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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Don Lothario: Week 4

- - - Update 27.1.2013 - - - Welcome back to Don Lothario's still relatively new place and his fourth week in New Maximiliania. There is something on the balcony that was not there the previous week:
A telescope. Don probably won't suffer an Alien abduction; and even if he does, he is now 7 days from Elderhood and therefore him getting pregnant is quite unlikely, unless the abduction should happen over the next two nights. No, but he boosts his bank account by twice getting awarded 500 Simoleons for the discovery of a new star.
You already know that one of my self-set rules is to intervene as little as possible with my Sims, once they are on Permanent Platinum, and our Don has reached his LTW of woohooing 20 different Sims already last week. So, what does he do when there are no ladies to conquer? He plays with his toy bricks!
But he does think of love, I must give that to him. Do you remember he used to have some 3-bolt-ladies in his relationship panel? Strangely enough, Heather Huffington is only on two bolts with him now, while he has 3 bolts for Jessie Dosser (nee Pilferson), Nina Caliente, Chloe Singles and Jodie Larson. Well, Jessie is happily married, Nina has not yet reached her own LTW of having 20 lovers, and Chloe and Jodie are both quite a bit older than Don.
What to do? Don seems to be as clueless as I!
While he chats online to Wanda Tinker, a message appears, asking me whether I want to invite Wanda over. I click "yes", and Wanda appears at Don's front door a few minutes later. The two of them do not limit their evening activities to talking about food, rest assured...!
On Tuesday morning, Don has a healthy breakfast of crisps. His fridge is not empty, but maybe he wants fresh groceries.
So I send him to the "Fresh Rush Groceries" and discover that I can not remember ever having played on this Maxis-made community lot before.
It is a nice community lot, where Sims can shop for groceries, magazines, video games and even perfume. I must remember that next time I want one of my Sims to buy perfume.
As usual on a community lot, I have a look at who else is there. Jennifer Burb, Emily Broke (nee Lee), Tiffany Sampson and Ty Bubbler all seem to be enjoying a chat.
Don has spun up the wish to have his photo taken, and so he gets that granted.
Back home, out of sheer boredom I let Don salvage the bin. He finds a dart that sells for 6 Simoleons...
...and one of them rattling thingies our Sims use when cheering someone on for their birthday or when they have a New Year's Bash; it sells for 8 Simoleons.
Every New Maximilianian passing by is greeted by Don; here is Lavender Greenman. I check his relationship panel after the greeting and find out these two are 3-bolters! But Lavender has married Geoff Rutherford in order to help her Mom, Rose Greenman, with her lifetime want.
On Wednesday, Don discovers a bug infestation in his yard. Instead of simply picking up the trash can, thus avoiding more bugs, he hardly stops stomping on the bugs for the rest of the week. The skunk now practically lives on his land.
Geoff Greenman, Lavender's husband, appears and is greeted by Don. Good job he did not start anything with Lavender - he has a clean conscience towards the elderly gentleman.
Beau Broke is next to be welcomed by Don.
With two guests, Don decides to forego the bags of crisps or cookies he has been living on and prepares chili con carne instead.
Beau seems to have more brains than his host and starts spraying the bugs.
He does not stay long enough to finish the job, though, and when Don wakes up on Thursday morning, he is back to an entire day of almost uninterrupted bug-stomping.
By Friday, the bugs are still there, still keeping Don occupied, while the house is a mess. Look at that bath tub!
The TV is broken.
And so is the computer.
In spite of having a fridge full of food, if Don can tear himself away from stomping the bugs long enough, all he does is stuff his face or have a can of juice.
By Saturday, he has not had any more guests or spoken to anyone on the phone, and it is hardly surprising that the Social Bunny appears. This is a rare occurrance in my game!
Don and the Bunny spend some time together, playing games and talking, and Don even gives the Bunny a backrub.
Then the phone rings and a townie Don met while buying groceries earlier in the week invites him for an outing downtown. I think, why not, and have Don accept the invitation.
The taxi pulls up in front of "Bernard's Botanical Dining".
The two men have dinner together...
...and later enjoy a game of darts, joined by Hal and Desdemona Capp.
Sunday morning starts exactly like every day since the beginning of the bug infestation.
After Don has caught a few more minutes of sleep (he is constantly hungry, in need of a shower and lacking social life and therefore never sleeps longer than a few moments), he returns to his beloved toy bricks for a bit.
But after a little while, he is back out in the yard, stomping on the ever-present bugs. Not even the snow has put an end to that! At 6.00 pm, he turns into an Elder. And guess what wishes he spins up? To call an Exterminator, and to get married!
Well, Don, try to get some sleep, and for the next round, we'll see what can be done for you!

Frankly, that was rather boring to play. Don is frustratingly stubborn when it comes to those bugs, and it simply does not enter his mind that he could put the trash can upright again and put an end to the infestation. What do you think - should I have him call the Exterminator next time I visit this house? And who would make a good wife for our Don?


  1. I'm amazed that Don never got sick with all that bug stomping- sometimes my sims only have to stomp on them once and they get ill.
    It might have been boring to play but it was fun to read. Hmm, who should Don marry? Now he's an elder maybe he should call up Jodie Larson? ;)

    1. Someone else has suggested by email that I set him up with Jodie Larson, too :-) I don't know yet, but we'll all find out together!
      As for the sickness, I think Don had a cold / the flu on and off all week, but it started before the bug infestation and I can't remember how much of it was related to the bug-stomping.

  2. If he wishes for the exterminator, give it to him! And getting married - maybe he realized that he's mortal and risk to die alone

    1. I played this so long ago I can't really remember what happened :-)

  3. in my game don has THREE alien toddlers and without smart milk it would have been impossible to teach anything! it was even worse how the butler would but smart milk in the bin and the toddlers just splashed in the bathroom!

    1. Toddlers really are a challenge, aren't they!

  4. Wow Don really was a very stubborn sim. I say he wished for an exterminator, give him one. lol I know this was played LONG LONG ago, but still. :)

    1. I usually fulfill such wishes of my Sims, to call an exterminator or a repair man :-)


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