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Monday, 14 January 2013

Justin Kim at University, Year 1

A group of eight students live at this dorm which is part of Académie Le Tour. We are going to spend a "year" here because of Justin Kim; he has only just arrived, along with another newcomer. How is the recently orphaned Justin going to cope with life on campus?
Justin is the young man in the front. Behind him, we find Björn Beaker (in his very last semester), Ariel Capp (at the start of her last year), Xander Roth, Barry Beaker (like his brother, in his last semestr), Isaiah Gavigan, Cedric Cooke and the 2nd newcomer, Helena Stacks (daughter of Matthew and Jane Hart, nee Stacks). The reason why Barry and Björn are one semester ahead of the others is that they were put on Academic Probation in the past. To this day, I don't know how and why that happened, but happen it did, and they worked hard to not get put on probation again.
After everyone has claimed a room, I leave them to do what they want to do for a bit, and just watch. Ariel's first stop is here.
Xander stays in his room and blogs.
Cedric switches on the stereo and begins to hula, while Björn uses the computer in the common room to blog.
Helena Stacks - who age-transitioned with the wrong hairdo - plays a game against the machine.
Isiaiah starts to paint.
Now I have given Helena her original hairdo back. So far, the entire dorm is completely unchanged from how it was furnished and decorated by Maxis. Not very nice, is it!
There is cheap, non-matching furniture, and the walls and floors come in either totally bland or rather hideous colours. The flooding in the top floor common room was probably caused by the cow mascot holding a match underneath the sprinkler. Ariel sighs; other students have left books lying around, and she is the only one who cares enough about order and cleanliness to mop up the water, it seems. (Much like real life in a house shared by several people, isn't it!)
In the cafeteria, Helena is having her first meal since her arrival, and Cedric joins her. She is wondering aloud whether the cook is always going to serve mac and cheese for dinner and lunch.
Whenever I don't give them anything to do, the students all gather to dance the Hula.
One by one, I give the students' rooms a makeover. Barry Beaker has gone for yellow and teal.
Ariel's choice is light blue and yellow.
Björn has opted for a gothic look in black and red.
The other rooms will have a makeover later, as will the common rooms, cafeteria and bathrooms. Helena's wish was to declare her major in Political Science.
Her room looks like this now.
(You will have noticed that each of the students have a double bed. And, sure enough, they all sleep just where they want, regardless of whether it is actually their room or not. Since almost all of them are friends with each other, they often end up with two of the boys sharing a bed, or Ariel having male company in her bed without anything happening.)
Oh! I never saw Xander Roth and Helena Stacks so much as flirt with each other, when, totally out of the blue, Helena jumps into Xander's arms! And, sure enough, there are red hearts over both their heads. Well, neither of them has three bolts for anyone, nor do they need anyone special to satisfy their respective lifetime wants, and so they are welcome to being an item :-)
Ariel, whose LTW is to have 50 first dates, has her 11th first date with Isaiah Gavigan. (I usually have her start the date and then just do ONE action out of her wish panel, most of the time "tell joke to...", and then end the date - it still counts as a first date, but does not bring the complications that arise from falling in love with each and everyone of them!)
Justin declares his major in History. He and Xander have the same hairdo, but they are easy to tell apart because of Xander's glasses.
I never saw the campus coach coming, and maybe he/she wasn't there, but Helena Stacks starts working out on their own accord (won't do her any harm...!).
She is joined by Barry, without me having told him to.
Finally, Barry and Björn have graduated! "We've made it, bro!" Barry happily exclaims.
He is the first to throw his graduation party on the next day.
Friends Oliver Ottomas, Pauline Aspir and Olivia Ottomas are invited, as are of course the Beaker boys' parents. That's Loki in the back.
Beta Beaker, their younger sister, friend Marcus Baldwin and their Mom, Circe, are there as well.
The other students end their term all on good grades and are ready to join Barry's graduation party.
Barry finally takes off his graduation robe and changes into a (rather ghastly) suit before boarding the taxi that is to take him back to New Maximiliania.
His brother Björn has his graduation party on the next day and invites over his half-sister Jacqueline Jacquet and friends Gerlinde Greenman and Bottom Summerdream. Strangely, he can only invite three guests, while his brother had the choice of eight. It is not for lack of friends and family in his relationship panel; must be another bug.
Björn in his graduation robe and hat.
For unknown reasons, Justin Kim starts to argue with Björn. Well, they won't share this dorm for much longer, so I am not too worried about this. Who knows, maybe they were arguing about Justin wanting Björn's room after his departure :-)
His fellow students (all but Justin!) wave him good-bye as Björn gets into the taxi back to New Max.
Maybe Justin is being so difficult because he lost his parents recently; he even rejects Ariel when she asks him on a date. After that, she gave him time to become more friendly over a game of kicky bag, and soon she was able to make Justin her 12th First Date.
Then Ariel graduates Magna Cum Laude and Xander Summa Cum Laude.
Ariel's graduation party once again only gives her the option of inviting three guests.
Her parents and sister Desdemona were the only ones she invited, and then she left Campus. You can see her Mum, Goneril, leaving in the background.  
Xander Roth does not even get rid of his sunglasses for his graduation party. 

Now there are only four students left at this dorm, which means I can merge the household with the four students living at the other dorm: Gerlinde and Greta Greenman and the Picaso brothers, Pierre and Placido. We'll find out how they all get along when I reach the next of their surnames on the alphabetical list.


  1. A great Uni round. Poor Justin, it'll hit him hard for a while being recently orphaned.
    A nice match up for Xander and Helena. I like when they choose themselves!

    1. Xander and Helena really took me by surprise! Xander had been at uni for so long already, and Helena only just arrived :-)

  2. It's just like RL - suddenly you meet The One - even if in this case it might not have been threebolters

  3. Well the uni grads have certainly been successful. Seems like Justin was certainly reeling from the news of his parents untimely death. Like you, for 1st dates I get the date, tell them a joke or talk with them and say good-bye. I find say good-bye tends to cause the date to dip into "bad" territory more often the end the date, but I don't think that works when they live there. :)

    1. They need to end the date, as far as I know, and that usually makes the date bad enough for my taste ;-)

    2. Oooppps....I just realized I says "more often." If they use the "say goodbye" when the person doesn't live there it DOESN'T drop the date to "bad" like it does with end date. It effectively ends the date, then the date leaves, but yeah, when you live with them that's harder.


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