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Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Jacquet Family: Week 4

At the start of their fourth week in New Maximiliania, how do we find the Jacquet household? Gilbert is now 67 and Daisy (pictured here) 55. Both are on Permanent Platinum, which means that I will leave them to their own devices for most of the time.
Jacqueline, still firmly asleep so early on Monday morning, will be an adult in 13 days.
Denise's ghost appears in the yard; isn't it funny (and a bit illogical) that ghosts make such "traces" in the snow, in spite of being very well able to go through walls?
Daisy and Gilbert are a firm 3-bolt-couple, and acting on their own accord often sees them doing romantic things such as classic dancing in their nighties :-)
On Tuesday, Daisy builds a snowman.
Jacqueline has her 3rd dream date with Ramon Ramirez (he is Lisa Ramirez' son and Tessa's younger brother).
On Wednesday, Gilbert decides a bag of crisps is just what he needs instead of a proper meal.
Melrose Moonbeam comes home from school with Jacqueline on that day and soon becomes her 4th dream date.
Part of what he wished for in order to make this a dream date was a pillow fight :-)
Gilbert returns from work together with his colleague Benjamin Baldwin.
There are two well-furnished bathrooms in the house, but of course - as usual! - everyone insists on using the same one... at the same time!
Thursday morning sees the coming of spring, although there is still a lot of snow on the ground.
For school today, Jacqueline changes into a different outfit. (Not at all the kind of outfit I like my Sims to wear, but I decided to have her buy outfits in red, and this was one of them. Also, if I only ever gave all my Sims my favourite outfits, they'd be walking around looking too much alike!)
Another one of her many half-sisters, Hailey Hart, gets off the bus with her today after school.
In the evening, Melrose Moonbeam rings and asks Jacqueline to meet him downtown for another dream date. Her parents decide to tag along, and all three of them arrive at "Speedy's Fast Lane".
There must be something about pillow fights, since Melrose wants another one :-)
Daisy prefers to entertain herself at the pool table...
...while Gilbert is smustling to the music from the juke box.
Cheered on by Sarah Love, Mrs. Crumplebottom has just bowled a strike :-)
Meanwhile, Melrose and Jacqueline have just had her dream date # 5.
Daisy and Gilbert have a meal at the counter, while other New Maximilianians have fun bowling: Jane Hart is cheered on by Chaz Whippler here.
Back home, Denise's ghost appears again that night. She still seems to be upset about her own bed not being there anymore.
On Friday, Chloe Singles walks past, and I have Gilbert go out to greet her. I did not expect that greeting to be so... erm... enthusiastic!! Good job Daisy was at work at the time.
When she comes home later, it is with colleague Samantha Green.
For a change, the family sit down together for a proper meal instead of grabbing snacks from the fridge.
On Saturday, Daisy invites her parents, Rose and Jason Greenman, and brother Gordon over.
"Soon, there'll be just the two of you here, Mum and Dad," Jacqueline says over their lunch of grilled cheese. Next week, she is going to leave for college.
But before that, she invites Gallagher Newson over and has her 6th dream date with him.
Mitch Indie, whose troubled weeks we have followed recently, walks by and is invited in. Looks like he thinks of his little daughter even while he is having some much needed time away from everything back home.
The family Saturday is enjoyed by everyone (although not the entire family is here: Greta and Gerlinde, Daisy's younger sisters, are at college; her brother Gary is home with Jessica and their children).
"Mum, can I go out tonight, please?" Jacqueline asks. I rarely do that in my game, but it was Jacqueline's wish to ask for permission to go out. Since she had Gallagher still as her guest, I expected the two of them to leave together. Instead... 
...the phone gives the option of asking every teenager for miles around, and I have Jacqueline to decide on her half-sister Freiya Freshe. Minutes after the phonecall was made, a black stretch limousine pulls up, and only Jaqueline gets in, leaving Gallagher behind with her parents and relatives!
Poor Gallagher - not only is he not asked along with the girls, he gets the scare of his life when Denise's ghost suddenly appears right in front of him!
Just as Jacqueline returns from her night out with Freiya, the Gypsy Lady leaves another magic lamp on the front porch.
On Sunday, Jacqueline makes pork chops on her own accord, which is much appreciated by her parents.
The week ends with Daisy having a nap on the settee while Jacqueline and her Dad have a game of punch you, punch me. He is now 74, and I'm afraid he is going to die early on in week 5, probably before Jacqueline will leave for college.


  1. Ah yes I remember now why I got Chloe & Gilbert together, must be a 3 bolt attraction, :D A good job Daisy was at work. It does seem odd that married sims display this OTT greeting though.
    I like Jacqueline's new look, it's hard sometimes to find colours that compliment the green skin.

    1. You're right about the green skin! Usually, in deciding what clothes my Sims buy for themselves, I stick to the colours they age-transitioned in and only try to make sure the result is not a complete mismatch.

  2. Nice week here. Gilbert being a Romancer cannot keep his hands to himself I guess :)

    1. It is always a bit tricky with those Romance Sims ;-)

  3. This family is doing well. They have their....quirks, hehe, but everyone gets along so well. I don't often send my teens to "go out" either but it is fun once in awhile.

    1. I was so sorry for Gallagher, first he was left out and then he was scared by a ghost!


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