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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kim Family Album

Another very small collection of family pictures, this time from the Kim family:

Justin and his Dad, Cheech and Gabby shortly after arriving in New Maximiliania. 
Justin's first A+!

Cynthia is proud of her son.

Bottom Summerdream was Justin's best friend at school.

His favourite toy was the rocket.

For Christmas, the Kims had a huge lit-up tree on their flat roof.

Justin hugging and kissing his Mom when she returned from work. 

The Kims as they once were, and will never be again.


  1. Your Kim family seems like they were much sweeter in the first couple of weeks than mine were. They never wanted to do anything with each other. :)

    1. I was hoping they'd become a family that feels like one, too, and their set-up (parents and one kid, two pets) is homely enough.


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