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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The O'Feefes: Week 4

It is Week 4 and not 5 with the O'Feefes, because the count for their weeks only started after graduation. Otherwise, I have been playing them exactly as long as everyone else here. You can find the former chapters under the labels "O'Feefe" and "Beare".

This is the apartment building where once several of the original Maxis-made students moved to after graduation, and where Castor Nova and Tiffany Sampson lived before they bought the property where they both so tragically died at the end of last week.
Right now, only one flat is still occupied by playables. Who are they?

Delilah O'Feefe...
...and her husband Kevin, formerly Beare.

Delilah has reached her lifetime want some time ago: she became a Criminal Mastermind 19 days before her next birthday. She quit her illegal ways, though, and started work in the Natural Scientist career back when I was still hoping to introduce some drama to New Maximiliania by means of the cowplant.

Kevin will have to wait a little longer until his LTW can be reached: he dreams of celebrating his Golden Anniversary with Delilah.
The apartment building is severely bugged by now. Although the other flats are supposed to be empty, some of the former inhabitants (such as Bottom Summerdream, who has long since moved back in with her parents) still stick around as if they were living there. Also, although I should have full detailed view only of the flat I am currently playing in, I can see the entire building as if it were all playable.
The decision is made easy by these bugs: The O'Feefes move out and buy their own place.
Where do you think they went?
That's right - they bought the very place where Castor and Tiffany lived and died!
Everything is exactly as it was when I left the lot after the Novas' fiery death. Their cowplant is still there, and is now joined by the O'Feefe's cowplant.
Clover Capp is once again part of the welcome committee.
His sister Castanea Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab's wife, joins him soon, as do Garrett Newson and Morty Roth.
The guests discover the water wiggler on the rooftop terrace and spend hours playing with it.
Meanwhile, Delilah starts on the long and tedious job of sweeping the piles of ashes that were left after last week's fire.
She goes to work on Tuesday. Kevin, the stay-at-home husband, does not feel like cooking much for himself and just has a grilled cheese sandwich on his own.
In the afternoon, Cornel Capp, yet another one of Tybalt Capp's six plantchildren, walks by.
On Wednesday, Delilah stays home from work (it was her wish, and since it is so very rare I see this wish coming up in my game, I decided to go along with it in spite of her being on Permanent Platinum already) and surprises Kevin with a delicious meal of pork chops.
She spends part of her self-declared day off by catching up with her friends on the phone.
Later, Pleasant Servo pays a visit.
His help is enlisted with the sweeping of the last remaining piles of ashes in the back yard.
Unfortunately, he discovers the water wiggler - but water and Servos don't go well together, and he powers down automatically.
Thursday morning sees New Maximiliania covered in a thick blanket of snow. If you look closely, you can still see Pleasant Servo on the roof; he stood there powered down all night and only sprang back to life after sunrise, leaving instantly afterwards.
I am not entirely sure who it is Delilah writes about in her diary, but he seems to have mattered to her at some stage for mentioning him there!
Really, though, Delilah only has eyes for her hubby, as is obvious when the two of them have breakfast together on Friday morning.
Brittany Upsnott pays a visit on her own accord.
Gallagher Newson follows suit. Kevin is wearing the same outdoors outfit, he seems to have noticed.
On Saturday, Delilah misses the carpool to work deliberately for the third consecutive day, and is fired. Never mind - she wanted it that way, and there is more than enough money in the family anyway.
Kevin has a nap in the afternoon.
At 8.00 pm, a group of original Maxis-made former students is seen approaching the O'Feefe's house: Gunnar Roque, Heather Huffington, Joshua Ruben, Aldric (or Almeric?) Davis, Brittany Upsnott and Chaz Whippler.
Bottom Summerdream comes from the opposite direction, with Lisa Ramirez close behind. "These people all went to uni together, I feel a bit left out," she seems to be thinking. Why are they all here?
It's New Year's Eve!
Kevin wanted to throw a party, and a party it is! A lot of ruckus is made... crackers are lit...
...and fireworks, too. Plenty of food is served, and the party is a big success.
On Sunday morning, the O'Feefes are greeted by some party debris in the kitchen. Who is going to clean it up?
As with most things with this happy couple, they make it a joint effort.
This is where we leave Kevin and Delilah on Sunday. They will both turn into Elders very early on in their next week, and then Kevin will have that most important party of all parties: the Golden Anniversary. Until then, it is time to say good-bye to the O'Feefes.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Castor Nova and Tiffany Sampson, Week 5

For the previous week with these two Sims, simply click on the label "Nova" or "Sampson".

There is only one more name on the alphabetical list that begins with an N, and it is Nova, as in Castor Nova. Maybe you remember that he and Tiffany Sampson fell in love with each other while still at university, and moved into an apartment together after graduation.
They both reached their respective lifetime wants 13 days from elderhood and have been not only on Permanent Platinum ever since, but also largely uncontrolled by me.
The apartment lots tend to get bugged after a while, and so I have decided to let the two of them purchase their own place, put their personal stuff into their inventories and move.
This is the place they bought, still in New Maximiliania's shopping district. It used to be the house where Gabriel Greene and Chastity Gere were put by Maxis, if I am not very much mistaken.
How will these two fare here?
Let me give you a mini-tour of the house first. On the ground floor to the right is a largely empty space, with only the career rewards object in it.
To the left is the reading corner / living room. There is also a small bathroom with toilet and sink on the ground floor, and a door to the back garden.
Upstairs is the bedroom with adjacent bathroom... well as the kitchen...
...complete with dining table and chairs. The rooftop is empty at the moment; maybe they will set up a grill or something like that eventually.
As you can see, in each of the large rooms Tiffany and Castor have kept one of the walls as it originally was, in plain brick. I somehow think this style suits the couple.

Right after moving in, both Tiffany and Castor feel a bout of flu coming on. But these two are not Chief of Staff and Mad Scientist for nothing, and their home-made medicine takes care of it.
Xander Roth and Sharla Ottomas form part of the welcome committee.
The first meal at the new place consists of cheesecake, bought at one of the two bakeries in town. Now that Sharla is eating cheesecake, I wonder whether she'll be having twins...!
Just as Tiffany is playing ball with the third member of the welcome committee (I think this is Castanea Landgraab, nee Capp), Castor...
...turns into an Elder.
"Isn't it wonderful that there's just the two of us now in the entire building, darling?" Tiffany muses. No more noise from neighbouring apartments!
Tuesday morning sees the two of them in the kitchen, making breakfast (as usual, each of them makes their own).
Castor and Tiffany still work, but at very different times.
Delilah O'Feefe is Castor's colleague at the hospital and comes home with him today. She obviously likes to get together with her former co-students.
You guessed it - soon after he grew up into an Elder, Castor wished for marriage. On Wednesday morning, I find him thinking of babies over breakfast. Sorry, pal - marriage, yes, babies, no.
It is now autumn, and since Tiffany is home during the day while Castor is at work, it is she who does most of the leaves-raking.
Isabella Indie, Mitch Indie's half-Alien daughter, walks by and is duly greeted.
On Thursday morning, Castor is up hours before his sweetheart. Hardly surprising; Tiffany has been working through good part of the night in her mad-scientist-lab.
When he returns from work that afternoon, I'm in for a surprise: Without my knowledge (or having done anything to trigger this), it is announced that he is now an Ecological Guru! The townie coming home with Castor is in the work outfit of the Eco-Guru, while Castor is still in his Chief-of-Staff outfit.
How did that happen, I wonder? Never mind! It means that he'll have to work only one day each week now, and earns a LOT of money on that one day. Not that they had anything to worry about financially before.
Just as it starts to rain, Tiffany greets Param Patel.
By the time the sun is out again, Param's sister Padma turns up as well.
On Friday morning, Castor takes it upon himself to clean the kitchen.
He does love Tiffany very much and has not forgotten that he wants to marry her. Moments after this picture was taken, he proposes, and the two of them are engaged.
When you have waited so long before even getting engaged, you don't want to waste another hour before finally tieing the knot, and so everything is set up for a wedding in the autumn sun in the back garden.
Many of their friends from university are invited. Do you recognize them all? (Strange choice of outfit for some, I know...!)
There are eight guests altogether, more than half of them by now elderly themselves.
Tiffany and Castor become Mrs. and Mr. Nova!
Their friends are delighted! The party is a huge success, even without a stereo, or telly, hot tub or bar.
On Saturday, Tiffany cleans the bath on her own accord.
"If I'll be still as lovely in my old age as you, I am really looking forward to growing up later today," Tiffany announces. All Castor can think of are those sweet lips and how much he loves kissing them.
Then disaster strikes. Instead of just burning the two piles of leaves he has raked up, accidentally Castor sets fire to the wedding arch that is still there from yesterday's ceremony.
Tiffany comes running when she realizes what is happening. For a while, it looks as if neither gets close enough to the fire to be caught in it, but you know me - I lean back, watching and waiting...
Two passing townies run in to have a good look at the flames, too, but neither comes to any harm.
Castor goes first. Mr. Reaper can't believe that yet another household is completely wiped out in the space of a few hours, all due to their own stupidity.
But that's it - the end of Castor and Tiffany Nova, nee Sampson.
Castor was 58, and Tiffany would have turned into an Elder today. Ah well, it was not to be. At least they died happily married and with their lifetime wants achieved.

Next is the letter "O" - can you think of Sims whose surname begins with that letter?