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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Don Lothario: Week 3

This house is where I have put Don Lothario; his old house was just too boring for me, after I had already played him there before. Returning here on my 3rd round through New Maximiliania, we find Don Lothario 14 days away from Elderhood. His lifetime want is typical for a Romance Sim: he wants to have woohoo with 20 different Sims. So far, he is doing well - there already are 15 names on his list!
That's Don, by the way. I think he looks much better with a different hair style and without a beard. Do you want to know who the 15 ladies are? Dina Caliente, Florence Delarosa, Daisy Greenman, Chloe Singles, Lola Singles, Wanda Tinker, Patricia Cooke, Kimberly Cordial, Priya Ramaswami, Erin Singles, Nina Caliente, Emily Lee, Jasmine Rai, Heather Huffington and Brittany Upsnott.
Don can not pursue his lifetime want ceaselessly; sometimes more domestic matters demand his attention such as repairing a broken sink.
But most of the time, the ladies are on his mind, and on the Monday of his 3rd week, Jules O'Mackey succumbs to his charms and becomes No. 16 on his list.
Tuesday sees him with another conquest: Lilith Pleasant.
It takes a few days, some phone calls and visits, but by Friday, Carla Reamon becomes No. 18 on Don's list.
On Saturday morning, Don decides he needs a change of scene and heads over to Sparks! Sports Park.
Funnily enough, the only Sims present are men.
They use the facilities, such as the swimming pool and the basketball hoop, and cheer each other on for their sporty efforts (Puck Summerdream here is cheered on by Gilbert Jacquet, Ripp Grunt and a townie).
It takes hours until finally a female Sim turns up: Cynthia Kim. She does not stay, however. [Note: obviously, I played and wrote this when the Kims were still alive; it was probably in 2011 when I was going through round 3.]
Don walks over to Hunters Park; the all-male company at the Sports Park is too boring for him.
Once again, the men clearly outnumber the women, but at least there are Hannah Bell and Brandi Broke to talk to.
Don goes home and invites Ana Patel over. As expected, she becomes his 19th woohoo - that's only one more to go and then he will have reached his lifetime want! It will be a premiere for me - no Sim has ever reached that lifetime want in my game until now; not because it is difficult (it is actually quite easy), but because it is rather time-consuming :-)
And who becomes Don's No. 20 on Sunday? DJ Verse. Now he is 7 days away from Elderhood and on permanent platinum. Ready to settle down, Don? Sure - but who with? There are four 3-bolt-ladies among his friends: Jessie Pilferson, Nina Caliente, Chloe Singles and Heather Huffington. Nina is still pursuing her own lifetime want of having 20 lovers - she is not ready to settle down yet. Chloe is already in a live-in relationship with Checo Ramirez, and Heather is taken, too, if I remember correctly. What about Jessie? We'll find out who Don is going to be with eventually.


  1. Yes Don looks much younger without his beard! It's a time consuming LTW but a fun one. lol. I usually like to have sims achieve it in college if possible as they have so much time there. Will Don find love or companionship in your game? I'm off to find out, :D

    1. Well, Don was already an adult when the game began and never had the chance to go to college :-) But I agree with you, all the "romantic" LTWs, such as 50 first dates etc., are easier when a Sim goes to college.

  2. Don a romancer - nothing surprising :) and my dad passed away which is why I'm depressed :(

    1. Oh no, poor you :-( :-( :-(
      Believe me, I know all about grief... my husband died very suddenly 5 1/2 years ago, and still I can't believe it sometimes.

  3. Believe it or not, but I never played Don Lothario! With four three-bolters I would invite them all over at the same time and see the disaster unfold, and the last woman standing would get the honour :)

    1. Good idea - I could do that with another Sim who has many three-bolters!


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