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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Lee-Broke-Family: Week 5

Because we have two surnames in this household (Lee and Broke), it is played twice in each round. For Emily and Dustin, this means that they are about to enter their 5th week in New Maximiliania. It is Wednesday; they moved to a bigger place mid-week when Dustin's half-Alien son was born, and therefore, their week does not start on a Monday.
There he is, Lee baking a muffin for his breakfast.
The schoolbus arrives at the same time as his parents' carpool. Emily and Dustin still work as City Planners.
Lee returns from school with his first A+!
Later that day, first Emily...
...and then Dustin turn into Elders. They have been on Permanent Platinum for quite some time now, which means they are most likely going to have many more happy "years" ahead.
You did not seriously expect me to leave Emily in the horrible outfit she age-transitioned into, did you? She went to shop for clothes the same night.
Back home, she meant to make Grandma's Comfort Soup (secondary aspiration points made that possible), but accidentally sets the stove on fire. The fire alarm works, though, and nobody's life is at risk.
On Thursday, Dustin makes Chili con carne (on his own accord). "We've been together for so long, your Dad and I," Emily muses. (In fact, that same morning they BOTH woke up with the wish to get married! If that isn't clear enough, I don't know!)
On Friday, Dustin's old friend Carla Reamon says, "You and Emily, you've been together such a long time... why don't you two get married?"
So, on Saturday, when they both have the day off, Emily and Dusin prepare the large empty space on the top floor for an indoor wedding. It is spring, yes, but still too cold for an outdoor party.
They also set up a buffet for their guests.
Before the guests arrive, there is just enough time for a nap.
"So how about getting engaged first, darling?" Dustin suggests.
And by the time their friends and family arrive, Dustin and Emily are ready to tie the knot. Here are Violet Jocque, Ty Bubbler, Ellen Frost, Tom Freshe, Bianca Capp and Almeric Davis...
...Miranda Capp... well as Dustin's mother Brandi Broke and his brothers Benvenuto and Beau...
...Sandra and Stella Roth...
...and last but not least Brent Roth, Benvenuto's twin and Dustin's younger brother, who married Sandra Roth some time ago.
Emily and Dustin are now Mrs. and Mr. Broke!
Lee has dressed up for the occasion, too.
Tom, who studied with Emily and Dustin, tells some amusing stories from their university days. The wedding party is a roaring success (a roofraiser, actually - even though there is no stereo in the house and no TV), and with Emily having put on a few pounds recently, the couple have increased their chemistry to two bolts.
On Sunday, his parents go to work, but Lee isn't lonely: he is allowed to ask his half-sisters Martina Martin and Wilma Williamson over, and Wilma brings Oliver Ottomas along.
The children spend all day together and feast on left-overs from the wedding.
Nanny Kendal Lawson is there, too.
She keeps an eye on the younger children when they all go out for some fishing at the pond near the house; it is the first day warm enough to be out without a coat, and the ice over the pond has finally gone. And although the little girls fall over a few times when they swing their fishing rods too enthusiastically, nobody ends up in the water, much to Kendal's relief.
Apparently, it got colder again the next day, because when Lee returns from school on Monday, he wears his scarf and warm jumper again.
At 6.00 pm, he grows up into a teenager. His aspiration, decided on by lot, is Fortune - and guess what his LTW is: To become City Planner, just like his parents! It really made me laugh when I saw it.
Lee's room gets a bit of a makeover with new wall paint and carpet and some posters.
Tuesday is another day off for Emily and Dustin, and as usual, I leave them to their own devices almost all the time. Emily is clever enough to deal with the bugs in the front yard by spraying them instead of just stomping on them, but it takes another day until finally Dustin puts the trash can back up and cleans up the mess on the pavement.
Lee is not alone when he gets off the school bus today: another one of his half-sisters, Hailey Hart, accompanies him.
The week ends with Dustin and Emily being 60. Here, Lee congratulates Emily for getting married to his Dad - looks like he is really happy about having her as his step-mother. Will the two elderly Sims retire or keep working? When is Lee going to leave for college, and will he meet other teenage girls that are not his half-sisters?


  1. What a lovely round. So nice to see Emily & Dustin get hitched. Looks like a great party too. I like indoor weddings especially in the Winter, that way all the guests stay in their formal gear instead of changing into outerwear then back to normal clothes.
    Can I ask when you set up the 'hood did you clear out Brandi's pregnancy? When I had my megahood that had been done and she had a girl which was nice. You had twins I see that's why I was curious. :)
    Lee is a cute alien. You say the aspiration is decided by lot? How does that work? First inhabitant?

    1. When I set up the hood, I only cleared out Brandi's memories of her late husband; she was still pregnant when the game started, and her twins Brent and Benvenuto were the result.

      Every time a Sim-kid turns into a teenager, I decide their aspiration by lot. I have written the aspirations on six identical-looking pieces of paper and keep them in a small box. When the time comes to decide, I shake them well and then pull out one of the folded pieces of paper, and then click on the aspiration that I have just drawn. The rest (LTW, turn-ons, turn-off) is decided by the game.

  2. ARE there other teenage girls than Lee's half-sisters?! :)

  3. This is such a nice family. YAY for a wedding, it's cute they both woke up wanting it the same day. Also way too funny that Lee wants to go into the "family business" of City Planning. It's cute how that works sometimes. Like you I randomly choose aspirations, but I do it by a die roll. I, however, also randomly choose the turn ons/turn offs too. It's just fun to mix everything up a little. :) I have thought about setting up a "chapel" for weddings if people want to get married there, but I like the party at the houses so much.

    1. They were a lovely family, I really enjoyed them.
      I now have both possibilities in New Max, chapel weddings and home parties, and I like them both.


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