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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Larson Family Album

Here are some pictures from the Larsons' first week in New Maximiliania:

The house where Jason and Jodie lived when they first arrived in the neighbourhood:

Back view of the house. 

They furnished it nicely.

But there was only enough room for a shared bedroom - less than ideal for two adults.

A closer look at the bedroom. 

Both found jobs in their dream career quickly.

They spent some time reading in order to get the skills needed for their promotions.

Jodie meeting Ajay Loner for the first time - and obviously liking what she sees!

She soon found out that the feeling was mutual.

Jodie asked Ajay to move in with her and her brother, and he accepted.

Maybe he had not realised he was going to have to sleep on the settee!

But already on the next day, the three housemates moved out and into a bigger place.


  1. ooh, I like the house you moved them into at the end of the round.


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