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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jacquet Family Album

Here is an assortment of snapshots that were taken during Round 1 and Round 2; the corresponding text has, sadly, been lost when the Sims2 story exchange was closed down.

Gilbert and Jacquet as they looked when the game started. 

Their house, before any changes were made (not that there were many visible outside).

Denise's bedroom after its makeover.

The kitchen after the makeover.

The upstairs bedroom, where Gilbert sleeps.

Gilbert advancing in his career.

Denise not being exactly friendly with a vistitor (Chloe Singles).

Gilbert being VERY friendly with a visitor :-) (Daisy Greenman)

Daisy moved in with Gilbert once they were sure they wanted to stay together.

It was difficult for Daisy as a Plantsim to succeed in her career, and so Denise bought plantocillin (not sure that is what it is called in the game) for her.

She took it and was transformed...

...into a "normal", entirely human, Sim.

One night, Gilbert was abducted by the Aliens. Neither he nor Daisy were happy about this.

But once Gilbert found out he was pregnant, everyone was looking forward to welcoming a new member into the family.

Sadly, Denise died before her grandchild was born. 

Little Jacqueline was the apple of Gilbert's eye.

Daisy loved the baby and cared for her whenever Gilbert was at work and she had time off.

One night, she was scared by Denise's ghost.

Maybe Denise had found out about Daisy's brief fling with Don Lothario.

She invited her mother, Rose Greenman over to ask her advice.

In the meantime, little Jacqueline grew from baby to toddler...

...and then to child.

Now Denise's former room was transformed to be Jacqueline's.

And Gilbert became an Elder.

Daisy and Gilbert finally tied the knot and made Daisy's mother Rose very happy!

Daisy's parents, Jason and Rose Greenman, arriving for the wedding along with their other daughters Gerlinde and Lavender (I'm afraid I can't remember who the blonde lady at the back is).

Family friend Brandi broke, Greta Greenman and (I think) Leod Broke-McGreggor were there as well.

Everyone applauded after the ceremony.

The little girls all wore matching dresses (by coincidence!). 

Gilbert was now looking forward to spending his old age a happily married man.

Denise's ghost still appears from time to time, but she has never ventured into the house again since that one night.


  1. It has been said The Sims 2 website will be shut down on Monday, that includes Sims 2 exchange.
    It was announced on EA back almost a month ago, the said website will likely target to The Sims 3 website.

    I'm an "anonymous" user that I don't have an user name I use on making comments.

    1. Do I know you from the German Sims forums maybe? :-)

      Yes, I know about the shutting down; I regret EA's decision in that matter (as several other decisions they took over the last five years or so), but thankfully, I have all I need to transfer my stories from there to here in my storytelling folder in the game itself.

  2. That really made me laugh when Denise was slapping Chloe Singles as the only time I ever played Gilbert he married Chloe.. :D

  3. Wow that was quite a start. A lot happened. It's so different to get used to a plantsim being a "regular" human after wards. I expect them to still be green. :D

    1. Nope - none of the Sims that I transformed from PlantSim to Human has remained green :-)


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