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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Larson Twins: Week 2

The Larson Twins used to live in a very small house just next door - but the move to a bigger place became necessary when someone else joined them. We will look at the inhabitants in a minute. By the looks of the flash sports car parked in the drive, you can easily tell that this household is not poor. The house itself is an original Maxis-made one, just like all the buildings you can see in any of my chapters with stories from New Maximiliania.
Jodie and Jason Larson are twins and resemble each other in many ways: Both are Fortune Sims, and both had the lifetime want of becoming Prestidigitator. They have both reached that goal; Jason a day earlier than his sister, when he was 11 days away from Elderhood. Now the twins are 7 days from Elderhood. Who is the Sim who joined them, making it necessary to move to a bigger place?
It is Ajay Loner, Jodie's boyfriend. He matches the twins in that he is also a Fortune Sim, but his lifetime want is to become Head of SCIA. Since the Wednesday of the previous week, he has been working as Elite Operative, while topping up his skills in his spare time, so that he could get that all-important next promotion.
This career rewards object belongs to him. Any Sim can use it; when a Sim listens through it, they get all kinds of funny messages, ranging from "Sounds like someone is using the bathroom" to "So this is where the neighbours keep their money", resulting in an increase of the household account (small sums) or "The neighbours are coming over to demand their privacy", similar to what happens when a Sim uses the telescope during the day.
Monday afternoon at 6.00, Ajay turns into an Elder. He is close to reaching his lifetime want and I am quite confident that he will make it.
His birthday party guests include John Burb, Carlos Contender, Hannah Bell and Elizabeth Aspir.
Since he age-transitioned into a tracksuit unsuitable for everyday wear, the three housemates go shopping for clothes on Tuesday.
I think this outfit suits Ajay much better, and is also more adapt to the summery weather.
Jason has opted for a striped t-shirt and a pair of bermudas.
Jodie likes her clothes to be less casual and goes for this sleek and elegant little black dress. I like this on her!
On Wednesday night, Ajay comes home with a promotion to Head of SCIA - he has reached permanent platinum at the age of 56. Now that all three household members are on PP, there is not much of a challenge anymore to play them.
So I use the time for trying out things that I have not done before yet, or only saw in my game a long time ago. Did you know that Sims can talk to each other when there are two of them in a tent? The tent looks "lit up" from inside, and you see the silhouettes of two Sims sitting together.
With little to do but the everyday tasks of cleaning the bathrooms, making the beds and washing the dishes, everyone has enough time to pursue a hobby. Sometimes, collecting bugs ends up in being chased by wild bees.
Thursday is the first day of work this week for Jodie and Jason. Here they are in their Prestidigitators' outfits.
Most of the time, I leave them to their own devices. It is sweet to observe how Ajay gets down on one knee to serenade his sweetheart on his own accord.
Whenever there is another New Maximilianian passing by, the household members make sure to greet them. On Saturday, it is Ellen Frost.
The week comes to an end with no further events worth mentioning. Have a look at the Larson Twins and Ajay Loner as they were during their prime - next time we'll be at this household, the twins will turn into Elders. 

Will Jason ever find love? He does not know any 3-bolt-ladies, and the 2-bolters in his relationship panel are all either married or living with someone. We will soon be back here because Loner is not far from Larson on the alphabetical list.


  1. I've never played the Larson twins so it's good to see them in action. I wonder if Jason will find love?... Great job on getting Ajay into perma plat as well. Sometimes it's nice to have them do their own thing, makes for interesting discoveries!

    1. They appear so rarely on community lots or as passers-bys when I am playing other households! I think Ajay Loner fits in well with them.

  2. It will be interesting to see the twins as elders, I never played them that long!

    1. It is always a bit of a surprise to find out what a Sim is like after age-transition :-)

  3. Well a simple and happy family. I am sure sometimes it's nice to have these in between the business/family sim craziness. :) I have seen the sims talk in the tent, but I don't think I've ever noticed that it was "lit up" like that. I'll have to check that out next time I play.

    1. I definitely like the change between the simpler and the more complex households.


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