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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Hart-Stacks Family: Week 3

- - - Update 15.4.2012 - - - When we come back to the Hart-Stacks household, we find that the adults have been shopping while I have been playing other households: the children's oven and the toy box were in their inventories, and so they are placed in Helena's room.
She starts Monday morning by making herself a cupcake.
Her parents are still asleep - they are glad for any chance they get, with Hailey now being a toddler!
When neither Helena nor Hailey demand his attention, Matthew studies his spellbook diligently.
Jane relaxes by doing the crossword.
A thunderstorm sets the tree next to the house on fire, but the rain quickly puts out the flames.
Jane was so close - I expected her to catch fire any moment, but she never did, thankfully!
After her first day at school, Helena brings home class mate Melrose Moonbeam. Matthew is clearly pleased to see his daughter make friends so easily!
Later, he meets and greets Pauline Aspir.
Everyone joins the waterballoon fight in the back yard. It is such a lovely day, the end of spring and the beginning of summer.
Before she goes to bed, Helena plays with the jack-in-a-box; it was made by Sophia Jocque, I think, and her parents must have purchased it at her shop.
Tuesday morning, when Jane gets up, I notice something funny: up until now, she used to wear a white dressing gown. I have not changed anything about her wardrobe, and yet today, she wears a pink dressing gown.
Matthew switches from reading about spells to making reagents.
Helena must be an exceptionally bright child (she was, after all, fed smart milk several times during her toddler-years): it is only her second day at school, and she already brings home her first A+!
Her parents are very proud of her.
Matthew tries to cast a spell on Helena to make her happy (her fun-level has suffered badly at school), but the spell remains without effect. I do not play Warlocks and Witches very often in my game, and therefore I don't know much about them; is it normal that spells can not be cast on children?
It is still Tuesday - the day baby Hailey turns into a toddler. But - oh dear! Look at her poor ugly little face! Where has she got those terrible eyebrows from? They make her look grumpy (which she is not). Hopefully, she will look nicer as she grows up.
Wednesday morning sees Jane in her white dressing gown again.
The Harts make sure Helena never feels any reason for jealousy towards her little sister, and sit down with her for meals as often as possible. "Are you soon going to have two best friends, sweetheart?" her mother asks.
Possibly - because today, Helena brings Myra Moonbeam home from school, Melrose's twin sister (although they do not at all look alike).
The two girls spend a fun afternoon having pillow fights...
...and eating Hamburgers. By the time Myra leaves and Helena sits down to do her homework, they are friends.
On Thursday, Jane maximizes her body skill. Yes, this is the same Jane who started her uni days overweight and a bit on the plain side!
Every day, Helena brings a different class mate home from school. Today, it is Stig Singles.
It is Friday morning, and Jane is back to her pink dressing gown.
Matthew turns from a Nice into a Good Warlock and autmatically changes into his "magic" outfit again. I have him change back into his normal clothes after that; I don't really like this one.
After school today, Helena had brought home Paola Picaso, but I forgot to take a picture of her. In the evening, Helena turns into a teenager - her childhood passed so quickly, didn't it! The lot decides on her to have the Popularity Aspiration, and her lifetime want turns out that of wanting to become Rock God.
Her hairstyle was the same one EVERY girl in my game seems to get automatically... I change it into this one, which I think suits her better.
Saturday morning, Helena proves to be a very good big sis and makes smart milk for little Hailey.
Over breakfast with her mum (a cupcake and a piece of birthday cake), she asks: "Do you think Daddy will one day teach me some magic?" - "I don't know, love, you'll have to ask him, but I think for now, he is still studying a lot himself", Jane tells her daughter.
In the evening, Hailey finally finishes her toddler "years" and turns into a child - of course with the same hairstyle as all the other girls in my game... Her face looks a bit prettier now than when she was a toddler, but one can hardly call her a beauty, I'm afraid. Good job our Sims aren't so shallow as to only go for appearance!
n Sunday, I decide to let the children have a real fun day. Selma and Stig Singles are invited over... are Myra and Melrose Moonbeam...
...Lilo and Lance Langraab (Lance is not pictured here) and all three Picaso siblings (that's Placido in the background).
Jane leads the crowd in a fun round of smustle dance. Even Tramp, a beautiful stray dog, comes to have a look!
Everyone worked up quite an appetite by all this smustling, and Matthew makes piles of burgers to feed the hungry mouths. Isn't it funny that Placido Picaso (Pierre in the background), the only overweight kid, is the first to sit down and wait for his host to serve the food?
The kitchen is filled with happy kids, chatting away and munching on their burgers.
Jane later amuses her young guests by showing them how to juggle. This really was a fun day to play; I left the children entirely to their own devices, and apart from one moment where Melrose Moonbeam teased Stig Singles, everyone was playing nicely, and obviously enjoying themselves.
Jane and Matthew can be proud of the happy little family they have! And I am really looking forward to playing this household again.


  1. I don't think I've ever had a witch/warlock cast a spell on a child but will try it next time I get to a witch. :D
    This is a great family, I'm looking forward to reading about their adventures next time. Hailey grew up well and Helena is stunning. :)

    1. I don't think they can cast a spell on a child.
      Yes, it is maybe one of my favourite families in my game (but then I say that almost every time I finish playing one household, he he).

  2. I'm worrying for Jane's LTW of having 6 kids. Helena better grow up to a Family sim!
    About Jane's white and pink dressing gowns - I would say that one is her "pajama" and the other is her "underwear"

    1. That would be an explanation, but I have always sent them to bed to "sleep in pyjama", never in their undies.

  3. I'm guessing jungfrun is right about the pink/white robe (dressing gown.) Are a couple of these possibly after WooHoo sleep??? Anyway, what a very sweet family this is. I LOVED the kid play day, that looked like so much fun!

    1. You are probably right about the bathrobes, but I never took notice of that.
      With this family, I tried to make their home life really feel like a family.


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