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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Jacquet Family: Week 3

The Jacquets still live in the house that was originally assigned to them by Maxis, but only one of the original residents is still here:
Gilbert Jacquet, now an elderly gentleman of 60. His mother Denise died peacefully of old age some time ago, but not before she had met and befriended her future daughter-in-law, Gilbert's wife Daisy. Daisys maiden name was Greenman - she is Rose Greenman's first child and grew up as a Plantsim. When she found it difficult to cope with the lack of sunlight and water at work, Denise bought a potion for her that turned her into an entirely human Sim. This helped her reaching her lifetime want of becoming Game Designer, a position she has held now for almost a week. She is currently 6 days away from elderhood. But these are not all the members of the Jacquet family yet...
...there is also Gilbert's half-Alien daughter Jacqueline. Daisy treats Jacqueline as if she were her own; she knows what it means to be "different", as she used to be a Plantsim for most of her life. Jacqueline will turn into a teenager before the week is over, but for now, she is looking forward to her first day at school.
Today, Monday, is an important day: Not only was it Jacqueline's first day at school, but it is also the day her father Gilbert is promoted to Hall of Famer and has thus reached his lifetime want. Congratulations, Gilbert!
He helps his daughter to do her homework.
Later, Gunnar Roque happens to walk by and is asked to join the family for a dinner of chef salad. Erm... Jacqueline??!! How old are you?! It is hardly surprising that Gunnar, a Romance Sim, would talk about woohoo, but a child should really have other topics of conversation... especially with adult men who are just visiting!! (Don't worry. Nothing untoward happened here. I just found it odd that a Simchild would even be able to have this topic of conversation)
Tuesday at 1.33 am, another "visitor" appears.
Everybody wakes up when the burglar alarm goes off, and they watch the fight between the burglar and the police officer who rushed here as fast as he could.
The fight ends 1:0 for the officer.
Gilbert is heavily traumatized by the experience and wakes up several times during the rest of the night.
Nonetheless, later that day, Jacqueline returns from school with her first A+ report.
Her parents are both still at work, but Jacqueline knows they have nothing against her inviting some of her 11 half-siblings over. Today, Freiya Freshe (middle) and Beta Beaker (right) join her to watch a movie on the children's channel.
In the evening, Jacqueline maximizes her body skill. She is a very clever girl, having been raised almost entirely on Smart Milk.
While her parents are both still working and she is too young to be left alone, Nanny Kendal keeps her company for the afternoons. (Sorry - the girl in the picture is, of course, not Jacqueline, but a class mate whose name I have forgotten!)
Wednesday evening, all three Jacquets go shopping together. (Am I the only one to think that this shop looks like a small church?)
They need to stock up on groceries, and Daisy is happy to bump into her sister Lavender, another one of Rose Greenman's plantbabies (well, of course she is not a plantbaby anymore).
They did not just buy groceries, but also some clothes that are needed now that summer has come to an end. Do you like Daisy's new outfit? I do!
Gilbert has chosen something for himself, too.
And Jacqueline has gone for boots, a red t-shirt and a red tartan skirt.
She often uses the telescope at night to look at the constellation her human Dad has shown her to be the home of her Alien Dad.
Thursday night, Denise's ghost appears for the first and only time this whole week. Apparently, she is not happy that her old bed was replaced by furniture more fitting for young Jacqueline.
It is now cold enough for Daisy to need a padded coat and warm trousers when she is outdoors.
On Friday, Gilbert gives Nanny Kendal a very generous tip and tells her that her services are not necessary anymore.
Not long after Nanny Kendal has left, Jacqueline grows up into a teenager. Her aspiration is decided by lot and turns out to be the same as that of her stepmother: Pleasure. Her lifetime want is to thave 50 dream dates!
The next morning, Jacqueline gets up...
...and changes her hairstyle to something different.
She is quite smitten with her own appearance, it seems :-)
Happy with her hairstyle, she decides to invest in some new clothes, too. She wants 50 dream dates, after all, and certainly it can't harm to be dressed in style for those dates!
This outfit is her choice for today.
She meets Barry Beaker, her half-sister Beta's half-brother, but not her own half-brother (does this make sense to you? Well: Beta and Jacqueline both have the same Alien dad, while Beta and Barry also have the same human dad, which is Loki Beaker).
Björn Beaker, Beta's brother and Barry's and Jacqueline's half-brother, turns up a little later, too. Yes, there are quite some interesting family trees in New Maximiliania!
Saturday evening, Jacqueline starts to wotk on her lifetime want. She asks Tommy Ottomas for a date.
They agree to go to the "FM" together.
While they sing a karaoke duet, "auntie" Lavender is part of the audience.
Later, they dance together, and flirt, and hug, and kiss, and fall in love with each other - and Jacqueline has her first dream date! That's 49 to go... :-)
Back home, Daisy is getting up from the chess board...
...and turns into an elder. Of course, she won't stay in this outfit; it is not really her style.
In Jacqueline's room, a rose bouquet from Tommy will always remind her of that memorable first dream date. The daisy bouquet on the chest of drawers was made by her late grandmother Denise, by the way.
Daisy feels a lot more herself in this outfit.
Not every Sim can salvage the bin, but Gilbert can! He finds this small kitchen item.
Sunday afternoon sees Jacqueline and Tommy back at "FM" for their 2nd dream date.
Again, they dance, hug and kiss their way through the afternoon, and of course it is indeed another dream date.
The week ends with the two adult Jacquets being on Permanent Platinum, and Jacqueline being off to a good start towards hers. 

What will Gilbert and Daisy do now as elders with no more challenges waiting for hem? Is Jacqueline going to go to college? Will she keep having dream dates with Tommy, or are there other boys on her list?


  1. Oh great round. I love all their new looks. I've always liked the Jacquet house and it's funny to see Gilbert as an elder- I've never played him that much.
    50 Dream dates, will she date the same guy all the time? I suppose that's the easier way but if she goes to college then she'll meet more guys.
    Daisy looks good as a non-plant sim and better in the new elder outfit! :)

    1. The Jacquet house is certainly one of the more playable and nicer ones made by Maxis ;-)
      I have started playing the Jacquets' new week last night, but I guess it will take me a while before the next update. And I am still debating with myself whether to move Denise's tombstone to the cemetery where (almost) everyone else has found their last resting place.

    2. Oh, and as for your question about Tommy: He is already an adult and therefore, Jacqueline can't date him anymore. I'll see how things develop for her during the remainder of her teenage "years", and I am most likely going to send her to college :-)

  2. 50 dream dates! I guess it is not impossible, but very time-consuming!

  3. Of the date wishes this is actually the harder of the two I think. The 1st dates don't have to go well, they just have to have them, but dream dates take effort. :) Still, this family is doing well. I haven't ever played them yet, so it will be good to see how they do.

    1. They definitely take up more time than the 1st dates, but they are easier in that they can all be had with the same Sim, even the spouse.


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