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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Larson Twins: Week 4

It is Monday morning of the fourth week at the Larson-Loner household.
Jodie Larson and her twin brother Jason as well as housemate (and Jodie's lover) Ajay Loner are all on Permanent Platinum, and so I leave them entirely to their own devices, merely observing.
Jodie takes it upon herself to clean the kitchen counter.
Did I say I leave them entirely to their own devices? Strictly speaking, that's not true - there is one exception: When another inhabitant of New Max walks past the house, I have one of the three go out and greet the passers-by. Today, Gabriella Newson is welcomed in... is, a bit later on, Paola Picaso. The two teenage girls seem to to be getting along fine. Sadly, they are way too young to be potential candiates for that "Special Someone" still missing from Jason's life.
On Tuesday morning, for the first (and only) time, Ajay Loner thinks of marriage. The actual wish never turns up for him, nor for Jodie, and so there is no wedding.
Tara Gieke, nee Kat, is Jason's guest for today.
In the late afternoon, he decides to make Hamburgers for everyone.
Sadly, he burns them, but since there is no other food ready, and Jodie loves her brother no matter what, she does not complain and eats a burger with him.
Before the day is over, Freiya Freshe walks by and is greeted by Ajay.
Wednesday sees Jason sleeping in his own bed without me telling him to. Somehow, the three members of this household do not seem quite as daft in their behaviour as other Sims I have left to do whatever they felt like. They walk around in their PJs a lot, true; but generally, they are pretty good at taking care of themselves and the household.
Edwin Sharpe...
...and Beta Beaker are invited in today.
Thursday morning, it is once again Jason to volunteer for making a meal for everyone. The pancakes turn out nicely, not burnt!
The only other time I intervene with these Sims is that I assign them different clothes with the changing of the season. It is now spring, and Jodie can get rid of the woolly cardigan and warm trousers.
Tommy Ottomas has been out for a walk and gladly accepts Ajay's offer to come in.
On Friday morning, I find Jason's room infested by bugs! You can just about see them, I think; there is one right under his heel and two visible just below the bed.
Jason gets rid of the bugs very quickly. I wonder whether they have escaped from his bug collection, displayed on the wall behind him (not visible here).
Did you know that the skunk stops to smell flowers?!
Jodie starts clearing the front yard of old newspapers... and stops after the first one.
She greets Silvia Singles, daughter of Kristen Singles and Checo Ramirez.
Ajay is now 72, and I don't think he will be around for much longer, judging from his lifetime bar.
On Saturday, he spends some time doing housework.
He welcomes Roxie Sharpe.
On Sunday morning, Ajay cleans the bath.
Jason greets Monica Bratford...
...and Ajay welcomes Tina Traveller. Then the twins leave for work, and Ajay lays down for a nap.
He wakes up to the sound of a Hawaii guitar, and sees Mr. Reaper and his Hula Girls waiting for him in front of the bed. At 74 and on Permanent Platinum, he has no problem going with them. His urn is later transferred to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.
Because they were very much in love, I expected Jodie to grieve for Ajay, but when she and Jason return from work, they give no sign of even noticing the loss of their housemate. Maybe because they were not married? Anyway, the week ends with the twins being 67, and, by the looks of it, having at least another full week ahead of them. That's not too late for Jason to still find someone, or Jodie to find happiness once more!


  1. How unusual for Jodie not to mourn the lost of Ajay in some way.
    Easy come easy go eh?
    They have been a good bunch of self-serving elders I think. :)

    1. Yes, I thought it a bit odd, too; while he was still alive, the two of them were initiating romantic interactions all the time, so it was not as if she didn't love him.
      I guess the game only triggers the grieving action for relatives and spouses, I've often observed it with grandparents and parents, too.

  2. Quite some action here even with three permaplat elders :)

    1. Nowadays, they'd be transferred to the Senior Residence, but I had not set that up yet back then.

  3. Wow, this is a good set of elders. Very self-sufficient. It's a shame many younger sims have not learned these lessons. :) Weird that she didn't mourn him, I've had sims mourn people they weren't directly related to, at least I'm pretty sure I have. Anyway this is a nice family and a nice house.

    1. I have not completely figured out the mourning; sometimes I wonder why a Sim is so affected by another Sim's death when other Sims don't bat an eyelid even when a close relative dies (and their relationship to them was good).

    2. Yes, there are certainly some "quirks" about the game. :) But I'm ok with it, it makes it more real at times.


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