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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Kim Family: Week 3

Welcome to the Kims' third week in New Maximiliania. Sadly, their first two chapters were lost when we were unable to upload stories to the exchange for a while back in 2009, but I will try and bring you up to date in a minute. The Kims still live in the house originally built for them by Maxis. And the household still consists of the same Sims:
Robert, Cynthia and Justin. Robert is a Fortune Sim with the lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff. When I last left this household, he had had an amazing Sunday with THREE promotions and ended up as Resident. His wife Cynthia is the same age as he (15 days from Elderhood). Her aspiration is Popularity and she dreams of being Celebrity Chef. Their teenage son Justin will turn into an adult in 9 days. Typically for a Family Sim like him, he wants nothing more than to celebrate the Golden Anniversary with that special someone.
The household also has two four-legged members: Gabby (the dog) and Cheech (the cat). They are best friends and very conveniently play with each other most of the time, so that they require little attention in terms of social life from their human friends.
Very late on Monday night - or, should I say, very early on Tuesday morning, Robert returns from work with a promotion to GP.
All pet owners will find this scenario familiar: your cat / dog closely watching your every move while you prepare something to eat, in spite of their own dishes being well filled :-)
Justin has been going steady with Bottom Summerdream almost ever since he's turned into a teenager. Maybe she is the one who will celebrate that golden anniversary with him, many years from now? 

[Update January 2013: Bottom grew up sooner than Justin, and their relationship ended when she left for college. At the moment, Justin does not have a girlfriend.
On Wednesday, Cynthia receives her membership card for the My Muse II - Art Studio.
It is her day off, and she catches up on some tasks that need doing but get easily neglected with a full-time work schedule. Gabby needs a bath...
...and the hedges need clipping...
...the flowers watering, and at the end of her "day off" Cynthia feels more exhausted than if she had gone to work - and has not had time to improve on any of her skills needed for her next promotion.
When left to his own devices, Justin often plays computer games. Gabby seems to wonder what his human friend is doing there, staring at this box on the desk, instead of playing razzle or fetch with him!
Thursday sees Robert as New Maximiliania's newest Specialist.
It has been on Justin's wish list for a while to win a cooking contest, but he is not a member at Sue's Secret Kitchen yet, so he goes to Copur's Kitchen Cook Off on Thursday afternoon.
He prepares a big bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup.
The other contestants are Kevin Beare, Benedick Monty and Sandra Roth. Hermia Capp, visibly pregnant, is curious to see who is going to win the contest.
"YES!!!" Justin's wish has come true - much to Kevin's annoyment. Benedick says nothing and simply turns his back on everyone.
Some other Sims we know quite well have decided to pay Copur's Kitchen Cook Off a visit: Tara Gieke (formerly Kat), Victor Aspir and Daisy Jacquet.
Having pets requires some jobs that are not the most popular ones, such as cleaning out the cat toilet...
...or giving the dog house a good scrub. Justin is a good kid, though, and does his chores without complaining.
On Friday, Cynthia is promoted to Restauranteur.
A real cat would not sit quietly at the other end of the counter, so far away from the hamburgers ;-)
It is skilling time for both Robert and Cynthia, if they ever want to get those next promotions.
Robert is invited to Will's Garage.
On Saturday, it is Justin's turn to catch up on the some household scores, while his parents are busy with either work or studying for work.
Once he is done, he invites his girlfriend over. Bottom is happy to spend time with Justin, and the two of them have some fun tickling each other...
...and soon the tickling turns into a snogging session in the kitchen, watched by Gabby.
A very odd picture of Gabby! I don't really know why the ears went like that for a moment, but I thought I'd show you this snapshot :-)
The week ends with Robert and Cynthia playing chess on Sunday night in their bedroom. Will Justin go to college? Are Robert and Cynthia going to get their next promotions soon?


  1. A very action packed week. I love that picture of Gabby- tee hee.
    Justin is a typical teen, playing pc games. I wonder if he'll find true love at college if he goes?
    I love the fact that sims can walk or drive to work and therefore get those extra promo's in a day.
    I've always liked this house, I often wish it were on a bigger plot but it's a nice one.

    1. It's one of the few Maxis-made houses that are furnished and decorated in a playable and matching manner :-)

  2. Fun picture of the dog! Might be that she just shook her head and you happened to take the picture right then :)

  3. Well these guys seem to be doing quite well. They certainly do have a lot of "chores" to get through. I never really remembered or even realized there was a place sims could go for cooking contests outside the hobby lot. I have so many sims who aren't members but wish for this!

    1. Glad to have been of help in that matter - it is usually the other way round :-)

    2. Oh no, I may not always say it, but I get so many ideas, or realizations from reading blogs. :)


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