes home with a promotion to Surgeon.
On Tuesday, Cynthia puts the finishing brush strokes to a portrait of Justin.
Gabby is now an elderly dog.
Robert is promoted yet again: he is now a Medical Researcher. If I am not very much mistaken, his next promotion will mean him reaching his lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff.
Moments after Robert has returned from work, it is time for Cynthia...
..and himself to say good-bye to Justin - the taxi to take him to college has just pulled up in front of the house. Hopefully, going to college will give the boy a chance to meet the girl of his dreams - the one he intends to celebrate the Golden Anniversary with, since that is his LTW.
The rest of the evening, Robert tackles the leaves in the yard, while his wife is upstairs, painting.
On Wednesday evening, Cynthia prepares Lobster Thermidor. What's the special meal for?
Robert has invited his good friend Cyd Roseland and his wife, Cassandra (nee Goth).
On Thursday, Cynthia has really no reason for looking so serious after coming home from work: She is now a Celebrity Chef and has reached Permanent Platinum 4 days before Elderhood. (Here, she is still wearing her Restauranteur outfit.)
The Kims are happy - now, Robert only needs to get some more skills for his next promotion, and they will be a Perma-Plat couple.
Friday is another day off for Cynthia. She spends most of it gardening.
When Robert returns from work, he immediately heads upstairs to gain that elusive last logic skill point.
Cheech is an Elder now, too.
Over their dinner of leftover lobster, Robert suggests they go on holiday as soon as he has that last decisive promotion under his belt. "What a lovely idea, darling!" Cynthia exclaims.
But then, drama strikes as Cynthia, as is so often her habit, sets fire to the piles of leaves in the yard and accidentaly is caught in the flames herself.
It does not take Robert long to run to the scene, but his attempts to rescue his wife end in himself being engulfed by the flames.
All Mr. Reaper can do is shake his head. Why do those Sims always insist of burning their leaves? So many of them have already lost their lives that way!
Before he leaves, he uses the Kims' toilet.
Before the night is over, an officer of New Maximiliania's police force arrives to take Gabby and Cheech to the Pet Adoption Center. 

(I did not plan this to happen, although of course every time I have one of my Sims set fire to a pile of leaves, I realise that there is a chance of this being their last hour. In this case, I have leant back and let the events take their course. Once Justin is through college, he will possibly be able to buy his parents' house back, and then I will find out whether their portraits and other personal effects are still there. Also, it would be good if Justin was able to retrieve his parents' tombstones, and I am sure he can get Gabby and Cheech back from the pet adoption centre.)


  1. OMG, both died? How sad that no-one was there to try and save them. Still it is the nature of the game and makes it more realistic. They were doing so well! :)

    1. Even if there had been someone else there (like their son), I am not sure I would have intervened. It will be interesting to find out what the house is like when/if Justin manages to buy it back one day in the distant future.

  2. Oops, another pair of sims lives ending abruptly. It's been a while though since someone died from fire in New Max :)

  3. Wow, that ended....abruptly. At least Justin was off at college so he was not also engulfed in the flames. That news will hit hard at college though. So just out of curiosity, why do you have the sims burn the leaves? I don't believe I have ever had a sim do that.

    1. I like the risk factor involved - if I am very fond of a Sim or a family, I won't have them burn leaves, as I am fully aware that they could die doing this.
      Call it population control, if you like :-)

    2. That makes sense. There are certainly things I have not ever really done in my hood, but other people do so I always kind of wonder. Thanks for sharing. :D


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