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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Larson Twins: Week 3

- - - Update 28.2.2011 - - - When we come back to the Loner / Larson household, we find the twins Jodie and Jason having breakfast together on Monday morning.
It is now autumn, and they change into more suitable clothes.
Autumn also means a lot of leave-raking is in order, and because Jodie likes to be on top of things, she gets started on this seasonal task right away.
Jason wants to help and sets the pile of leaves on fire... as well as himself!
Had it not been for his sister courageously extinguishing the fire, the week would have ended for Jason there and then... and not just the week.
At 6.00 pm, the twins interrupt their painting and singing...
...and turn into elders.
Jason has not changed much, has he!
And neither has Jodie.
Early on Tuesday morning, the twins go shopping; Jodie has no intention of walking about in that red tracksuit all the time. Annabel's Closet is their first stop.
And then, because Jodie wants to be fit and Jason still has not found any Simlady catching his eye, they stop at the 1-2-3 Gym.
Jodie does her work-out...
...while Jason is hoping for a blonde lady in a swimming outfit to appear - those are his turn-ons. But the only ladies he sees are black and brown haired, while the only blonde Sim in sight is a man.
At home, the three of them do not have much to do; all the skills have been acquired, all the friends made, all the steps on their respective career ladders taken. They pass the time pursuing various hobbies and interests, such as using the spy antenna, hunting for bugs, playing the guitar and making phone calls to their friends.
Thursday sees an uncautious, unlucky Jason once again catching fire while attempting to burn a pile of leaves.
And again it is his twin sister who saves him from almost certain death.
Survived twice - if that is not a very good reason for smiling, I don't know :-)
The relatively boring week ends with Jodie and Ajay relaxing on their bed. Ajay is now 67, while the twins have turned 60 today. 
How long will they live? Is Jason ever going to find that special someone? Are Jodie and Ajay ever going to get married?

(Back when I played and wrote this in 2011, I intervened and had Jodie save her brother twice. I would not intervene now, unless it was a Sim I really, really, really wanted to keep in the game!)


  1. lol, guess Jason was lucky you were more forgiving back then eh?! heh. Aww maybe it'll be 3rd time unlucky for him though if he keeps setting fire to leaf piles.

    1. It is early spring for them right now, so it will be some time yet before there'll be any more burning of leaves :-)

  2. Hallo :)
    Jason hat ja echt Glueck im Unglueck! Er kann froh sein das er so eine mutige Zwillingssschwester hat!

    1. Das stimmt, ohne sie wäre er schon längst nicht mehr am Leben!

  3. I thought for a while that 'I wouldn't see JAson as an elder this time either :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Well Jason is lucky you were more forgiving for sure. Crazy sims. :) This is certainly a quite family.

    1. He is long gone, but he would have been gone "longer" if it had not been for my intervention!


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