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Friday, 13 June 2014

The Nigmos-Pitts Household: Week 6

Click here for week 5.

We're in for another week at the old house of Olive Spectre, where Ophelia Nigmos spent her childhood and most of her youth until she and Olive moved in with the Goths. Olive's whirlwind romance with Mortimer Goth lasted until both of them died of old age. By that time, Ophelia had already left for college. When she came back, she used her inheritance to buy back Olive's old house and has lived there (nearly always) happily ever since.

What does this week have in store for Ophelia and her housemates?

Here she is, talking to Ashley Pitts.
Stella Pitts, nee Terrano, was her closest friend at uni and moved in with her as soon as Ophelia herself had settled in. Stella is 67, her husband Ashley is 66. Ophelia should be the same age as either Stella or Ashley, but because she has been drinking the milk from her cowplant, she seems to be forever stuck at 54.
Here is Ophelia's portrait from when she was an adult. Stella seems to find it hilarious!
All three Sims have been on Permanent Platinum for a while. They usually do whatever they feel like, but I control them when another resident of New Maximiliania walks by and when the bills are due.
The portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Pitts make Ophelia reminisce the time when they were all much younger.
On Monday, Troy Go and Jace Macarevic, two non-playable townies, walk past. Ophelia greets them.
Of course, the plan was to feed the cowplant. Troy becomes its breakfast.
He is followed nearly instantly by Jace, but because the plant has just swallowed Troy, it is not hungry again, and Jace can escape unharmed.
Ophelia does a bit of gardening on her own initiative.
Later, the Williamsons (William and Klara, nee Vonderstein) and Clover Newson (one of Tybalt Capp's ex-Plantbabies who has recently married Ginger Newson) walk past and are duly greeted by Ashley. Nobody seems to mind that the elderly man is in his PJs.
Callum Capp is another guest in the afternoon and takes up the gardening where Ophelia has left off.
For unknown reasons, Klara has taken an instant dislike to Clover Newson and slaps him around the face. Not really the way to behave as someone else's guests!
On Tuesday, I take a decision for Ophelia. Do you remember how, in one of the previous weeks, she fell in love with her three-bolt-man, an NPC police officer? The day before they were due to get married - me making an exception of my usual No-NPCs-rule -, the poor man was eaten by the cowplant, and Ophelia became a widow before she was a wife. She is a Family Sim, though, and I felt sorry for her. So I looked at who could be eligible as the new man in her life and found Sanjay Ramaswami. 
He is a widower and already friends with Ophelia, so on the Tuesday, he moves in with his four dogs. At 58 years old, it is too late for him to get started on his recently changed LTW: He would have liked to become a Celebrity Chef.
Look at Stella - she really seems to be very happy for her best friend!

Speaking of Stella, she can often be seen doing the odd cleaning job around the house without anyone asking her to.
Sanjay is happy to make a fresh start here, where nothing reminds him of his deceased wife.
Ophelia decides to celebrate Sanjay's move-in by making pork chops on her own accord.
Sanjay greets Shaun Singles (son of Erin and Nervous Singles, formerly Subject).
Stella is unlucky with a chance card and is demoted to Master Architect. Never mind, she's on PermaPlat anyway and certainly does not HAVE to work - there are nearly 300.000 Simoleons in the household account.
Alegra eats some of food Ophelia had prepared - I don't know who left the plate on the floor, but it seems to make a welcome change to the usual pet food. Sitting between Stella and Ophelia is Kevin O'Feefe, formerly Beare, another friend from uni.
Wednesday passes by totally uneventful. On Thursday morning, the bathtub needs fixing, and Sanjay is the man for the job (since he is the only one I really control here).
Later, Tara Goth walks by.
Ophelia makes an unsuccessful attempt at another celebratory meal.
By Friday, the pet beds need cleaning and the dogs washing. All these tasks keep Sanjay occupied for good part of the day.
He is ready for a nice meal in the evening, when Ophelia - this time successfully - attempts to serve another round of pork chops. One of the Patel children joins them.
Saturday morning before sunrise, Ophelia is out in the garden with Alegra (left) and Alabama (right). All four of the pets receive lots of attention, so I never need to worry about their social lives, just make sure their food dishes are filled, their pet beds cleaned and they get washed when it is necessary.
Here is Ashley playing with Tucker.
Every now and then, Sanjay and Ophelia manage to sleep at the same time - in the same bed. You know what it's like with Elders, and especially if you don't control them!
They roll wishes for each other, but so far, marriage has not been on either mind.
It is Sunday, and we are coming to the end of this week. Sanjay likes to command his dogs to sit up, or speak, and they seem to be happy to do it.
Gesine Gavigan rejects the cowplant's unwanted attention. No playable has yet been eaten in my game. I am now convinced it is not possible, unless maybe I actively tell them to grab the cake (something I have not tried yet).

Stella is now 74 and, by the looks of it, will not live very long into the next week. Ashley is 73 and has probably more time left. Ophelia is still 54.

Will she and Sanjay want to get married? Is someone else going to join them at the old Spectre house, once Stella (and eventually Ashley) die?


  1. I think it's great that Ophelia and Sanjay are living together.
    Stella and Ashley are a fun couple too.
    A new victim for the cowplant. Yes perhaps you are right when you say it won't eat playables unless you direct them to it. :)

    1. Yes, it seemed the right thing to do; Sanjay was on his own, and Ophelia just seems the type not to want to stay without a man forever, and so they are a couple now :-)

      The cowplant may one day become handy when I'd like to end some Sim's "everlasting" life... or maybe I'll find a way to transfer it to a community lot, no idea whether it would work there.


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