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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Back at College with Newsons, Ottomas, Patel and Picaso

We are back already at the Mille House Dorm at Académie Le Tour, because I am still playing the Newson family, and it is now Garrett and Georgia's turn.
       Here is Garrett, writing his term paper. This is his last year at university.
        His sister Georgia is also diligently working on her term paper, and will graduate the same day as Garrett.
       The Ottomas twins are still here, too: Oliver is not very well...
       ...but Olivia is fine.
        Paola Picaso and Parvati Patel, who were newcomers last "year", are now Sophomores.
        Life at the dorm is not very exciting. Most of the time, if left to their own devices (as all of the NPC students obviously are), the dorm mates dance the hula and think little of cleaning.
       There are exceptions, though. Garrett is often seen grabbing a mop and wiping the floor, or doing some other chore.
        Paola even tries (not very successfully) to produce a late night meal every now and then, after the dorm cook's working hours.
        By the time everyone has acquired their necessary skills and written their termpapers, they are welcome to do as they please. Sometimes, Olivia and Garrett (who fell in love autonomously) even manage to sleep in the same bed :-)
        Towards the end of the first semester a magic lamp is left on the doorstep. For now, it'll just sit there. Nobody here has a particularly difficult lifetime want, or any other need for the lamp.
      Paola could really do with losing some weight, and so I don't object for a change when the campus coach bullies her into working out.
        It's the same with Oliver.
        Olivia and Parvati make best friends over breakfast and a conversation about rocket science.
       Georgia and Garrett are the first to have their end-of-semester exams, and are now entering their very last semester. Where did the years go?
        Oliver and Olivia are next.
        It is skilling time at the dorm, as nearly always at the beginning of a new semester.      
Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, everybody changes into something lighter.
        Parvati and Paola have done well in the first half of their Sophomore Year.
        Olivia is quick to finish her term paper, but she is suffering from a bad cold.
       Garrett starts browsing the web as soon as he has typed the last fullstop on his very last term paper.
        Oliver finishes next, using the computer in Georgia's room.
        Of course, now that Garrett and Georgia do not need to be controlled for the rest of the semester, they are seen dancing the Hula as often as the NPC students.
       It was Olivia's idea to wipe the bathroom floor, not mine. Changing the sanitary equipment for better (and more expensive) stuff was my idea, though.
        Garrett and Paola have not initiated any romantic interaction this semester until now. Georgia is watching her brother closely! During her teenage years, she once happened to witness Ripp Grunt kissing another woman while at the same time he was dating - and having children with! - her big sister Ginger. This must have traumatized her.
       The Newsons invite their siblings over. Here comes Gavin, followed by Ginger and her new husband, Clover.
      At the same time, Olivia and Oliver return from their end-of-year exams; they are now at the start of their Senior Year.       
They go upstairs to study instantly, while everybody else enjoys...
        Garrett's graduation party!
The rest of the Newson siblings, Gabriella and Gallagher, arrive as well, and Georgia has invited her already graduated sweetheart Justin Kim for the party, too.

        A looooong kiss from Garrett for his Paola. She will have to stay for another two years before these two can think of living together.

        Georgia gives Justin a tender look. She is about to leave college for good after her graduation; will she move in with him?

        Garrett's last deed at the dorm (without me telling him to!) is trimming the hedge.

        He then boards the taxi, followed minutes later by his sister.

       Just as the taxi disappears round the corner, Parvati and Paola return from their end-of-term exam. There are only four playable students left at this dorm. Are they going to move to a smaller dorm, or join forces with my other playable students at Sim State University?


  1. a lovely read. Is your blogger still playing up. Mine is everytime i go to blog it keeps crashing on me. I have to use google chrome when using blogger cos i cannot load the pics up on internet explorer. I am going to try and put some more posts up now and see what happens

    1. Well, blogger has not changed the format of my pictures again like it did in my last post, but it still has some unwanted effects in the formatting of the text. Never mind, as long as my posts are readable and the pictures are all there, I won't faff with it too much :-)
      Looking forward to reading more from you again! I don't like internet explorer particularly and much prefer Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Another great round at Uni. I'm amazed sometimes that Sims achieve anything whilst left to their own devices but it's good to see that they have some sense.
    I'm sure lots of your students will join forces in the dorm during the round!

    1. It was fun to watch what everybody was up to, but I guess I'll move my students somewhere else soon; this dorm is just too big, and I don't want to have NPC students around all the time.


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